News from March 30, 2007
News from March 30. Zach Randolph (Por) underwent surgery on his right hand to remove bone fragments and repair ligaments. His hand will be in a cast for about 5 weeks.

News from March 29, 2007
News from March 29. Golden State recalled Patrick O'Bryant from the NBADL. Quentin Richardson (NY) will miss the rest of the season with a sore lower back. ...

The Jews
They're some crafty people. No offense.

News from March 28, 2007
News from March 28. The LA Clippers signed Jason Hart for the rest of the season. Charlotte signed Alan Anderson to a 2nd 10-day contract. Dallas assigned Pops M...

Gasol's "Unnatural" Basketball Act
Is the league even reviewing this?

News from March 27, 2007
News from March 27. Cleveland recalled Dwayne Jones from the NBADL. Jorge Garbajosa (Tor) underwent surgery on his right leg and ankle to repair a fractured tibula and...

News from March 26, 2007
News from March 26. The NBA named Kobe Bryant (LAL) and Gerald Wallace (Cha) as Players of the Week. Bryant averaged 51 points and 7 rebounds as the Lakers went 3-0. Wallac...

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Who Can Help Me?Looking for NBA International Players LIst!
I am doing a study about NBA International Players.I need the infornmations from 1997-2007 at least,but I just find 2006-2007 and 2005-2006,and I can't find the others.Who can help me?I am h...

Standings through March 25, 2007
Standings through 3/25/07. x = clinched playoff berth y = clinched division title WESTERN CONFERENCE Southwest Division ...

News from March 24 and 25, 2007
News from March 24. The NBA suspended Rasheed Wallace (Det) for 1 game for receiving his 18th technical foul, an automatic suspension. Memphis activated Damon Stoudami...

News from March 23, 2007
News from March 23. New York signed Randolph Morris to a reported 2 year, $1.6 million contract. Morris was placed on IL. Cleveland assigned Dwayne Jones to the NBADL...

News from March 22, 2007
News from March 22. Josh McRoberts (sophomore, Duke, forward) declared himself eligible for the NBA draft. New York activated David Lee and placed Quentin Richardson o...

News from March 21, 2007
News from March 21. Milwaukee announced that Andrew Bogut has a sprained left foot and Charlie Villanueva is suffering from right shoulder pain that will require arthroscopi...

News from March 20, 2007
News from March 20. Glen Davis (junior, LSU, center) declared himself eligible for the NBA draft. Underclassment have until April 29 to declare themselves eligible. The dra...

cool site
There is this cool website I stumbled upon called It's like a new Myspace for sports fans kinda deal - It's got friending and messaging and other contests like where you m...

Help with my Master's Thesis
My name is Gene DiPaula and I am a graduate student in the Department of Mass Communication and Communication Studies at Towson University. As part of the research for my master's thesis, I ...

quick rules question - international rules, help
Apologies for this not being the ideal group to post this perhaps, but...when I was very young, I can remember watching international basketball on TV with my dad (Olympics maybe, or s...

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News from March 19, 2007
News from March 19. The NBA named Kobe Bryant (LAL) and Jason Kidd (NJ) as Players of the Week. Bryant averaged 46.7 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists as the Lakers went 1-...

News from March 18, 2007
News from March 18. The NBA fined Boston $30,000 for excessive contact with the family of underclassman Kevin Durant. The NBA fined Charlotte $15,000 for public commen...

Standings through March 17, 2007
Standings through 3/17/07. x = clinched playoff berth WESTERN CONFERENCE Southwest Division Home Road ...

News from March 17, 2007
News from March 17. Charlotte signed Alan Anderson to a 10-day contract. Indiana activated Maceo Baston and placed David Harrison on IL. Washington activated And...

News from March 16, 2007
News from March 16. Caron Butler (Was) is expected to be out 7 to 10 days with a bruised left knee. Charlotte released Eric Williams. The LA Clippers signed...

jWhere can I find NBA draft information?
Looking for NBA draft position versus team record. Also wondering how often the team with the worst record gets the top pick. And I thought there was something about the worst record...

News from March 15, 2007
News from March 15. The NBA fined Phil Jackson and the LA Lakers $50,000 each for Jackson's comments that the league was on a witch hunt against Kobe Bryant. Portland ...

News from March 14, 2007
News from March 14. The NBA fined Andrew Bogut (Mil) $25,000 for making an obscene gesture towards the fans during Monday's Mil-Tor game. Milwaukee fired head coach Te...

News from March 13, 2007
News from March 13. The NBA fined Brevin Knight (Cha) $25,000 for failing to leave the court in a timely manner and verbally abusing the ref following his ejection in Saturd...

2006-07 NBA Salaries
2006-2007 NBA Salaries Based on the rosters for 3/11/07 Compiled by me (Patricia Bender) from my own information and sources. With many thanks to those sources! ...

Mavs News: Lakers and Warriors games
Dallas at LA Lakers (March 11) The Mavs found themselves in LA after 4 days off against the short-handed Lakers who were missing Lamar Odom and Luke Walton. The game stayed cl...

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