News from July 28, 2006
News from July 28. Denver signed Jamal Sampson to a 1 year, minimum contract. Houston signed John Lucas to a 3 year contract. Indiana signed Maceo Baston to a 2 ...

News from July 26 and 27, 2006
News from July 26. Denver signed Yakhouba Diawar to a 2 year, minimum contract. Houston signed 2nd round draft pick (#32) Steve Novak. Toronto released Alvin Wil...

Barkley switches from Republican to Democrat;_ylt=AoDALzgVxQWtl2Wsb3JPqIe8vLYF?slug=ap-b arkley-governor&prov=ap&type=lgns MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- Former basketball star Charles Barkley says he's...

A.I. is staying put?
Is that really the right decision? I just wonder what the could have got back for him to make their team younger. They're not going to get any better or any worst with him they're only goi...

News from July 24 and 25, 2006
News from July 24. TRADE: In a sign-and-trade, Dallas re-signed Darrell Armstrong to a 1 year, minimum contract and traded him and Rawle Marshall and Josh Powell to Indiana ...

Who will be the last three basketball cuts for the world championship?
The US team needs to cut three more players. Who will be those three? Just curious skyking

Vince Carter rips Kobe, LeBron, and Wade Carter was asked about particular NBA players, such as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. "Kobe gets away with mu...

News from July 20, 2006
News from July 20. TRADE: Chicago traded J.R. Smith to Denver for Howard Eisley and 2 2007 2nd round draft picks. Denver re-signed Nene to a 6 year, $60 million contra...

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News from July 19, 2006
News from July 19. Houston signed Vassili Spanoulis (2004 #50 draft pick) to a 3 year, $5 million contract. Charlotte signed Othella Harrington. Josh Boone ...

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News from July 18, 2006
News from July 18. The Seattle Sonics and WNBA Storm were sold for $350 million to a group from Oklahoma City led by Clay Bennett. The team had been trying to reach an ag...

News from July 17, 2006
News from July 17. Washington signed Darius Songaila to a 5 year, $23 million contract with the 5th year at the player's option. Charlotte named Fred Whitfield as pres...

The anti-guard refuses to report to Utah,1249,640195167,00.html The deadline for doing so remains a ways away, but Derek Fisher still hasn't reported for a physical exam to complete the tr...

News from July 15, 2006
News from July 15. Kobe Bryant (LAL) underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee to remove scar tissue and loose cartilage. He is expected to be out 8 to 12 weeks.

Chris Bosh 63 million for 3 years
WTF? He should give his agent double his commission.

News from July 14, 2006
News from July 14. TRADE: New Orleans traded P.J. Brown and J.R. Smith to Chicago for Tyson Chandler. TRADE: New Orleans traded Kirk Snyder to Houston for cash and a <...

Underestimation of Phoenix
First of all I am not doing this to humble any Suns fans. Can't stand 90% of them... However, I feel they are being underestimated. Granted Stoudamire has been gone all year but...

News from July 13, 2006
News from July 13. TRADE: In a sign-and-trade, Philadelphia re-signed John Salmons to a 5 year, $23 million contract and traded him to Toronto for a 2007 2nd round draft pic...

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Mavs News: Croshere-Daniels trade, Buck returns
The July Moratorium ended and the remored trade became official. Dallas traded Marquis Daniels to Indiana for Austin Croshere. Croshere is a 6-9 forward with an outside touch that wi...

News from July 12, 2006
News from July 12. TRADE: Dallas traded Marquis Daniels to Indiana for Austin Croshere. TRADE: Memphis traded Shane Battier to Houston for Stromile Swift and the right...

I dont feel Mavs have done enough
Thats my over-all opinion thus far. Maybe if Croshere and Ager do excellent.. and maybe if Diop grows by leaps and bounds or Shrek'. But overall they have simply traded out some ...

News from July 11, 2006
News from July 11. The salary cap for 06-07 has been set at $53.136 million and the luxury tax threshold has been set at $65.42 million for 06-07 [every dollar a team is ov...

New FAQ revision
I have put up a new revision to the Salary Cap FAQ which reflects the newly-released numbers for 06-07. Larry Coon Uni...

News from July 10, 2006
News from July 10. Atlanta signed 1st round draft pick (#5) Shelden Williams to a 2 year, $6,127,080 contract with 2 more years worth $7,698,188 at the team's option. ...

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News from July 9, 2006
News from July 9. Philadelphia signed 1st round draft pick (#16) Rodney Carney to a 2 year, $2,987,520 contract with 2 more years worth $4,195,696 at the team's option. ...

News from July 8, 2006
News from July 8. Orlando signed 2nd round draft pick (#41) James Augustine. Miami signed rookie free agent Vincent Grier. Sacramento signed rookie free agent Lo...

News from July 7, 2006
News from July 7. Golden State signed 1st round draft pick (#9) Patrick O'Bryant to a 2 year, $4,278,120 contract with 2 more years worth $5,391,563 at the team's option. ...

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