Playoff Trivia Question:
Has a Team Down 3-0 Forced a Game Seven? Who? When? Just Wondering, Thank You!

Larry Brown leaving Pistons for Cavs Larry Brown has told two league sources that he plans to take the Cavaliers' offer to become their next team president. According to...

News from May 30, 2005
News from May 30. Pho 111, SA 106 at SA Shawn Marion (Pho) had 11 points, 14 rebounds, and 3 blocks. Amare Stoudemire (Pho) had 31 points and 5 rebounds. Joe Johnson (...

Emmanuel Ginobili
The Argie's got some serious game for a Caucasian. Who's the last Caucasian guard to have such an array of moves? Chris Mullin could put the points up, but he wasn't quite as ni...

Re: Pistons laugh at the Suns
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House of the Setting Suns
Welcome to Monday night at the SBC Center. Phoenix, we hope you have enjoyed your run!

[PUBB] Terzino eccellente/eccellente - SCADE OGGI
Torben S°gaard (39526909) 21 anni, buono di forma, sano Una persona gradevole, calma e onesta. E' disastroso in esperienza e debole in carisma. NazionalitÓ: Danmark In...

Carlesimo likely Wolve's new coach The Timberwolves' new head man will likely be P.J. Carlesimo (although Paul Silas remains a long shot). In his earlier incarnations as head c...

News from May 29, 2005
News from May 29. Mia 113, Det 104 at Det Eddie Jones (Mia) had 19 points. Shaquille O'Neal (Mia) had 24 points including 8-12 FT, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists. Dwya...

Mentally, Pistons looked like 2000 Blazers, 2002 Kings
The Pistons were being outplayed and frustrated. A great and mentally strong team recognizes this, and makes adjustments. The Pistons took a page out of the Blazers/Kings books by refusin...

Fuck this conspiracy
Obviously David Stern wants to showcase the next Jordan -- Dwayne Wade -- in the NBA Finals, so the fix is on.

God I hate the freaking Spurs!
The Spurs are like the Lakers and Bulls teams before them. They just won no matter what. Everyone outside of Chicago disliked the Bulls because they always won...there was never any drama be...

Pistons laugh at the Suns While the league keeps adjusting the rules to try to outlaw hard-nosed defense and encourage Suns-style basketba...

News from May 28, 2005
News from May 28. SA 102, Pho 92 at SA Tim Duncan (SA) had 33 points including 15-15 FT, 15 rebounds including 5 offensive, and 3 blocks. Tony Parker (SA) had 18 point...

Deer Phoenix Suns
San Antonio isn't THAT good. What an utter collapse. Nash and D'Antoni should return their NBA awards with apologies for NBA fans everywhere. -- C The Shocker 2005 King of ...

Q: What do you call a point guard who puts up 3 assists and 6 turnovers in the most important game of the season? . . . . . . . . ....

Mandatory timeout rule
My dad an I have a disagreement about the motivation for the mandatory timeout rule in the NBA whereby the officials call an automatic timeout at predetermined intervals during the game if n...

Hey Panks
So in all of these prophetic dreams you've been having about your Phoenix Suns, did any of them involve seeing Amare Stoudamire and Sawn Marion playing anything resembling "competent i...

Re: NBA's Top 5 Players
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Woman accuses John Salley of abuse 2D85.DTL A woman who claims she had an affair with former NBA star and Fox Sports Net sportscaster Joh...

who will portland draft?
i know the likely top 3 are bogut, williams and paul who is portland likely to get at number 3 and how will that player fit in and help the team next season? mr.tim

Shaq, Mourning meshing together at the right time MIAMI (AP) -- They were once bitter rivals, sharing nothing but disdain for the other. From the mom...

decade scoring leaders
A friend recently mentioned Alex English was the NBA scoring leader of the decade of the 80s. It got me thinking what the answers were for other decades. After some brief searching online, I...

News from May 25, 2005
News from May 25. Antawn Jamison (Was) underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee to remove scar tissue. Mia 92, Det 86 at Mia Shaquille O'Neal (Mia)...

Blazers' deeds speak louder than words ts/111675571879501.xml&coll=7&thispage=3 Two years ago, while the team was searching for a general manager,...

Shaq wants the ball ``Four dunks,'' Wallace recalled. ``I don't think he looked like he was winded at all. To me, he looked like he ...

News from May 24, 2005
News from May 24. Orlando named Brian Hill as head coach. The NBA held the draft lottery, which determines the top 3 draft picks. Milwaukee was the big winner as they ...

Historical trivia question
Other that Dallas in this year's series against Houston, which are the other two teams who won a best-of-seven series after loosing the first two games at home? Who were the opponents and wh...

Steve Nash - For The Record Books
He scored 25 points and made 10 assists in each of his last four playoff games. No one else has ever done that. Oscar and Michael did it three in a row. -- ...

How could Miami forget about Shaq?,0,5440981 .column?coll=sfla-sports-heat MIAMI -- All week long, all day long, every minute counting down to Monday

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