TNT lets watch refs call tonight against...
the Bulls Seems refs want the underdog Cavs to win every game. We just can't understand why. Is it because they have a number 23 now?

Mavs News: Boston game
Dallas activated Jerry Stackhouse and placed DJ Mbenga on IR with a strained right hamstring. Stackhouse had missed the last 12 games with a strained right groin. Dal...

News from March 30, 2005
News from March 30. Dallas activated Jerry Stackhouse and placed DJ Mbenga on IR with a strained right hamstring. San Antonio signed Dion Glover to a 2nd 10-day contra...

Lakers and Wolves about to make history,1,5 990540.story?coll=la-headlines-sports-nba-lakers Never before in NBA history have two teams that met in the...

News from March 29, 2005
News from March 29. Utah signed Ben Handlogten for the rest of the season. Miami activated Qyntel Woods and placed Rasual Butler on IR with right knee tendinitis. ...

Mavs News: Detroit game
Dallas at Detroit (March 28) The start of a 4 game road trip against Eastern Conference playoff teams started with a visit to Detroit. Dallas went on a 16-4 run, including 9

News from March 28, 2005
News from March 28. The NBA named Ray Allen (Sea) and Allen Iverson (Phi) as Players of the Week. Allen averaged 28.7 points and 8.3 assists as Seattle went 3-1. Iverson av...

ScreenShot of the Eggs-Actor 3000 timer
Happy Easter To You !! A picture is probably a good way of showing everyone who might be interested in looking at the features of the EggsActor timer, so I am including a smal...

Egg timer from the 30th century is here!!
Hi, HAPPY EASTER !!! We are developing the Eggs-Actor 3000 timer for the XP operation system just in time for Easter Season!!! It is designed as a timer for meal preperations, e...

Lauren Jackson
Who bought the Sports Illustrated issue with her wearing just about her birthday suit? Bad new guys. She is gay and wont touch you with a ten foot pole.

Paul Shirley's all ugly team
From Paul Shirley's diary on the suns site... while I am no male model, am not going to make anyone’s All-Ugly Team anytime soon. (Incidentally, my version of this year’s ...

Mavs News: Sacramento and Cleveland games
Erick Dampier and Jerry Stackhouse have re-joined practices and both hope to return to the court during the road trip (this week). Schedule change: The April 3 game at Cleveland ...

Sonics suspend Fortson for refusing to enter game Seattle SuperSonics General Manager Rick Sund announced today that forward Danny Fortson has been suspended for one game for his refusal to enter Fr...

News from March 27, 2005
News from March 27. Seattle suspended Danny Fortson for 1 game for refusing to enter the game during Friday's Sea-NY game. Washington activated Peter John Ramos and pl...

The Greatest News Ever! << The Greatest News Ever!

Standings through March 26, 2005
Standings through 3/26/05. x = clinched playoff berth y = clinched division title WESTERN CONFERENCE Southwest Division ...

Webber/Iverson have their first practice together last week Maybe Allen Iverson and Chris Webber should practice together more frequently. Since Webber's acquisition last m...

News from March 26, 2005
News from March 26. San Antonio activated Mike Wilks and elected not to sign Dion Glover to a 2nd 10-day contract. Utah activated Jarron Collins and placed Andrei Kiri...

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Shaq takes the blame for Wade;_ylc=X3oDMTBpZmFlcXBpBF9TAzk1ODYxOTQ4BHNlY wN0aA--?gid=2005032630&prov=ap CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) -- There was plenty of blame to go around after the

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The Greatest News Ever! << The Greatest News Ever!

Steph, Telfair renew family feud SEATTLE - Stephon Marbury and Sebastian Telfair are two point guards connected by bloodlines and the Surf Playground in Con...

News from March 25, 2005
News from March 25. The LA Clippers released Kenny Anderson. Minnesota activated Ervin Johnson and placed Mark Madsen on IR with a torn ligament in his right wrist.

News from March 24, 2005
News from March 24. Cleveland named Wes Wilcox as an assistant coach. The LA Lakers activated Devean George and placed Brian Cook on IR with a sprained right hand.

Pippen legendary cheapskate PIPPEN PINCHER: Stories about former Bulls star Scottie Pippen being a cheapskate are legendary. There's a laundry list of Chi...

Atkins rips Hamblens' triangle and praises RudyT php Asked afterward what would have happened if Rudy Tomjanovich hadn't resigned as coach Feb.2 and be...

college coaches that coach NBA
Why do college coaches struggle coaching in the NBA?

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Buckner "We're good";_ylc=X3oDMTBpZmFlcXBpBF9TAzk1ODYxOTQ4BHNlY wN0aA--?gid=2005032407&prov=ap DENVER (AP) -- Sitting on the bench at the end of yet another agonizing ...

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