Some Serious Fun -- Then It Gets Nasty Insofar as the late effort of the prosecution to exclude the defense DNA evidence, it puts Ruckreigle in a potentially impossib...

Kobe bombshell l After months of sparring, media spinning and nearly unanimous predictions that the trial would never...

Re: KG punches rookie in the jaw
This story sounds so one-sided and taken out of context. It was written as if all Rickert did was score on him, then Garnett took a cheap shot at him. What if I filled in some det...

BasketBall and Bullets?
Karl Malone, basketball player for the LA Lakers, appears in a video promoting 'Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife' (SFW). Commentary in the video suggests that Karl is a spokesperson for the ...

Randolph for Redd? 59060.xml Randolph, clearly the most talented and promising player on the team, is in the last year of...

KG punches rookie in the jaw Pssst: At an informal workout the other day at Target Center, after Timberwolves rookie Rick Rickert made a nifty m...

Barkley under investigation for "indecent" assault;_ylc=X3oDMTBpZmFlcXBpBF9TAzk1ODYxOTQ4BHNlYw N0aA--?slug=ap-barkley-investigation&prov=ap&type=lgns PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Former NBA star Charles Barkley...

Larry Brown Develops Multiple Personalities Syndrome, Praises US Team "I think we ought to be rea...

Predictions for the upcoming season
1. Melo will turn out to be a bust this season 2. Richard Jefferson will look very overpaid after this season, especially if Kidd is traded. 3. Spurs/Twolves WCF, Pistons/Heat ECF.

Can the NBA champs still be called World Champions?
Can they still truly claim that the winner of the NBA is the world champions? Just wondering...

Iverson rips Athens no-shows ATHENS - Guard Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers launched some not-so-subtle criticisms of other NBA players who chose not to compete in ...

Are We Ignoring the Real Issues?
I wonder. I did not actually see the USA team play, but I watched a number of other games. The issue to me was not the teams, nor was it the players. The issue was the game itself. The FI...

George Karl wanted Payton and Wallace on Team USA "First let me ask you a question?" Karl said. "How many truly great basketball teams have ever been assembled by committee?...

Jefferson says people bashing Team USA are ignorant and cowards e/ "I'm going to say it nicely," Duncan said. "It hasn't been fun." Asked about doing it again in 2008...

News from August 28, 2004
News from August 28. Olympic Results - at Athens, Greece Gold Medal game: Argentina 84, Italy 69 Luis Scola (Arg) had 25 points including 10-13 FG and 11 rebounds. ...

How to save women's basketball
Did anyone check out the Australian women's uniforms?,5478,10532049%5E28957,00.html WOW!!!!

Duncan quits because international play too tough;_ylc=X3oDMTBpZmFlcXBpBF9TAzk1ODY xOTQ4BHNlYwN0aA--?slug=ap-lithuania-usbko&prov=ap&type=lgns ``I am about 95 percent sure my FIBA career is ...

Who said white men canīt jump?? Donīt sweat it guys, you lost against the best!! ; ) FerFAL, Argentina!

NBA, lost against the BEST! ; )
Donīt worry US, the NBA lost against the BEST ! ;) FerFAL, Bs As, Argetnia

American Niggers Can't Jump
What Happened Niggers ?? you could'nt jump in the Olympics.... All the european white men kicked your butt big time... stop claiming that you american nigger are the best in basketball.. you...

USA didn't need Larry Brown to win;_ylc=X3oDMTBpZmFlcXBpBF9TAzk1ODY xOTQ4BHNlYwN0aA--?slug=ap-lithuania-usbko&prov=ap&type=lgns The start of the game was delayed 48 minu...

International players lose respect for NBA ''International players have lost respect for the NBA,'' Argentina point guard Pepe Sanchez said after his team outplayed the Un...

News from August 27, 2004
News from August 27. The NBA suspended Gilbert Arenas (Was) for 1 game. He will miss the first game of the regular season. Arenas recently pleaded no contest to misdemean...

Defense to call two Florida men to testify opstory.html Meanwhile, News 12 has learned of A Palm Beach County connection to the case. The N-...

Arenas suspended;_ylc=X3oDMTBpZmFlcXBpBF9TAzk1ODYxOTQ4BHNlYw N0aA--?slug=ap-wizards-arenas&prov=ap&type=lgns WASHINGTON (AP) -- Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas ...

Blazers sign highly coveted free agent;_ylc=X3oDMTBpZmFlcXBpBF9TAzk1ODYxOTQ4BHNlYw N0aA--?slug=ap-trailblazers-przybilla&prov=ap&type=lgns PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- Free-agent center Joel Przyb...

Ginobli >> Duncan;_ylc=X3oDMTBpZmFlcXBpBF9TAzk1ODY xOTQ4BHNlYwN0aA--?slug=ap-argentina-usbko&prov=ap&type=lgns ``We fought as hard as we could,'' Allen Iverso...

Dream Team 1992 > Who should have been on it & who should not ?
Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, with veterans Charles Barkley, Clyde Drexler, Patrick Ewing, Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, Chris Mullin, Scottie Pippen, David Robinson, John Stockton and Duke's...

Dream Team Chokes, Ah It Does My Heart Good
Pampered assholes thought they could jive, intimidate, and sashay their way into a gold medal. Didn't work. Gawd help me, I love it! BroJack

Olympic loss
It certainly is an indictment of NBA basketball and NBA players; they cannot shoot and cannot play defense. All in all, I'd rather have college players representing our country.

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