Spurs winless in elimination games
Spurs are winless in elimination games since Duncan joined them. They are now 0-5. Lakers are 4-1 in elimination games since they started their dynasty. Plus the Spurs have ...

Slap another * on the Spurs
1987 Lakers 1988 Lakers 1989 Pistons 1990 Pistons 1991 Bulls 1992 Bulls 1993 Bulls 1994 Rockets 1995 Rockets 1996 Bulls 1997 Bulls 1998 Bulls

Refs to favor the Spurs in Game 6
http://www.broadbandsportsnetwork.com/newsmanager/anmviewer.asp?a=344&z=1 Now, lets' be realistic here. If this protest were being reviewed in a court of law, the Spurs might

Webber guarantees victory
http://www.sacbee.com/content/sports/basketball/kings/story/9302067p-1022688 0c.html "I don't know if the plan was for Darrick to come in for a cheap shot," Bibby said. "But it wo...

Stern confirms Fisher beat the clock
http://www.dailybreeze.com/content/sports/2591695.html As expected, the NBA denied the San Antonio Spurs' protest of Game 5 of the Western Conference semifinals, which ended, 74-73, af...

Phil refused to take Kobe out of the game
http://www.pe.com/sports/lakers/notebooks/PE_Sports_Local_lakers_notes_15.57 5b9.html Bryant had to get two intravenous liters of fluid following Thursday night's game against the...

News from May 14, 2004
News from May 14. USA Basketball announced that LeBron James (Cle), Richard Jefferson (NJ), Stephon Marbury (NY), Shawn Marion (Pho), and Amare Stoudemire (Pho) have been ad...

Pistons-Nets game 5..
Perhaps the most exciting playoff game since the 1980s. -- "We are launching a major attack on the enemy. Better that 10 innocent people should suffer than one spy get away....

NJ-Detroit Game 5
I never thought I'd say that a game where Brian Scalabrine and Lindsey Hunter saw so much court time was awesome, but that was one hell of a game. Is Chauncey Billups just Ricky...

Derek Fisher learned well from Vlade
He's taking flopping to a whole new level.

NBA Conference Semi Finals
Live betting (Saturday) - LA Lakers vs SA Spurs (series score 2-2) Th May 13 - 8:00 pm EST (ABC)/May 14 - 00:00 GMT Sa May 15 - 10:30 pm EST (TNT)/May 16 - 02:30 GMT After having...

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So why is Kobe so great again?
11-27, disappeared down the stretch, ooooh he was tired! Poor Kobe, 1-4 down the stretch with a turnover that gave the Spurs a 3 point lead. The one basket he did make was uncontested on a p...

Vlade allows that the Kings play dirty
http://www.startribune.com/stories/511/4775498.html Strib writer Jerry Zgoda reported: : "I liked the way we responded," Kings center Vlade Divac said. "We played : defense...

Vlade admits Kings play dirty
http://www.sacbee.com/content/sports/basketball/kings/story/9288470p-1021331 9c.html Divac knows how the playoffs work. The friendliness factor decreases as the series lengthens, ...

Stern: No 'heroism' for Kobe
http://www.dailynews.com/Stories/0,1413,200~29583~2147325,00.html "It's neither troublesome nor heroism," the NBA commissioner said of Bryant's court-to-court maneuvers. "I think I'm l...

News from May 13, 2004
News from May 13. LAL 74, SA 73 at SA Devean George (LAL) had 16 points on 6-9 FG and 4-7 3-pointers. Shaquille O'Neal (LAL) had 11 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 blocks. ...

Bryant Dehydrated, Exhausted
http://www.latimes.com/sports/basketball/nba/lakers/la-sp-lakerep14may14,1,7 563413.story?coll=la-headlines-sports-nba-lakers SAN ANTONIO - Dehydrated and hyperventilating after playin...

Spurs file protest
http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/recap?gameId=240513024 The Spurs filed a protest after the game, claiming the clock did not start quickly enough after Fisher caught it. One of the three ...

Stern frustrated by long playoffs, will fix for '05
http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/playoffs2004/news/story?id=1801217 SAN ANTONIO -- Like most NBA fans, David Stern doesn't like the long wait between games this postseason. As the league'...

Kobe's no Pat Tillman
http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=whitlock/040513 You would think his name is Kobe Tillman or Pat Bryant. You would think Kobe Bryant is an American hero, shuttling back ...

The Lakers SUCK
I'm no fan of basketball but if I hear one more thing about those losers so help me I am going to start kicking some asses!

Popovich says the clock started late
Already complaining! -- In the hour of adversity be not without hope / For crystal rain falls from black clouds... Persian Poem

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The Laker Mystique Lives!
Ranks right up there with Horry's shot in 2002. I can't decide whether this one was better or not. BTW, Horry you are still a Laker! Nice job hitting the backboard with that shot....

when did they change the rule...
.. that you can't "catch and shoot" inside of .5 seconds? Seriously - i thought that was the rule.

Can the Kings beat the Lakers??
Please God. Spurs seem intent on doing the chokejob. I hope it's not one of those "years of destiny" type deals, because no matter what your thoughts on the guy, Kobe's just been unrea...

Van Gundy doesn't like Pacers trash
http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/sports/basketball/8653409.htm?1c The Pacers' Al Harrington and Jamaal Tinsley said Tuesday that they need to be more rough with Dwayne Wade, the He...

Is Horry's heart with the Lakers or Spurs?
http://www.mysanantonio.com/sports/columnists/bharvey/stories/MYSA051304.1C. Harvey.be8592f8.html Robert Horry acts confused, which means he's like everyone else. In his hea...

Britney Spears and Luke Walton
http://www.latimes.com/sports/basketball/nba/lakers/la-sp-briefing13may13,1, 4196933.story?coll=la-headlines-sports-nba-lakers It must be cool being Luke Walton. Your dad is Bill Walto...

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