The Ol' Ball Coach K
If Steve Spurrier had stayed at Florida, I wonder if he would be like Mike Krzyzewski -- someone still respected and feared because of his best years, even though those years a...

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UNC got an easy one.
Harangody was really sick when they played Notre Dame. IMO, UNC is not in the same league of Duke, UConnn and Louisville. UNC probably can't beat Miami, either. UNC will finish beyond top 2 ...

UK LVIT Champs!
What? Anyway, a regular D-fest (facilitated by UK turnovers, as usual), won by UK over WVU 54-43. WVU led 26-16 (!) at the half. But UK worked their way back into it over the se...

When cupcakes attack
Michigan needed a shot at the buzzer in overtime to put away Savannah State, 66-64. In Ann Arbor. Steve -- Steve Casburn <[email protected]

Ohio State 59, Samford 22
I'm a Buckeye, but it's hard to feel good about a November slaughter like this one. Two statistics to sum up the game: Samford went 9-48 (18.8%) from the field, and ...

Oh, Great: Head-Case Alert
LAS VEGAS-- Freshman DeAndre Liggins refused to re-enter Kentucky's game against Kansas State on Friday night. UK Coach Billy Gillispie acknowledged Liggins' refusal to enter the game ...

The Constitution of the Kingdom of God, Earth, effective always
The Constitution of the Kingdom of God, Earth, effective always (

UK Runs a Weave Play!
<blink> -- The Usenet voice of the Kentucky Wildcats! (Please ignore.) _Raw Recruits_ and _Undue Process_ for all, Welcome to college basketball!

I want a technical called against Medfield
Medfield (or is it Medfield State) is the university in those '60s/'70s Disney movies, usually starring Kurt Russell as Merlin Jones. Anyway, at the Old Spice Classic at Disney Wo...

Duke 95, dUkraine 72
It wasn't that close -- they made up about a dozen points on the scrubs. Williams and Plumlee are decent role players with other players in the main rotation, but put all three frosh on

Did anyone see?
A friend was telling me about a strange strategy some team played against Davidson. I guess they put 2 guys on Curry the whole game and he never took a shot. It was basically a 4 on 3 contes...

Oklahoma 77, UAB 67
Tough, tough loss for the Blazers. They looked primed to pull an upset, but Oklahoma adjusted in the second half and wore them down. The Blazers came out full of adrenalin...

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I like Bobby Knight has a color guy. Please put him on more KU games. For example, I would be happy if you replaced Vitale with Knight for tonight's KU-Syracuse game. Speaking of which, pl...

USF 74, Academy of Art College 23
What surprises me is, Academy of Art College is an NCAA D2 school - at least according to the ESPN article about the game. However, I can't find any reference to the school in either the li...

SW Illinois College
Did something ugly happen a year or two ago at Southwest Illinois College? UK has two transfers from there this year, Josh Harrelson, a sophomore, who has seen some playing-time and lo...

Oklahoma 80 Gardner Webb 76
This is the team picked to win the Big XII this year? with Kansas in the North, they will only play OU, OSU, Texas and Baylor once, while they'll all have to play each other twice. Maybe we ...

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celebrity gossip, black celebrity gossip, hollywood celebrity gossip ...

If UK crushes Delaware State (even if State was 5-0 instead of 1-4), it's "Ho-hum", or "Why don't you pick on a team yer own size?", or "Why couldn't you beat VMI or UNC, neener neener neene...

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Hey, Tindall! -- Steve Casburn <[email protected]> "Shut up he explained" - Ring Lardne...

ACC Legends That Changed The Game in basketball rule changes: 1) Dean Smith 2) Jim Valvano 3) Christian Laettner Coach K may get there yet if they ever put a "no charging" zone underneath the...

A tale of two shitties
Absolutely one of the wurst offensive performances by two teams in the first half. 15 Duke turnovers, most of them unforced. Somehow, Zoubek managed not to suck in the first half. Coach K...

Another D-Fest
Texas Tech defeated East Central Oklahoma 167-115 Thursday night . . . . -- The Usenet voice of the Kentucky Wildcats! (Please ignore.) _Raw Recruits_ and _Undu...

Apparently cheaters can phosphor
"Monumental folly in last two minutes..." --Tedward

Cheaters never prosper. Wait, they do, never mind
Pretty authoritative article. And by a broad, go figure. Nearly 20 years ago, Eddie Sutton resigned as Kentucky...

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