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OT - Pat Boone Displays His Bat and Balls
This is quite old, from back in the late 50s/early 60s...but it is a classic, for sure. Pat Boone must have thought it was pretty hilarious to stick his dick and balls through a hole in a bo...

Oh Geez! Its gonna be a long year.
KU played its 1st game of 3 exhibition games this weekend in Canada. They beat McGill(who?) 72-67. McGill jumped out to a 17-4 lead. Sherron Collins showed up fat and out of shape and ...

Congratulations troopers
In three hours and 18 minutes we will be leaving the Great Sports Desert. After about 2 1/2 months recuperating on college football, the road to the Final Four begins! Congratula...

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What next?
Now that Coach K has restored order to the basketball universe, will Donnie Barnes be posting links to his pictures of Team USA in China? --Tedward

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New Preseason NIT - everybody plays 4 Apparently, there's no more "two and done" in the Preseason NIT; the top three seeds that don't make it to the semi-finals will host f...

Chris Paul
So how does Chris Paul feel about playing for the man who sent the goons out against him?

OT: Britney Spears Exposing Her Vagina
That looks like my grandma's dress! Nice pussy though....I imagine it's not like grandma's vagina. Hahahaha!.

Olympics Tourney
Looks like 1999 all over again for Krzyzewski. (Therefore, another chance for me to mention 1999.) All the top seeds have advanced to the final four. Our ReallyDumblyNickna...

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Ah said, Ah said, Ah said...
...I told you Nan Keohane was urged out partly for infringing too far on the campus party image: --Tedward <...

OT: Jennifer Aniston Sunning Topless
Just think....John Mayer will be missing these boobies!

OT: Kate Lawler and Friend Topless
I'd sure like to wrestle Kate "The Brawler" Lawler!

Chasing J.J.'s record
Hey, at least our drunks can drive: UNC tennis player hits 2 pedestrians. Fortunately the only life ruined was his own. ...

OT: Phelps is unbelievable
7 Golds is nothing. I just saw him win a race without touching first!

OT: Britney, As The Trailer Trash She Is
I bet she put her beer down in order to light her cigarette.....

OT: Anna Kournikova's Bikini Is Nearly Invisible
This guy hasn't stopped smiling all day!

Good thing the NCAA didn't pass those trapezoid lanes
I just found a copy of the FIBA rules changes for 2008 and 2010, and apparently, starting in October 2010 (October, 2012 for single-nation leagues), they are replacing the trapezoidal lane w...

OT - Christine Aguilera Nude Photo Shoot
This nude pic of Christine Aguilera was taken back in 2004, as part of a David LaChappelle photo shoot - and she was kinda looking old, even back then:

OT - Classic Brigette Bardot Breast Shot
Brigette Bardot has always been gorgeous, and always something of a free spirit. Here she is in a pose from her younger days - displaying her beautiful tits:

UK Sets Weakest December Schedule in Years
OTOtherHand, November looks wilder than usual. Nov. 3 (Mon) MISSOURI - ST. LOUIS [Exh.] 7:00 p.m. Nov. 7 (Fri) TBA [Exh.] 7:00 p.m. Nov. 14 (Fri) VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE...

Some Actual rsbc MId-Summer Traffic?
You're scARing the spAMMers . . . . -- The Usenet voice of the Kentucky Wildcats! (Please ignore.) _Raw Recruits_ and _Undue Process_ for all, Welcome to c...

I must be in Hell!
When I channel surf, The Devil is coaching every game! And his team's are even more loaded than when I was alive What did I do to deserve this?

digest digest, volumes 2454489-2454683
The following summarizes the "newsgroup disruption minimization" performed by David Tholen during the previous reporting period. These "digests" are posted separately to three newsgroups, <...

OT - Classic Bridgette Bardot Beaver Shot
Off-topic, yes it is...but take a break from the hoops for a few minutes. Bridgette Bardot posed for this pic way back when - her legs are spread and her twat is totally on display:

Rock Movies Judged
Woodstock A- A classic. I'll forever wonder what Sha Na Na was doing there, but the music's great and the filming sufficient (could have been better, but still good enough). ...

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