Four 1 seeds to the final Four
First time ever... OTOH... the wimmins eleat 8 had 4 #1s facing 4 #2s. Why not just have an 8 team tournament?

Bob McKillop: not smart
Why did McKillop have Curry bring the ball up the court instead of J-Rich? Would UNC have Ellington instead of Lawson? Would UCLA have Shipp instead of Collison? Duke Scheyer instead of...

Bob McKillop: not smart
Why did McKillop have Curry bring the ball up the court instead of J-Rich? Would UNC have Ellington instead of Lawson? Would UCLA have Shipp instead of Collison? Duke Scheyer instead of...

I can has plane crash
How's the weather? --Tedward

If Memphis brings the game they played yesterday to San Antonio, the Bruins season ends on saturday.

With 16.8 left and Davidson with the ball and down 2, I think I would've fouled them early enough so we'd have one more possession. That was risky letting them get a 3 pointer off. worse ...

Largest Average Margin For Regional Semifinals and Finals Combined
Before this year, the largest average margin for regional games was 14 1/3, or a total margin of 172, in 1991. This year, the average margin was 14 5/12, or a total margin of 173. ...

Michigan State's Record Is Safe
In 2000, Michigan State won the NCAA tournament by winning every game by at least eleven points. With UNC beating Louisville by ten points, that modern-era (since 1985) record rema...

NCAA Tournament Performance By Conference Relative To Seed Through Regional Finals
First time ever with four 1 seeds in the Final Four, but not before Davidson made it exciting in a round otherwise lacking in drama. The Big Twelve is the only Big Six conference t...

NCAA What If: When Memphis has its title voided....
due to various and sundry Caliparisms, would the title automatically be then given to the runner-up, or is that year's champion listed as being null and void?

rd4 25th tourney contest
The one-seeds pretty much dominated on the way to the final 4. But hats off to Davidson who took it down to the last possession. I don't understand why call time-out if thats the best play y...

Moneyball Final Standings By Conference
Here is what each team will get from the 2009 basketball money, by conference, based on the 2003-2008 tournament results: Big 12 $1,373,000 Pac-10 $1,339,000 <...

UNC/Kan game after UCLA/Mem game
I see UCLA/Mem is the first game next Sat. Shouldn't the #1 #1-seed be playing first? That way they have an extra 3 hours, and can scout the UCLA/Mem game after they play?

4 coaches, 1 theme
So in this final four, we have 4 coaches - whoever wins the title will get a monkey off their back. The other 3 will be fighting for the "Best Coach To Never Win A Title" label.

Kansas = Fraudulent
They will get rolled in the semis. And all while Bill Self finger-twiddles his lips and makes googly eyes on the sidelines.

Thank you Davidson
Thanks to you, the no. 10 seed, at least one of the Elite 8 games was close in the last 3 minutes. - geoff

Come On Hacks! Lets Gow!
Lets Gow Hacks! Lets Gow! Cheerleaders bug the crap outa me.

If Lovedale had fingers on his hands...
...Davidson would be Dangerous.

Kevin Love v Tyler Hansbrough
The makings of an ESPN Spluge to the Death match.

White men pimp Black athletes
The white man is the greatest pimp in the history of the known universe. Every year thousands of black basketball and football players generate billions of dollars of profits for the NCAA

Your 2008 preliminary Moneyball National Champion is...
Even with two regional finals remaining, there is no way any other conference can pass the Big 12, so the 2009 preliminary Moneyball National Champion is... Nebraska, with 6.583 N...

farcical Home Field Advantage for UNC
... why does the NCAA let UNC (and Duke) play these huge games in their own back yard? it's farcical that Louisville should get screwed by home cooking. let's have real neutral-...

if UNC wins it all....
there should be an asterisk next to the title. This "neutral" court is absolutely disgusting. The NCAA should be ashamed that this is happening in an Elite 8 game.

They never call "traveling" anymore.
And they don't call 3 seconds anymore. Add yet another once-great American sport to the "dumbed-down" list...

They never call "traveling" anymore.
And they never call 3 seconds. Another dumbed-down American sport to add to the list: college baskeball.

La la la
Another game, yet another team down by 15+ points with 10 minutes to go.

Xavier is scruwed
Ed Hightower is calling the game. On a related note, how does Special Ed advance in the NCAA ref ranking methodology every year?

UNC vs Davidson
If this matchup happens, then we may be in serious trouble. UNC does not have a lockdown defender like previous UNC champs had (Phelps in 93 and Manuel in 05). And this quote from Gi...

rd3 25th tourney contest
I guess I can tabulate the results by half-time. Boring..... There will be no miraculous comebacks on this night. Never have I seen such mismatches in the sweet sixteen. I can only hope...

NCAA Tournament Performance By Conference Relative To Seed Through Regional Semifinals
Davidson becomes only the 12th double-digit seed to make the Elite 8; the last, of course, was George Mason in 2006 who went on to the Final Four. The only other double-digit seed ...

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