5th round 24th tourney contest
I must confess I really did not see this one coming. When I first filled out my bracket, I had Ohio St making the finals. Then I thought about it for two days. Oden always gets into fou...

NCAA Tournament Performance By Conference Relative To Seed Through National Semifinals
Seed Wins Seed Wins Total Ave Total Ave 1 292 3.32 2 211 2.40 3 156 1.77 4 136 1.55 5 101 1.15 6 113 1.28 7 75 0.85 8 61 ...

UCLA should have stayed in California
Hack artist defense doesnt work as well away from home. lmao.

Al Horford's 'place of origin'
In the starting lineups, he's announced as being from the Dominican Republic, but then again, he went to high school in Grand Ledge, Michigan (and had a heated rivalry with Michigan St...

Too bad Oden didn't warm up enough at halftime
Thanks for that great insight, Billy!

34-33 early 2nd half
I know it'd be close. I predict the scoring picks up. --Tedward

March Madness Buzz - Final Four Action for 3/31/07
courtesy of http://www.pregame.com "as heard on ESON Radio" #1 Ohio State vs. #2 Georgetown (6:05 PM ET) There has not been a center matchup like this in the Final Four since ...

In honor of the Final Four.............
Little Feat's _Oh Atlanta_: Oh Atlanta -- Bill Payne They got a place down Kentucky Right down near Ohio Where you can watch the planes at night People ...

Hilarious Feinstein Article on the Coach-Go-Round
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/03/29/AR2007032902268.html "Everywhere Smith turned, he was being congratulated-- not so much for becoming the coach at Minnes...

You mean I'm supposed to for my drink?!
http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070330/ap_on_fe_st/gin_and_tonic_bandit;_ylt=AqhJBPN_rdRi1Kn.DDJ0sHvtiBIF --Tedward

College basketball
By the way, are there any more college basketball games to be played? Judging from the dearth of college basketball posts on RSBC this past week, I assume the season is over.

Blew out the first round, Upset by Georgetown, All of those Tarheels wanting to cry. Drinkin' my six-pack, Talkin' some cheap smack, Hear those fans they're starting to ask wh...

The Ivy League: Soon to be better off than when he found it
"The only other New England job open is Harvard, and that search is picking up speed, with former St. John's coach Mike Jarvis in the mix. Harvard, which fired Frank Sullivan this month, i...

Kevin Durant
Was Kevin Durant a better freshman than Wayman Tisdale?

Final Four Action for 3/31/07
courtesy of: http://www.pregame.com #1 Ohio State vs. #2 Georgetown (6:05 PM ET) There has not been a center matchup like this in the Final Four since 1985 when Georgetown's...

Two Tubby Stories, One Sad, One Happy
"Photographer Rob Carr tells a story about attending the Masters last year as a fan. He was standing in the gallery near the No. 6 green waiting for Tiger Woods to tee off when who should w...

Painful clues
Okay, so last night the paper had the timeline for UNC's loss. I was watching the game with an abject sort of disinterested interest, but just the same, I didn't get this Homeric sense ...

Tubby Trying to Poach His UK Recruits for Minnesota
"After being hired by Minnesota, Smith tried to recruit [Jai] Lucas [a 5-foot-10 point guard from the Houston area] to the Golden Gophers. " 'He told me the situation and the direction...

Iowa - Illinois rivalry to heat up?

Donovan (back) to UK?
TRUE BLUE COVERAGE CatsPause: UK Ready To Name Donovan March 27, 2007 08:29 AM EDT According to Darrell Bird of CatsPause.com, UK is poised to name Billy <...

Dean Smith should have been fired!
For: Losing in the first round to USF in 1978 Losing in the second round to Penn in 1979 Losing in the second round to Texas A&M in 1980 Losing to Georiga in a regional final...

RIP to the fellow who was the UNC Mascot
....................now, I realize I'm going to hell for posing this question, but who do they find for pall bearers? Can they get Buzz, Baldwin the Eagle, Chief Osceola, H...

If I'm Kentucky...
...I go after John Thompson III with an enormous offer. That is all. Jon

NCAA Mens Final Four Tickets
Event Schedule NCAA Mens Final Four Mar - 2007 Apr - 2007 Show Home Games Only Event Date Venue Tickets Mar - 2007 NCAA Mens Final Four S...

NCAA Mens Final Four Tickets
Event Schedule NCAA Mens Final Four Mar - 2007 Apr - 2007 Show Home Games Only Event Date Venue Tickets Mar - 2007 NCAA Mens Final Four S...

Who Is Leaving UNC????
Sure Tyler and Lawson said they were 100% sure they are coming back but as we all know that does not mean it is the truth. Too early for them to say that now without knowing where they could...

Did I just see t4013n behave like a normal adult? Nah. Must be hallucinating. Cheers! --Tedward

Heath out at Arkansas
I guess the gift NCAA bid wasn't enough to save his job, but I didn't think he did terribly there. Although Richardson had done well in his prime, he had left Arkansas in shambles by ...

Telecast Needs Improvement
In watching the OSU - Memphis game, I noticed that the announcers were giving us a lot of talk and background info, but they frequently didn't tell us something important quickly with resp...

Lack of early upsets make for more exciting games?
No, I disagree. I briefly heard Greg Gumbel this morning on Mike & Mike saying that the lack of early round upsets led to closer games later because usually the low seed that won earl...

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