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B.I.C. Italia is a web magazine by a nonprofit organization (abbreviated "NPO", or "non-profit" or "not-for-profit") about Wheelchair Basketball . A Web Magazine whose primary objective is ...

sayonara, BITCH!,1,7761122.story?coll=cs-home-headlines gotta be honest...i wish the little bastard nothing but continued

Awesome Penn State Basketball
They score 129 points without overtime!

Dukes upset Eagles
Made my month.

anyone seen fundoc?
what's happening to the Johnnies? BU?

Something you don't see every day
>From Sagarin: 6 Clemson = 90.53 12 0 71.16( 238) 0 0 | 1 0 | 97.23 1 | 87.23 18 7 Duke = 90.36 11 1 ...

Something has got to give...
Duke is now number FIVE in the nation in both polls, just ahead of Ohio State. I can't tell you how bad I think OSU would beat Duke, yet they're now behind them. Thankfully we have a choic...

bobby knight would have ..
.. won 9 national titles if he'd had dean smith's talent over the years. -- "when i visited Aden before collectivization, all the markets were full of fish product. A...

Every time I watch the Gators play
I always think, even during their run at the title last year, that they're just not in the same league as all those storied, traditional bounceyball schools. I picked Florida to make it t...

Huggs builds a champion
Bill Walker is a man-beast. K-State is on to the championship game of the Las Vegas Classic, where they will face New Mexico after the umm, Anteaters? What the fuck do they call theyselfs? A...

Cameron North - Part Deux
Is there another example of a national program playing it's home games in a 'home away from home' arena that happens to be the home arena of another national program? (ok, the Johnnies are ...

Cameron North
another Big Apple Duke home game?

Biowarriors Update
Dear Hoops Fans, The Amherst Biowarriors are living up to there preseason Division III national ranking of #3. They are 8-0. Next game at Trinity on New Year's Ev...

New Web Site for download Mobile's Software's and Cell Phone's Games
21/12/2006 To all my Friends in the Group Dear Sir/Madam I want to introduce one site with the subjects of the Mobile and Its software's and games. You can downloa...

Today's Reading --Tedward

McDuke - Gonzo thots
McDuke is like a value meal -- a good deal for the money, with nothing offensive or spicey. But stack it up next to a nice beefsteak and baked potato with sour cream and bacon bits, ...

McDuke-Kent thots
Okay, 19 points, 6 boards, 4 assists, 4 steals and 6 blocks are the type of numbers that reveal how good McBob can be. But this was Kent State, and the tallest player facing him was ...

Required Reading --Tedward

Sagarin had Winthrop in the 30's. Winthrop? At 4-3 & 0-3 vs. the top 30? Well, they did play tough at UNC, Wisconsin and Maryland. Beat Miss. State. Could be an upset special ...

[Joke] Suzuki
First school day in an American School. The femaleteacher introduces a newstudent, Sakiro Suzuki (son of Sony's CEO). The class starts:Teacher: "let's see who masters the American CultureH...

A Challenge: How long UCLA = #1?
Anybody got a guess as to how long UCLA will hold on to #1 in the polls? I say they are first demoted in the polls the week of January 9. Can anyone beat that prediction?

Bearcats loss
"OrangeDood How 'bout them Bearcats... this freshman point guard, Deonta Vaughn, he's got some skillz. Cheers, --Jeff" tOSU 72 Bearcats 50 So...what happened? ...

Greg Oden
Jeezus. This guy is a man-beast.

Ugga over Zags
This should make them mad. I'm glad we don't have to go play them at their place now. Who would schedule such a trip? -- Q

UK and Louisville Clear the Benches
I'm still kinda confused, but-- Our rotation is bigger than Rick's rotation, *nyah* nyah-nyah *nyahh* nyah. -- The Usenet voice of the Kentucky Wildcats! (Pleas...

Most important game of the season so far and 7ft center is sick. I feel sick. PP PP PP PP PP tt tt PP PP PP tt tt

Increase Vertical Leap by 6 Inches! You will be amazed.
If you really want to increase your vertical leap then you need to learn from the best. There is always going to be some information that you don't know that someone else knows. That is pr...

Gay Jay Redick behind Dooling & Bogans ats/16235384.htm "The kids who towel sweat off the court see more action than Redick does." "He h...

Impersonal Fitness Training
Nothing personal, but you're all fat and out of shape. --Tedward

Personal fitness training
Personal fitness training

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