Seventeen second recap of Duke-Indiana
Well, Duke played a true road game, and... won. What that proves over beating a team at a neutral site, I don't know. Anyhow, that Billingsworth guy isn't half bad. The learning process co...

The lone voice of Wichita State says....
Shockers beat Providence 82-74. Good win. Now, back to your local broadcasts.

The lone voice of Wichita State says....
Shockers beat Providence 82-74. Good win. Now, back to you local broadcasts.

1st half of the Duke game...
Both teams shoot about 70% and commit about 30 turnovers but Vitale says it's a great half and Bilas raves about the defensive intensity. Nice. BTW, I hate both teams....

Wake Forest Is Doomed
In their first seven games, Wake has committed forty (!!) more turnovers than their opponents. If that keeps up,... -- "Intelligence is too complex to capture in a single...

Bruce Weber: Not smiling
Either Illinois is way overrated or Carolina is way better than anyone thought they'd be. I'm going with the former. Weber can't be happy that his 12th-ranked team BARELY be...

MSU over GT big time, but you knew that. MD over Minnesota comfortably. Duke or Indiana...This one is a toss-up. Shelden should limit Killingsworth. I think the key will b...

Well there goes the home winning streak
At the risk of "woofing" Duke into a loss tonight - how about our light blue buddies down the road losing on their home court to an Illinois team that was emaciated players moving on. But ...

Career options for ex-Coach Huggins
By Chuck Martin / Enquirer staff writer Come Thursday, Bob Huggins is out of a job. Amid much controversy in August, UC president Nancy Zimpher bought out the rest of the beloved ...

I think we're a little better than I thought, but Illinois clearly had trouble, too. It was a game of dry spells. Illinois had the longest dry spell, but the three or so that we had were m...

Most improved player?
One of the following statements is true. Please help me decide: 1. Doris Burke almost looks boinkable. 2. I've had waaaaaaay too much Drambuie.

Went to the Purdue at FSU game tonight
Picked up two tickets out side for $10 each. I sat exactly behind Leonard Hamilton about 5 rows up. FSU won by about 40. The FSU fans were excited - but I think most of the vict...

Most Obnoxious College Coach
Roy Williams of UNC - a snake oil salesman. Nothing would surprise me regarding recruiting violations from this shit.

UK-High Point
UK manages to hold onto a 4- point lead at the half. -- The Usenet voice of the Kentucky Wildcats! (Please ignore.) _Raw Recruits_ and _Undue Process_ for...

Fair notice to the PAC 10 (hoops)
It's early, and this will probably change. But if it doesn't change, you lose major conference status. *Neener*. Can you say "mid major"? I knew you could. From Sagarin: ...

"one infantryman accusing the other of homosexual tendencies"
Life for women at FOB McHenry is just a barrel of laughs: -- "I wish people who had trouble communicat...

AP Making Sense?!?!?!?!?!
Memphis plays Duke tough in its loss and moves up two spots. Gonzaga beat MSU but lost to UConn at the buzzer and moves up two spots. WV, with three straight, even if good, losses righ...

Deer Pete Gillan
No, GT's embarrassing 18 point loss to Illinois-Chicago at home will not distract attention from the fact that AZ didn't even need to use your team to mop up the sweat because nobody broke <...

UK-UNC This Coming Saturday
At noon. At Rupp. I wonder what the bookies are giving? -- The Usenet voice of the Kentucky Wildcats! (Please ignore.) _Raw Recruits_ and _Und...

ACC Offense/Defense Ratings (All Games Through 11/27/05)
Welcome to the first in my weekly series of posts assessing the offensive & defensive performance of ACC teams in all games. This early in the season, it's difficult to compare ...

IU-Duke Wed Night!
Being an IU Fan this would be one sweet win for the Hoosiers!! Not gonna count on it but hopefully at least a good game. Glad its at Bloomington!!!

And why is Sparty playing them in basketball?

N&H Rankings - Division I Men (11/28/05)
It's still too early to get useful results from so little data (the placement of Creighton, Bucknell and Appy State are enough evidence for that), but I'm procrastinating from doing any wo...

Re: Duke/Drexel.... you Pukies worried?
Perhaps a Duke fan can confirm this, but there were recent reports (perhaps a month or two ago) that UConn and Duke were exploring a home-and-home series, but there was a slight sticking poi...

Re: Duke/Drexel.... you Pukies worried?
I don't know if any of the Duke fans can confirm this, but in Connecticut there's been media reports that UConn and Duke were talking about a 1-for-1 series. Duke's proposal was t...

OT - Carolina loses again
UNC has only ever lost three playoff games at home - EVER. And the latest one is an overtime loss to the Lady Seminoles of FSU yesterday. It would have been worth the price of the trip to ...

Duke-Memphis game thoughts
Really fun game. Lots of really pretty offensive plays by both teams; for Duke, Paulus made some beautiful passes for easy buckets, many by Shelden and at least one by McRoberts. Meanwhile...

Ga. Tech

Bummer Shocks!!!
Dangit. 55-54 Illinois beats Wichita State. Oh well, I will enjoy going to many a Shocker game this year....

It's 5:55
And right now Duke's win over Drexel is looking pretty good. --Tedward

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