OT - Redick is Pete Rose
I am looking forward to this NCAA hoops season. I am a particular fan of JJ Redick. Yes - he may be the best college shooter ever. Yes - he goes against the current NBA "fly slamma jamma" ...

OT: Fantasy NBA league drafting tonight
League ID#: 140591 League Name: Blue Devil Basketball League Password: coachk Draft Type: Live Draft Draft Time: Sat Oct 29 10:00pm EDT Max Teams: 14 Scoring Type: Head-t...

Young to GTech
Thaddeus Young of Memphis Mitchell yesterday committed to Georgia Tech, yet I don't see any fanfare in the group about the signing. Supposedly, from what we've been fed these past two yea...

Ohio State Football tickets - Bengals and Steeler tickets too.
http://www.whoneedstix.com This place has tons of Steeler tickets and all kinds of other event tickets. I went to the Bengals game this weekend against the Steelers and I got my t...

Landlord dissin' Shav
In yesterday's Charlotte Observer: "Last year, I was the only big" player, Williams said. "I really couldn't go outside and take a jump shot. The probability then that we were going ...

Quit dissin' Wojo
He holds Duke's all time record for career and single season ATO at 2.50 and 3.03 respectively, and is 7th all time in steals. Believe it or not, Laettner is #4 all time in steals...

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[Fantasy NBA] League drafting Sunday 10/23 @ 5 PM
Should be fun ... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ League Settings League ID#: 136992 League Name: Blue Devil Basketball League Password: coachk

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Wojo gets a MD nod
He gets into the Anne Arundel County Sports HOF ... I never even knew he was from Maryland. Another Cardinal Gibbons HS product. http://tinyurl.com/93axb

Kentucky recruiting class...
Perry Stevenson has committed to Tubby Smith and the University of Kentucky. Stevenson is currently ranked the 15th best power forward in the country by Rivals. Stevenson attended...

Carolina recruiting class

Collins to Kansas!
http://www.kusports.com/news/mens_basketball/story/115700 Not a bad sales job getting one of the top PGs in the country two years running, Mr. Self.

It's heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!
I gotta say...the show that they put on for Late Night with Roy would be fun even if you weren't a UNC fan (as long as you were agnostic, anyway). Just a gosh darned fun evening. ;-) ...

First game?
What is the first non-exhibition college basketball game this season? Steve -- Steve Casburn <[email protected]> "Shut up he ...

NCAA Tournament 2006 1.1
A fresh idea... www.theaudiocave.com/NCAA

College Hoops Tradition Goes Prime Time...
Find some space between the baseball playoffs and those college football rivalries. College basketball is officially back at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, or a little earlier if you want. ...

USA's monster class
Coach K to head Olympic team! http://sports.yahoo.com/ncaab;_ylc=X3oDMTBpdDg2bm5qBF9TAzk1ODYxNzc3BHNlYwN0bg-- or http://makeashorterlink.com/?T11E217FB or ...

UNC's monster class...
Alex Stepheson committed to UNC today. They are freaking loading up for the 06-07 season. Get 'em this year, because they are going to be lights out for the forseeable future. But they wi...

$50 for your spleen
As y'all may well know, I lost a bet when VT upset the hapless Orangemen of Syracuse in the NCAA's. I am in the market for a spleen. If you cut yours out, I'll give you $50 or best of...

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Terps look back at 2004-05, and ahead to 2005-06
I already know this will have limited interest, but at least its basketball and not inane posts about Tholen. Read and get in the spirit. BTW, Midnight Madness starts at 9 p.m. this year...

Tubby gets two verbals...
Jodie Meeks, a 6'4" guard out of Norcross, Georgia (just outside of Atlanta) has verbally committed to Kentucky, picking the Cats over Florida and Alabama. http://img71.imageshack...

Williams decides he needs more time for rehab
Something I don't understand about the "Jay" Williams saga: is he going to have to pay back the Bulls the buy-out amount they paid to Jay if he rejoins the NBA with another team? ...

Shav made it as a pro (so far)
Can't believe this shit... (sorry, no link) By BRYAN STRICKLAND : The Herald-Sun [email protected] Oct 5, 2005 : 12:12 am ET DURHAM -- When Shavlik R...

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If you hear someone yell "Allah is great!"
...hit the deck. The other people standing around you should offer you some protection from the blast. Actually, he may well shout it in Arabic. So you'll probably hear somethin...

Kenyon Martin doesn't want anything to do with Cincinnati
http://news.enquirer.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20051001/SPT0101/510010400 University of Cincinnati athletic director Bob Goin said Friday he was "saddened" by the rema...

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