try again, STIFF <yawn>...shocker

Great Money Making Opportunity!
I found this in a news group and decided to try it. A little while back, I was browsing through news groups, just like you are now and came across a message just like this, that said you cou...

Colangelo dreaming up redemption l Piece by piece, Jerry Colangelo is trying to put the Dream Team back together. Alas, his ...

No Wonder Dave Bliss Wasn't on That Sportsline List of Unemployables
He's already coaching again, in the CBA, the Dakota Wizards. -- The Usenet voice of the Kentucky Wildcats! (Please ignore.) _Raw Recruits_ and _Undue Proc...

Duke Fan Back from 7 weeks in Asia
Duke has won six ACC regular season championships in the past nine years, compiling an impressive 119-25 league record during that span, and six of the last seven ACC Tournament titles.

UNC Schedule
Early games: Illinois plays at the Death Star, Santa Clara plays at the woodshed. It's UNC's 2004-05 season on tour at the Dean Dome! (but with the touring company filling t...

Nick Lachey column: This is an outrage
Oh, my. This stuff is priceless. Nick's all huffy, folks. or Che...

Huggins gone? "The Cincinnati Enquirer, citing sources close to the situation, reported on its Web site Tuesday that Huggins will be forced...

After struggling with foreign exchange trading I have come to better understand the nuances, and the pitfall of exchange trading. It takes patience which I didn't have when I first started, but it has...

who goes to casper college
who goes to casper college? can u tell me how is there thanx

Scheduling rumors
Texas hasn't released the basketball schedule yet, but I have heard through the rumor mill that we're playing Duke in East Rutherford, Memphis in Memphis, and Villanova in Austin.

"NCAA clarifies ban on mascots"
NCAA clarifies ban on mascots The National Collegiate Athletic Association created some wiggle room yesterday in its recent decision to ban American Indian imagery, announcing that it w...

Wake Forest Basketball Player -- Late 90's
Two questions that may possibly be referring to the same person. Thanks in advance for any help... My friend has a Wake Forest jersey, with the number 30 on the back, from around ...


New Online Sports game needs testerss
Hi- We have a really fun online sports game, its like a dynasty mode in any video game but online with 100s of competitors from all over the world. We need testers who woul...

Ban "The Dukes of Hazard"
As a Southern white male I am offended by this show. While you are at it, quit making fun of blondes and women drivers. Not to mention the French. And don't you think at least a...

Early odds on winning the tournament
Three sites on the Vegas strip - the Aladdin (A), the Venetian (V), and the Imperial Palace (I) - were already offering odds on the 2006 NCAA men's D1 basketball tournament. In order from l...

UConn laptops
I hope UConn does the right thing and expels AJ Price - and Marcus Williams if he was involved. I'm a fan of the program because they win with integrity. I can handle a reb...

Heartbreak Hotel
Check out Iona's history of close NCAA losses: (Type in Iona and click on "Get the scores") --Tedward

Don't give up
Don't ever give up:

End the Use of Hostile and Abusive Indian Names!
Kudos to the NCAA for its absolutely politically correct establishment of a presumption of hostility and abuse in the use of Indian names for teams! But now it's time to take the...

St. Johns
As much as I hate them, I will always refer to them as the Redmen, with respect. The Red Storm should be pissed on. Rsfcking [email protected]! --Tedward

How are you ACC!!
All your base are belong to us. You are on the way to destruction. You have no chance to survive make your time. Ha ha ha ha... Sincerely, Duke 2...

The Lord Jeffs are #1!
I thought about it. It is a hard decision between the Lord Jeffs and the Aztecs as to which has the more offensive mascot. But then I remembered that the Aztecs discovered chocolate. ...

How are you ACC!!
All your base are belong to us. You are on the way to destruction. You have no chance to survive make your time. Ha ha ha ha... Sincerely, Duke 2...

$100.00 Free Bet...No Risk
Go here Open an account and bet up to $100.00 on tonight's Hall of Fame NFL Football Game at 8:00 EST. If you...

Duke, Fans Flush (retraction of 2nd correction, ANS)

Duke, Fan's Flush (2nd correction, ANS)

Duke, Fans Flush (correction, Adams New Service)

Duke fans flush (Adams News Service)

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