Good grief: Duke's McClure to have surgery
McClure Out 1/31/2005 DURHAM, N.C. -- Duke freshman forward David McClure will undergo surgery to remove a loose body in hi...

KU over MU
I guess you eventually have to play a team with a losing record. Thats 1 team out of 18. Jhawkr<--- ashamed to pad our record with a team like Mizzou. <...

T Minus 24 hours and counting till LUBELESS GLEE~!!!!1!! for Illinois
Friends, brothers, sisters, creditors, auditors, manipulators and manipulatrices, matrors and matrices, rsfckers, rsbckers, rsbpkers, mtrckers, afkmnckers, arkckers, afjfckers, afmdcke...

New Hunting Reality Show
Have you heard about this new hunting reality TV show that's seeking participants? It's called "Hunting for Bambi" and it's like Fear Factor meets Girls Gone Wild. 6 guys get to hunt 12 nake...

Duke's Big Three
Redick, Ewing, Williams: 71 Virginia Tech: 65 We live and die with those three. Stop one, and it's a tight game. Stop two, we lose. Against top competition we need all three.

ACC Offense/Defense Ratings (Conference Games Through 1/30/05)
Welcome to the third in my weekly series of posts assessing the offensive & defensive performance of ACC teams in conference games. First is the rating of team offensive

ACC Offense/Defense Ratings (All Games Through 1/30/05)
Welcome to the tenth in my weekly series of posts assessing the offensive & defensive performance of ACC teams in all games. This early in the season, it's difficult to compare

ACC Power Ratings Through 1/30/05
Below are power ratings for ACC men's basketball games considering only the scores of games between conference members through Sunday, January 30th. The first rating takes ma...

Most pathetic blowout
Duke played like crap, the last 12 minutes not withstanding. Even if you think Duke got some calls, VT was more naive than a carpetbagger in 1867. They were fouling machines. Tha...

RSBC Picking Contest Results, Weekend 4 (2005-01-28)
For the week of 20050129: Sorted by Pct: Name W-L Pct. Error MnErr Error2 RMSErr PerusionHostmaster 27-7 0.794 371 10.91 6257 13.57 CONSENSUS ...

Congrats Hokies
Based on the 1st half, I'll go out on a limb and predict that the Hokies will outscore the Football team 2004 result against Duke. Quite an achievement.

home cooking and Cameron Indoor
I've heard about it for years from every ACC fan ('cept Duke fans and there aren't that many Duke fans in the Triangle). Seeing it in action... just.... wow.

Canisius/Iona WOW
I was browsing through the scores of the day and saw this gem.... Iona led Canisius 17 to 13 at the half. The final score was Canisius 90, Iona 88 in triple OT. Also, Flor...

The Hand of God rejects UConn's Williams on the breakaway layup!!
Unbelieveable. Two more verifiable miracles, with a holy life thrown in, and Chris Thomas is a viable candidate for sainthood.

Big Ten Standings (2005/01/31)
Big Ten standings as of 2005/01/31 Conference AW Overall Last Last Team W L Pct Home Away HL W L Pct Strk 5 ...

Carolina 62, McCants 0
I sure hope Rashad gets over the tentativeness of his shot so that UNC can jumpstart their sputtering offense.

Pick your 1, 2, and 3 seeds...
Based on curent rankings, records, and *leftover* schedule... Pick your top 3 seeds (1-12) Here is a breakdown of the top teams and what they will face in the remainder of t...

affiliate contact
I heard that there are super affiliates who partner with new affiliates to market their business/opportunity. I don't know how it works exactly so conatct me if you can fill me in.

Ugliest game from Saturday??
Here's my nominee--Marquette 55, St Louis 51 in DOUBLE OVERTIME. ...

Off the ESPN rankings page... I was shocked at the score in this game versus Texas... 7. Kansas 14-1 592 2 Last Week: Def. Nebraska 59-57 (1/19), Lost to Villanova 83-62 (1/22)...

Indian students can't be Braves?: NCAA targets mascot as cultural diversoty no-no
Indian students can't be Braves? Collegiate Athletic Association has asked the University of North Carolina at Pembroke to re-evaluate its Indian mascot and logo in the name of proper c...

Total collapse
Oranges came out looking invincible, for the first ten minutes. Then, right in the toilet. Great win for Pitt. Fuckers. -- Cheers, --Jeff Let's Go Orange! <...

Fed-Ex a stick of butter to UVA
'Cause Pete Gillen is toast. And no, he won't be fired -- He'll resign. UNC by 11? What was I thinking? Was the small contingent of Heels chanting "Start the bus"? In the first...

Kentucky wins
Arkansas gave their all but in the end Tubby took over with brilliant strategy and substitutions. This team is so deep. Even our bench is beating people. This is our best team since '96. Tub...

ACC Power Ratings Through 1/29/05
Below are power ratings for ACC men's basketball games considering only the scores of games between conference members through Saturday, January 29th. The first rating takes ...

I KNow You Like Watching Basketball, Donnie...
...but three quarters of a million dollars for a TV room? -- Real men don't need macho posturing to bol...

Carolina Record During Stretch?
What does everyone think Carolina's record will be over the next four games? They play NC State, FSU, Duke and UConn? I say hopefully 4-0 more than likely will be 3-1

Virginia Cavs' Basketball Hits New Low
Pete Gillen will be fired, immediately after the season ends - but it should be today!

Wow. Now this is an ass kicking. Up 32 in the first half. Especially since McCants has ZERO points. Cliche, but the Heels are kicking. Granted Virgina is just god awful in every phase of...

Uconn vs Notre Dame
I'm a bit surprised so many picked the Huskies. The Joyce Convocation Center can be one nasty place to have to win a road game in January or February, esp. when the Irish have a ...

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