'Duke reigns as the people's choice'
Question: is it "Tar Heels" or "Tarheels?" I've lived in NC for 30 of my 32 years and I've seen it spelled each way almost equally. ************************************************

I'm seeing Orange
I noticed that Syracuse is ranking in the top four in the AP poll. My question is, do they have a tough enough schedule? Will they be tested? I'd hate to see them take a one seed from ...

ACC 1, Big Ten 0
George, oh masterful man with the numbers, what are the odds of the ACC running the table?

Re: Big Ten - ACC "Challenge", v6
Our D is outstanding though. If we can hold the other team to less points then we are still going to win. Our offense always shows up when it really needs to so I'm not worried about it. Sho...

Any Recommendations on HDTV? Just got a Free Dish Reciever
I just got a Free Dish Network Receiver system with HDTV receivers and Video Recorders at www.tikimedia.net/sat. So now i've got to make a Christmas list for decent priced HDTV sets. <...

Unbalanced Schedules And Tiebreakers
How should tiebreakers work in conferences where a complete double round-robin isn't played (if there aren't divisions), or all teams in a division don't play identical schedules?

ACC Offense/Defense Ratings (All Games Through 11/26/04)
Welcome to the first in my weekly series of posts assessing the offensive & defensive performance of ACC teams in all games. This early in the season, it's difficult to compare

Big Ten - ACC Challenge, v6
Well, it's that time of year again, and I can only hope the Big Ten does better than last year's 2-7 performance. The ACC has some highly ranked teams this year, but the Big Ten is not ...

Division I Realignment (Major update)
Yeah, I couldn't help it. Another attempt at a full-scale redesign of Division I. I-A Atlantic Coast Atlantic: Duke, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Miami(FL), North Carolina, ...

Boy Do I Need To Stick My Foot In My You-Know-Where
It's been awhile now, but yeah, when I made that "stick a fork in the Heels, they're done" post after they lost to Santa Clara, it sure looked like at the time that the Tar Heels just coul...

Dumb and Dumber
Florida State and Miami have ruined ACC's good name.

Duke UNC-G-String thots
1) Shav is still not there on offense. A good defender in general, competent beefcake notwithstanding... 2) Reggie Love could be quite useful, and not just as some space eater wh...

Wanted: Wake/UNC Tickets
Yeah, I know this is a long shot. Looking to buy a pair or can trade UNC home tickets this year for pretty much any game or would be willing to trade tickets for next year's Wake/UNC game (...

I didn't know Condi Rice played for the Irish
learn something new everyday -- v/r Beau France, just another reason to hate the BCS

Terps crush Memphis
I'm biased, I know, but ... Had Gary not pulled the starting kids with 4 minutes left, it would have been the worst Memphis loss ever. The Tigers were ranked #24, but I gotta t...

Championship! enjoy the game and get the prize!
Wow!! I got a big news!! maybe some of you already know it.. There'll be held "The 1st Shot-Online US Open" during the Christmas season!! It'll begin from 11/29 (Mon), and the of...

Cats in the NBA

Santa Clara, wanna re-match?

UNC put on a pretty incredible offensive performance. I was actually annoyed that Tennessee beat Louisville and that Iowa beat Texas as I wanted to see UNC play the toughest games possible....

Attendance vs. enrollment in NCAA basketball
Not sure whether this really means anything, but it was in the newspaper today ... ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ATTENDANCE VS. ENROLLMENT ...

Wake Forest hoops: "THE GREAT AWAKENING" (GN&R)
THE GREAT AWAKENING 11-24-04 By Rob Daniels, Staff Writer News & Record http://www.news-record.com/sports/acc/wakebkb_112404.htm WINSTON-SALEM -- In the student sectio...

Thankyou ACC , I was waiting for this
As a Big East fan, I just wanted to once again thank the ACC for taking Miami and VaTech off our hands. In case you haven't noticed, the ACC just had one of soon to be many power ...

When a football game starts at 7pm, and is just entering the 4th quarter at 10pm when you are scheduled to begin airing a basketball game, it is time to re-think the assumption that a foot...

First Time Ever...
AP: 1. Wake Forest (25) 2-0 1,658 2 Coaches: 1. Wake Forest (15) 2-0 746 2 Oh, I have a dollar too - can I get a cup of coffee?

Miami freakin' Redhawks??
They've beaten Purdue and now Xavier. That's a couple pretty nice wins, the latter on the road. That crazy bastard Charlie Coles has got him some veteran leadership. They might ...

ACC is a hoax
Georgia Tech and Duke did not deserve the wins tonight.

Futures Market Top 25
Here are the teams ranked by the probability that they will win the NCAA tournament. The value on the left is the win probability (expressed as a percentage) from tradesports.com from around...

Got a great online golf game..
wow, I found new online golf game, Shot-Online. I really love playing golf, but there's no enough time to go to field.. so I tried to find some nice golf game and finally! I got ...

well, uva pulled of it's typical early season route of a ranked opponent (punked #10 zona by 18 in c'ville today). and in typical cavalier fashion it should be all downhill from here. th...

These are some scary Cats...
Interesting article...the scary element is not an element discussed (in connection with the Cats) since *the former* left for Boston... * * * ..."For one of the rare ti...

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