Welcome to the ACC, Miami
From Sportscenter tonight: "Welcome to the ACC, Miami, and you ain't even seen UNC's *basketball* team yet!" I don't remember what FSU was ranked back when NCSU was the firs...

ACC Football Power Ratings Through Games Of 10/30/04
Well, the ACC expanded, so I had to expand my power ratings spreadsheet. To work the bugs out, I'm using it for football before the real sports season starts. There are...

An open letter to all ACC AD's
Once the ACC bloats to 23 teams, I think they should give schools like Duke the option to drop sports like football. Lets face it -- we're worse than even UNC. Why give them the satisf...

2004-05 Sagarmatha NCAA Basketball Picking Contests
Run by James Armstrong, these have been a fixture for years. There are contests for the NCAA, the ACC, Big Ten, SEC and Big Twelve, and for Duke, Kentucky and Indiana. h...

Pinging Ky58
ET call home - [email protected]

This Rondo kid...
Oak Hill coach Steve Smith maintains that Rajon Rondo may be the best point guard he's coached in his 20 plus seasons at Oak Hill. At least six times during his presentation at UK's coaching...

Freshmen, Veterans Shine in Blue-White Game
A smile this time of year isn't typical for Tubby Smith, but he's pretty happy with his Cats so far. Got to watch practice on Friday and then the Blue-White game Saturday afternoon.

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Blue Devils v Canes Tix
Looking for tix for the Blue Devils on prime time ESPN Thursday at Canes arena - visit www.ticketmobster.com - a Free Ticket Classified Site for all of South Florida's Hottest events an...

College Basketball is DEAD ! ! ! ! ! !
Because everyone likes WRESTLING now !

Random question
Does anyone have the final MEAC standings from the 97-98 season? Better yet, does anyone have back issues of Street & Smith (01-02 and earlier) and the ability/desire to PDF them (in ...

What is the Goal of NCAA Seeding?
Before the season starts, now that we have time for contemplation of difficult questions... What, exactly, is the goal of the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee in seeding the to...

RPI reformulated to account for road wins
http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/lite/columnist?id=1905424 By Andy Katz Road wins will carry more weight in the Ratings Percentage Index after unanimous approval by the NCAA ch...

The Carolina Family - All About Loyalty
http://www.metropulse.com/dir_zine/dir_2004/1443/t_sports.html -- When Ramanujan was my age, he had been dead for ten years. -after Tom Lehrer George W. Harris For ...

Bill Gates Makes NBA Comeback
http://www.thetoque.com/040706/billgates_nba.htm Bill crashes the boards better than he does Windows!

Transcript of the McCants interview
All is forgiven between UNC coach, McCants 10-19-04 By JEFF CARLTON, Staff Writer News & Record http://www.news-record.com/sports/acc/mccants_online_102004.htm CHAPEL ...

"McCants recants jail comments" (GN&R)
McCants recants jail comments 10-20-04 By Jeff Carlton, Staff Writer News & Record http://www.news-record.com/sports/acc/unc_bkb_102004.htm CHAPEL HILL -- When North C...

What's Up With McCants?
At today's press conference: "Lately, Iíve started to feel different because I read in the paper something that I never said." Captured on video: http://www.wra...

ACC's divisions?
Hello, college basketball fans! > Members of the Atlantic division are Maryland, Clemson, North Carolina State, Wake Forest, Boston College and Florida State. The Co...

I hate Dan Monson
No Midnight Madness. No Preseason Scrimmage. No Returning Starters (Adam Boone won't be back this season, IMO). No chance of escaping the Big Ten cellar. No chance of him being the...

Awesomely Scary! FACES OF DEATH VCD for Halloween!
This is THE perfect movie for your Halloween Party!!! Extremely Rare! Banned in 46 Countries! For the uninitiated, the original Faces of Death is by far the most controversi...

Will the kittens play like real Cats?
Former UK coach Rick Pitino has often said the second-most popular sport in Kentucky is basketball recruiting, so it's no wonder Cats' fans are feeling like they're already 4-0. The onl...

The sun is coming up
There is a treeline on the horizon. The desert will be behind us tonight. Midnight madness. The thump of a ball on hardwood. We made it one more time!!!!!!!!!!! Hoops ...

Exit Hoops and Sports Placement Service
The Senior Reports http://www.bright.net/~wkki/sreport.htm Please forward to your coaches and athletic staff members... Exit Hoops and Sports Placement Service http://w...

OT: Part of the problem
Maybe it's me, but when the NBA starts thinking like this, is it any wonder why the US had its hat handed to it during the Olympics? Are they really that blind to the problem? Or is it tha...

How much recovery needed between jump training sessions?
Hello. I play basketball only as a hobby. Lately i discovered a few exercises aimed at improving vertical leap, they seem to me to be real good, (i think the most effecient one is

Preseason Top 25
From Blueribbon 1. Wake Forest 2. Oklahoma State 3. Georgia Tech 4. North Carolina 5. Kansas 6. Syracuse 7. Illinois 8. Connecticut 9. Mississippi St...

i return in one month...
topics include: Why I'm scared of JR Giddens. Why DeMarcus Nelson will keep Duke atop the ACC. Why Sean May will still be fat and done with eight minutes l...

Rapper disses the NBA
Comment: Snipped from a J-Zone interview that was posted on the hip-hop NG. Is it an accurate representation of the NBA? See entire interview at: http://www.mvremix.com/urban/inte...

OT: What? What?!? WHAT!?!?!
I am as stunned and baffled as I've been since the end of the movie "Monster-A-Go-Go". Did the president just come down firmly against the Dred Scott decision? That's bold, decisi...

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