Big O to coach UC
Serious. -- Cheers, --Jeff Let's Go Orange!

Best Programs... aka 'chokers'?
UCLA Kentucky Indiana UNC* Duke* Kansas* Michigan* Louisville

Offseason fun
A billboard on 71 highway in Kansas City (one the Missouri side):

Dust Storm Coming!
Batten down the hatches. I don't want any grit in my gin. The US Open is still a good ways off. Maintain. --Tedward

Andy Katz Watch
He's at it again ... He ranks preseason ... 1. Wake 2. UNC 3. Kansas 4. Ga. Tech 5. Syracuse 6. OK State 7. UCon...

Attn Greg Perry
DBR's finally followed up on Harold Mitchell, but they've managed to lose your email, and would like you to drop them a line. -- Never give a loaded gun to a woman in lab...

A little off-season reading
See: PS: The article assumes the reader knows that 16-seed Princeton took 1-seed Georgetown to OT.

All-time greatest choke teams
Teams with the most NCAA champion games losses: Duke 6 Kansas 5 UNC 4 Michigan 4 Kansas 3 Ohio St 3 Georgetown 3 3 t...

Kobe and the clippers
It was obvious he wouldn't go to the Clippers. Not when the Clippers have Brand and Maggette, 2 former Duke players. Bryant wants to win more NBA titles, and he knows that it would be impo...

BEEP BEEP BEEP Buffalo Alert
NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE BULLETIN 7/15/2004 10:30 A.M. CST The national weather service has issued a buffalo alert for the central plains state. No buffalo have actually be...

sam halts vacation to defend booz
NOTHING BUT DIRECT QUOTES!! none of this unnamed sources bullshit the cavs been playing! "I assumed they were going to pick up my option and work something out for the long term, ...

Less on Boozer
One boinged fact boing that when Boozer boinged not boing to the GM, they boinged but boinged not what they boing boing.. So then Boozer boings and everyone boings like it boings like ...

more on boozer &

K vs Smith
Suppose K had left for the Lakers never to return to college basketball. Would he rank above Dean Smith in the ranking of greatest college coaches of all time?

USCAA Classifieds - Job Postings, Open Dates, Games Wanted, etc
USCAA Classifieds - Job Postings, Open Dates, Games Wanted, etc Postings are free to both USCAA and non-USCAA member schools. Information also posted on web site-or you can also check...

i'm disappointed
no Boozer bait from the Dukie haters in this ng? you guys are slipping. -joseph

Nolan Richardson Loses Race Whine Lawsuit
Affirmative Action baby bites the dust. BroJack ____________ Richardson lawsuit against university dismissed By JAMES JEFFERSON, Associated Press Writer Ju...

what might have been
Coach K meets the Lakers July 10 Mike Krzyzewski announces that he has agreed in principal to host the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant hugs the coach as he signs a 5 year 40...

I had posted this sorting problem in rec.puzzles some time ago. You all know it takes 60 games to determine the final four in the NCAA tournament (assuming 64 teams). It is easy to see tha... - South Floridas Ticket Classifieds
Feel free to post your tickets on - a Free Ticket Classified site for South Florida's Hottest Attractions and Events.

Roy shows class; Rat shows ass
From today's Charlotte Observer: ============== Williams tells Lakers he's not interested in job CHAPEL HILL - North Carolina coach Roy Williams said he talked briefly with ...

Matta to tOSU? Despite his denial last week that he was a candidate for the Ohio State job, Xavier coach Thad Matta has been in communication with ...

Roy Williams turns down the Lakers CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina coach Roy Williams said he talked briefly with the Los Angeles Lakers about their coaching vacancy, bu...

Coach K played Lakers like the losers they are, 1,5767346.column?coll=orl-sports-headlines Coach K is a "play-ya." He's also a "slay-ya" and a "...

Kupchak should hire Amaker; then he'll be in a position to snag Krzyzewski three years down the line. That's just the way it's done nowadays. -- Q

No thanks, NBA; Coach K works this like a don...
It was a shakedown worthy of a "Sopranos" episode. Don Mike Krzyzewski, head of the all-powerful Tobacco Road family, consigliere David Falk and underboss Joe Alleva took Duke Universi...

Dean Smith - overrated
Why the hell does Deam Smith get such fulsome praise for his coaching? The guy won just 2 championships in his 50+ years at UNC. Even Dick Vitale could've won a couple of championships wit...

Then only downside... this whole Coach K thang is that I wasted a wagon load of gin. Granted it's only a minor dent in my daily expenses, but I've got a market to manipulate, and that didn't help.

Lakers turn to Roy Williams,1,6489220.story?coll=la-hea dlines-sports Mike Krzyzewski declined, so the Lakers turned Monday to the process of hiring Rudy Tomj...

"I love Duke." -- Mike Krzyzewski
"This had nothing to do with kids leaving early or whatever." "I love Duke." -- Mike Krzyzewski, ESPN's SportsCenter, 07/05/04 +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*...

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