January 1, 2004
Happy New Year! from: Louisville, Kentucky

WONE / 980AM today. I love it! :-)
I about flipped. I had never heard the station before so I whipped out the VOX and took some notes.:-) The monicker of the station is "Sports One" and they're in Dayton or the UD area, ...

whatever you want, think belmont. DC area people back me up...
http://www.belmonttv.com/html/aboutus.html i can't get that shit outta my head today. quin is awful. just awful.

keep quin away from duke!!!
no more talk of that guy being the next coach at duke. he can recruit, but he cannot motivate.

Clemsucks 62, Boston College 52
Either Clemsucks doesn't, or BC does. Bizarre game. I think BC sucks. Clemson did its very best to self- destruct around the nine minute mark. About all they could do was make free t...

UC vs. Elon................LONG post...you've been warned.
Yeah, we all know they're not a top name school. The gist with the UC fans is *how* they are winning. Look at the stats and the minutes played, that will not change.....I don't care who ...


belmont best team in nashville.
damn. belmont smacks it to mizzu. ok this does take away from memphis' missouri win, but does it add more to the win over belmont?

UC 102 Elon 63
Who in the HELL is Elon University? I've seen them playing a few good teams this year, which they must be getting paid well to do, because they're getting blown out all over the place...

Here You Go Jeff, in case you missed it.
Field making most of his shot -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ Williams' impact on Bearcats not just 3-pointers ...

Injuries haunting UNC again.....
Guess Roy didn't chase away the injury bug.

OT - Listserv?
Is this group also mirrored in a listserv? The reason I'm asking is that the Usenet group doesn't seem too active and the season is in full swing. Thanks. WB Yeats

Chris Taft
Pretty good freshman. Looking forward to watching him when regular season starts. PP PP PP PP PP tt tt PP PP PP tt...

Dwight Howard says he can surpass Lebron
http://www.usatoday.com/sports/columnist/oconnor/2003-12-30-oconnor_x.htm But while James stretched his 6-8, 240-pound Greek sculpture of a body across his locker room floor before tha...

what happened to Md. prep star ?
Does any one know what happened to the high school star called the Jewish Jordan ? TIA

N&H Rankings - Week 7 (12/29/03)
Enjoy! Record SOS MOV ------ --- --- 1. Wake Forest (7-0) 45 20.14 2. Georgia Tech ...

Nice article on...
..famous buzzer-beaters http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/news/story?id=1693355

ACC Offense/Defense Ratings (All Games Through 12/28/03)
Welcome to the sixth in my weekly series of posts assessing the offensive & defensive performance of ACC teams in all games. Obviously, meaningful comparisons can be difficul...

#1 Kentucky falls to #20 Louisville
Louisville might, at least, be top #15 this coming week after knocking off then #1 Florida and now #1 Kentucky. How many #1 teams do they have to be to get any respect? They started ...

No Posts on Louisville-UK?
this group has fallen and can't get up

Business Opportunity
Hello ! I would like to share a really great business opportunity for those who are interested in earning an additional income for your household, this opportunity will cost you nothing...

Arlo rules
http://www.unitedmedia.com/comics/arlonjanis/archive/arlonjanis-20031227.html -- David Swanger Office of Information Technology Auburn University, AL [email protected]

The Spin
insidehoops.com is like 99% an NBA site, but I see they now have two good weekly college basketball features. One is the john wooden watch, which appears on a few sites, but the other is a w...

Cincinnati took UD out to the woodshed..........
A *total* dismantling of the UD squad. This team will be scary good, heck our second team would be in the top twenty. Our two best players aren't even 'getting it' yet (Whaley & White.) <...

Coach Ray Crowe dies
It was reported from Indianapolis, Indiana, that Ray Crowe, coach of the 1955 Indianapolis Crispus Attucks basketball team that became the first all-black high school to win an Indiana state...

Best thing about the Nevada upset
Didn't have to watch Roy crying in the post-game. -- Cheers, --Jeff Let's Go Orange! orange @ at @ rsfckers @ dot @ com

NTC Destination Report
Nourish the Children™ Destination Report, December (November Donations) Would you like to help? The cost is only $30 for 30 child meals AND its tax deductible. This is a not for ...

Inaugural N&H Rankings - Week 6 (12/22/03)
Here are the results of a ranking algorithm I put together over the summer. It worked rather well for football, and the formula is more-or-less unchanged for basketball. I take into accoun...

hurts me to say...
jayhawks just aren't very good. definitely not top 25.

UC vs Dayton preview @ bearcatnews.com
Written by a good friend of mine - Check it out, they even let him get a couple of digs in on Dayton's two best players. Well written, my friend. http://bearcatnews.com/ba...

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