top 3 things that end in utter failure
mike tyson in a big fight peyton manning in december and january jj redick coming off a screen and bouncing the ball

best team in ACC?
So far, GT, hands down. Damn impressive November. UNC and Wake are fighting for second.

Rule Clarification
Can anyone confirm whether the following are true: 1) A charging foul from the team on offence does not count against their Team Foul total. 2) An Illegal screen should does...

Here, Take the #1 Ranking. No, YOU Take It!
The last time the top 4 teams all lost in one week was...? E

Mouse McFadden Says Hey
-- Check out all my basketball analysis at George W. Harris For actual email address, replace each 'u' with an 'i'.

the guy who ended duke's year is THE problem this year...he doesn't PASS...DAMN!!!! HE'S SORRY! if we didn't have deng to keep the offensive flow going once the ball l...

Felton poised for greatness
«Felton might be the best pure point guard Williams has had as a head coach. He might not have him for long. Speculation already has begun that Felton will pursue the NBA after this season. ...

Len Bias Remembered Stan

What were you saying Gpinlv?
I await your humble apology. UConn sucks.

Cooling CPU With ECS K7S5A
I have this motherboard, purchased it awhile back with an Athlon XP 2100 (1.753 G) and FINALLY about to put it all together. I realized--oops--I don't have a heatsink fan. That said, t...

#1 UConn loses to unranked Georgia Tech.
Thus confirming that sportswriters are idiots.

Is Digger dumber than Lavin?
Digger is almost always wrong but Steve talks like a kindergarten teacher. Digger won but that was a long time ago. Lavin wrecked a premier program. Neither one could get a job from Fox.

UConn losing to unranked Georgia Tech 42-35 at half.
Hmmm....Can't say I'm shocked.

Charlotte 96 #7 Syracuse 92 -- Daniel Seriff He who has the last word loses.

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Hartford Beats UMASS at home
72-66. I say UMASS has lost it's claim to be followed by "!!!". --Tedward - NCB - Katz: Any place, any time 3 What an idiot. Katz goes on and on about Michigan State's tough pre-conference schedule (deservedly s...

Maybe I Shouldn't Ask this...
What happened to Chunder Head Duke the Blue Devil Man? And TheLon? Did I miss something?

Connecticut has an easy schedule
UConn schedule is a joke. If they were in the ACC, THEY WOULD GET THRASHED!!!!

ACC-B10 Challenge
I picked the home team for every game. With five games on Tobacco Road, the ACC remains DOMINATE!!!!1!!!11! Why the B10 doesn't insist on a similar deal for football is beyo...

Deer Rhode Island
You lost to non-Div I Lubbock Christian at home. You should ask Santa for a basketball team. Deer Northeastern: you lost to Rhode Island by 12. --Tedward

USCAA Players of the Week
USCAA Players of the Week Week ending: November 24, 2003 Men's D1 Basketball Wilgan Cajuste 6'2" G (Orlando, FL) Florida College ...vs. Pasc...

NCAA tournament pools
Here is a computer program to keep track of your tournament pools with your friends and such. Just enter in each person's name and their bracket then as the tournament progresses just update...

Chaminade Happens
Again. -- Check out all my basketball analysis at George W. Harris For actual email address, replace each 'u' with an 'i'.

Gary Williams accuses Jim Calhoun of buying a player...
Very odd...heard this on a DC Sports Talk station driving today (not a direct quote from Williams), and they haven't mentioned it since or the context of the quote. Apparently inv...

ACC Offense/Defense Ratings (All Games Through 11/23/03)
Welcome to the first in my weekly series of posts assessing the offensive & defensive performance of ACC teams in all games. Obviously, meaningful comparisons can be difficul...

Pierluigi Marzorati
The legend of Pierluigi Marzorati is finally on line: To vote:

RUTS of the day po&prov=ap&type=lgns or -- Daniel Seriff He who ha...

Duke wishes they were North Carolina
Okay, so they have a few good players in the NBA now. Great. Question: How many [<enter name here of great NC player: Jordan, Worthy, VC, 'Sheed, etc] came from Duke? (p...

Red Schism...submitted for your approval
The following college basketball scores from Friday/Saturday indicate: A) A losing season for the winner B) NIT aspirations for the winner C) Remote shot at the NCAA's for the win...

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