28 Mar 2007 12:19:26
Edward M. Kennedy
Painful clues

Okay, so last night the paper had the timeline for UNC's loss.
I was watching the game with an abject sort of disinterested
interest, but just the same, I didn't get this Homeric sense
of an inability to get the ball down low.

Um, UNC lost because they couldn't play defense. G'Town scored
on 8 of 9 of their last regulation possessions, many of them
layups. UNC got burned. Plain and simple.

The four scores (that's four, as in 1,2,3. fucking four) UNC
did get were by Hansbrough and Wright. Hello? Maybe somebody
did get the ball down low?

The stupid shit about jacking up 5 *open* threes is just stupid
shit. UNC fans don't know WTF they are talking about.

Idots. Yeah, you missed several wide open threes. Hansbrough
made two shots and he and Wright made some free throws. GT
beat your ass plain and simple. You didn't suck on offense.
You missed open shots. Now go eat your dead or at least practice
some more frickin' defense.