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[OT] Battier's perfect wedding.

Oakley outfitted the wedding party with specialized shades and the
bridesmaids with bright blue Oakley flip-flops to match their dresses. What's
not to love about that? :) Plus, you've got to love the style of the
I highly recommend you click on the link to view the pictures. ;)

How we met
Shane and Heidi
With her laughs, his tears, Grizzlies star and his junior high love became a
By Ronald Tillery, [email protected]
September 14, 2003

Shane Battier finally won his bride.
That explains why on July 12 the Grizzlies forward experienced a rarity.
He lost it - refusing to fight the feeling when Heidi Ufer appeared in her
wedding gown.
"Shane and I had this debate about crying," the now-Mrs. Battier recalled.
"I said I think I'm going to bawl. And Mr. Tough Guy has the tears streaming
down his face. I said I can't look at him because then I'm going to cry."
The stir of emotion is what Battier remembers most while standing at an
altar with the young woman he first met in Mr. Thompson's seventh-grade math
"I wasn't prepared for that amount of emotion," he said. "I've always
prided myself on being stoic. But I cried. I'm not ashamed to admit that."
Shane, 25, and Heidi, 23, married at Meadow Brook Hall on the campus of
Oakland University in Rochester, Mich. The ceremony took place outside in the
garden area of the old mansion located about 30 minutes north of Detroit.
Clear skies and 73-degree temperatures served as the backdrop for the
classy, six-figure affair.
"Which, in Michigan, is an unbelievable rarity in July," said Battier, who
wore a black tuxedo and stood with eight groomsmen, including former Duke
teammate Mike Dunleavy Jr.
Six bridesmaids accompanied Heidi, who teaches public speaking, coaches
soccer and is assistant athletic director at Lausanne Collegiate School.
Complementing the light blue color scheme were blue hydrangeas with white
satin ribbons tied to each chair. Among the guests were Grant Hill's parents,
Calvin and Janet; General Motors CEO Rick Wagner; and Duke coach Mike
Battier arrived at the mansion about three hours before the ceremony. He
played poker with the groomsmen, and then engaged in a game of Pictionary.
"It's kind of a wedding tradition with some of my friends," Battier explained.
Eventually, Battier sent his best man to deliver a wedding gift for Heidi.
The unexpected gesture was the first of many thrills as Heidi received a
diamond bracelet she'd coveted two months earlier.
"Normally Shane's not too smooth with the surprise thing," Heidi said.
"But he pulled that one off without a hitch. The last thing my mind was on
was some bracelet we saw two months before. That got me choked up."
Albeit an emotionally charged day, there was a bit of humor during the
actual wedding ceremony. Shane and Heidi used traditional vows but they also
read personal speeches. The bride's ring is a solitaire.
Shane capped his remarks with a line from the movie The Big Lebowski.
"Our relationship is built so much on laughter but she was worried I would
say something distasteful," Battier said. "I just said 'There are times when
you're going to overstep your boundaries and I'm going to yell at you: You're
over the line.' "
Heidi burst into laughter and so did a few people in the first couple of
rows. But because there were no microphones, the rest of the crowd didn't quite
understand why the 6-8 groom appeared to yell at his 5-5 bride.
"It was elegant but fun," Heidi said.
That's how the Battiers also described the reception, which began with
Heidi's uncle Tom Ufer (a broadcaster) announcing the wedding party in lineup
fashion. Blaring was rap artist Nelly's hit No. 1 as Ufer introduced everyone
by height and the college they attended.
You might say that Oakley, with whom Battier is a spokesman, was the
wedding's unofficial sponsor.
The company provided specialized sunglasses as gifts for the guests.
Bridesmaids wore bright blue Oakley flip-flops to match their dresses. Perhaps
the main highlight of the reception was Shane and Heidi's first dance to the
legendary Al Green tune Let's Stay Together.
"It was really everything I could have hoped for," Battier said. "It's not
so much the planning. It's the people that made the party. That's what was
special about ours."
The Battiers spent their honeymoon at Napa Valley, Calif., and Hawaii
before returning to a new home they'd purchased on Mud Island.
"A fairy tale," Heidi said. "I know that sounds cheesy but that's how good
it was."

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