29 Nov 2004 10:02:12
Big Ten - ACC Challenge, v6

Well, it's that time of year again, and I can only hope the Big Ten
does better than last year's 2-7 performance. The ACC has
some highly ranked teams this year, but the Big Ten is not
completely without hope.

Starting tonight at 7pm eastern, Purdue at NC State.
Well, gotta go against the combover in this one and
pick NC State.

Tomorrow night sees Michigan at Georgia Tech,
Maryland at Wisconsin, and Michigan State at Duke.
GT should beat UM easily, but I'll give the edge to
UW and their 30 game home win streak. As for the
Spartans and the Blue Devils, I can only hope for a
better game than last year. And that Sparty doesn't
get a fat head from putting up three straight hundred
point beatdowns on patsies at home. In the also ran
category, we have Florida State at Minnesota. I'll
pick the Gophers because, well, someone has to!

Wednesday night sees potentially the best game of
the challenge in #1 Wake Forest at #4 Illinois. I
can't wait to see that. That's a tough venue, so I'll
take Illinois. If Wake can win there, they'll convince
me they are for real. Also tomorrow night is UNC
at Indiana. Prepare to watch Mike Davis burst a
blood vessel watching this Hoosiers team get their
butts handed to them. Ohio State will play at Clemson.
Hopefully this is one the Big Ten will pick up.
Finally, we have Virginia at Northwestern. Even
with the home court advantage, I just cannot see
NW handing UVa its first loss.

Hmmm, I seem to have picked it 4-4, with no
pick in the MSU-Duke game...

If nothing else, I'm pleased to see the Challenge has
set us up with some potentially exciting games:

#1 at #4
#9 at #10
#14 at #17

Biggest potential blowout is probably #3 GT hosting Michigan.
Biggest yawner? I'll vote for FSU at Minnesota. Too bad
the deuce has to air that, and not Creighton at Xavier.

Looking forward to it!

29 Nov 2004 18:57:57
joseph jeong
Re: Big Ten - ACC Challenge, v6

Drew <[email protected] > was rumored to have said:

> Biggest potential blowout is probably #3 GT hosting Michigan.

we have to score to blow anyone out. so prob not going to happen.
although i guess you could consider something like 50-30 a blowout. our
offensive woes have officially moved from "don't worry it's still the
early." to "hmm... we better take care of this before it becomes too
much of a problem later."

i wonder how early i will have to show up to get a seat.