You are a Sports man
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Baseball is just better. No flags, no sacks and no big drafts. Its just bettter. Football is coll but i like baseball. If you agree with me please write back.

Baseball is just better because than football. There arent no flags,no sacks,no huge drafts. Just because. If you agree with me please write back.

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Are Ryan Howard, Phillies on Arbitration Collision Course?
Hi Fans; To read this blog post, click; To follow the blog daily, click...

Just for fun
In the history of the National League, only 5 left handed batters have ever hit 50 or more HR in a season. Name them.

Richard McAfee hatefest
GoldFish wrote :- > Does anyone know what Richard McAfee changed in his style to > get usatt rating about 2400. I saw he played two years ago. > He was about 1900 -200...

Longest losing streaks (modern era) - anyone have the list?
I'm trying to find a list of the longest losing streaks in MLB history (modern era). Can anyone help? Here's what I've found: 1963 Philadelphia 23 1988 Baltimore 21 5 tied ...

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The Might East, which includes the JAYS
It's our year....oh sure we say that every year, but a healthy Jay team, will give the wild card a solid run.

Steroid hysteria is bullshit
The United States govt is actually holding hearings about steroid use in baseball. Our country has gone insane. It's like I just woke up to find gorillas on horseback. Why are taxpayers doll...

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My Blog
Hi, My name is Greg Cohen and I'm a die-hard Yankee fan. I recently created a Yankees Blog called Sliding Into Home, the URL is I update ...

Free Game Used / Auto Baseball Card Available!!
Hey Guys!! I have an opportunity for you to get a free game used or auto from the team of your choice (baseball, football or basketball). Again it is free!! Just a couple of minut...

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two mitchell report comments
Years ago when the steroids thing really started heating up, Wally Joyner admitted that he had tried steroids, I think once (might have been twice) and that was that. I'm sure a lot of playe...

Gossage understands why players use steroids Gossage understands why players use steroids ‘Chances are, I probably would have done it, too,’ new Hall of Famer says Ba...

Baseball and its problems
Unfortunately, what Bud Selig and Congress are doing to baseball is only a band aid for all its problems. What MLB needs is major surgery to fix the problem and not just a band aid until t...

Goose Gossage finally gets elected to the HOF
Rich Gossage finally gets elected to the HOF. Jim Rice just missed (16 points shy). - Peter

Clemens caught in lie
In 2005, Canseco wrote a book titled, Juiced. In the book Canseco wrote that in major league clubhouses the code word for steroids was...B12.

Clemens issue: Why doesn't McNamee just recant then?

Clemens: Please
Now I know the SOB is guilty. He is volunteering to take a lie dectector test, and if pressed, he will say that his lawyer advised him not to.

Steroids were great for Baseball
Steroids & HGH brought baseball back from the brink of extinction. The canceling of the World Series was the death knell for MLB. Sosa, McGwire and Bonds got roided up and gave baseball fans...

I am writing to ask for your help to join private testing .
Hi, I am Moree, a baseball lover of 22-year-old in LA. I've been a long-time standbyer of this site. I am writing to ask for your help to join private testing on my friends'...

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