Well, there's something you don't see everyday
After the Brewers load the bases against the Mets in the bottom of the ninth - score tied 2-2 - Bill Hall swings at a 3-2 pitch (looked like ball four, BTW) and bloops a shot into shallow ...

Cal Ripken clarification
Is it likely that Cal Ripken, had he taken some games off might have played longer thus being still now ineligible for the HOF? Is it likely that if he had not broken Gehrig's record he woul...

The Rose Award For 7-30-2007.
The Rose Award goes to Aaron Rowand of the Philadelphia Phillies, who went two-for-four with three RBI and scored one run in a 4-1 win over the Chicago Cubs. Cole Hamels pitched e...

It's time to stop the immigration of foreign ballplayers
America needs an immigration policy that says we will only accept highly skilled and useful workers such as doctors or engineers or PHDs is math or physics. Baseball players are highly sk...

Cal Ripken and Lou Gehrig
I think Cal Riken should have taken a few days off most seasons. If he had done so would he have made the HOF his first year of eligibility? I am suprised Gehrig's managers ...

Ted Williams
When was Ted Williams' best season? Why did he play so many more games in 1949 than in 1941? Should 1941 be discounted because of his fewer games or some other reason? Not sure which season ...

Suspended games yes, non-games no
In Detroit in 1958 I saw Roger Maris hit a non-homerun in a non-game that was rained out before it could be official. I really prefer that such games be suspended and patched on to future ga...

Bonds and Atlanta
The Giants still have a few games to play in Atlanta this year about the middle af August. That is where I would like to see him break the record. I LOVE SPECTACLE!!! ESPECI...

Former Coach Bill Walsh's Last Words.
"Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame."

The Rose Award For 7-29-2007.
The Rose Award goes to Adrian Beltre of the Seattle Mariners, who went two-for-four with four RBI and scored three runs in a 14-10 win over the Oakland Athletics. Ben Broussard, p...

Detroit Tigers History
Any Tiger fans out there? Any good stories or anecdotes? www.detroit-tigers-baseball-history.com

nobody seems to care about Bobby Bonds chasing record
good article on the record that shouldn't count http://mwma.org/news/content/view/143/2/

Suspended Game Rule
If a game is rained out after the required 5 innings, what determines if the game just ends as an official game, or if it is merely suspended and must be finished on a future date? <...

http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=2953988 Amazing. If this guy had played in the American major leagues his whole career ... wow.

If a double play is "a pitcher's best friend"...
You know where I'm going with this, don't you? ;-) What, then, is a triple play? brink

Looks like A-Rod will have a cloud over him

The Rose Award For 7-28-2007.
The Rose Award goes to Alfonso Soriano of the Chicago Cubs, who went three-for-five with five RBI and scored three runs in a 8-1 win over the Cincinnati Reds. Soriano homered twic...

This Bonds rookie on Ebay. This is amazing!
Check it out: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170135243758 It's an auction for an 86 topps traded tiffany bonds rookie graded a BGS 10! No minimum bid, and no reserve! <...

GWYNN DESERVES HALL! Cal Ripken? He Just Played A Long Time!
HERO WORSHIPFUL AMERICANS WENT APE over Ripken's breaking Lou Gehrig's consecutive game playing streak. But even Cal admitted, though it's doubtful he really meant it, that his batting stat...

GWYNN DESERVES HALL! Cal Ripken? He Just Played A Long Time!
HERO WORSHIPFUL AMERICANS WENT APE over Ripken's breaking Lou Gehrig's consecutive game playing streak. But even Cal admitted, though it's doubtful he really meant it, that his batting stat...

50,000 Days Since The Beginning
On March 26, 2008 it will be exactly 50,000 days since the first professional baseball game was played in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Just a little nugget of useless information.

How come no instant replay in baseball?
Maybe allow teams to have like 3 per game or some rule. Hey, if Tennis is having it now, why not? Even pro basketball uses it. Let's get the call right.

The Rose Award For 7-27-2007.
The Rose Award goes to Jhonny Peralta of the Cleveland Indians, who went two-for-five with five RBI and scored two runs in a 10-4 win over the Minnesota Twins. Peralta homered twi...

Cal Ripken - HOF tomorrow!
Our beloved Cal Ripken, along with Tony Gwinn, will be inducted tomorrow. Two class acts. Cal has been on local TV and radio in various interviews. The guy just exudes pure class. Everyt...

Congress involved in MLB regarding steriods?
Why is it that Congress wants to get involved? Do they have any jurisdiction? If so, if they want to make sure steriod testing is enforced, why aren't they also involved in pro wrestling. Ex...

The Rose Award For 7-26-2007.
The Rose Award goes to Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals, who went two-for-four with five RBI and scored two runs in a 11-1 win over the Chicago Cubs. Pujols, hitless in 11...

NY Liberty Medal: In Jackie's Memory
Excerpt from: www.tinyurl.com/3drwha NY POST (oldest, continuously published newspaper in America; founded by one of our founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton) July 27,2007

Special Pete Rose Commemarative Award
This unique award, named after the Major League player who recorded the most Outs, goes to former NBA official Tim Donaghy who has taken another step in convincing people that bet...

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