does anyone have a simple schedule in text. know where ican get one.

Atlanta Braves jersey neck patch
Hi, According to you this patch is navy / white / red or royal / white / red ? Thank you for your help, AR

Baseball manager La Russa gets STANDING OVATION from fans for his
What a sick sick criminal-coddling nation we live in. La Russa is a potential murderer and the fans say cool.

Any camera (or lens) that you wish you still had?
My first "serious" camera was a Minolta XG-9 with a 28-85 Vivitar zoom... back when Vivitar was good... that I purchased used in 1983. It served me well for over 15 years before the camera b...

MLB & media blackout territories & broadcasting
In keeping up with the current issues regarding broadcasting & blackout rules, etc., I keep coming back to the same question... Would it really be so hard or so bad to provide an optio...

What If - You Got Replayed?
I want to try and get a thread with no (initial) political controversies. I recently read a nice little book - Replay by Ken Grimwood. Beware the spoilers if you read the wiki e...

Everybody Hates Chris: 1985 Dodgers at Mets
Tonight's Everybody Hates Chris was very good. The show occurs in 1985, and the main plot in the episode is about an upcoming game, Dodgers at Mets. It's billed as a big game, realistic as...

NBC's Baseball Legacy: Brand New Yahoo! Club

Hip Hop generation embraces LaRussa
Now that Tony LaRussa has a rap sheet he's got street cred in the rap community. LaRussa just signed a record deal with Nelly and the St. Lunatics to release a rap album titled: "I'm D...

Progress on rules changes
A while back I posted to r.s.b saying that the rules changes that were announced in February had not been applied properly to either the printed rulebook or the on-line rules at S...

La Russa arrested for DUI and asleep at the wheel - Lock him up before he kills.,,-6500134,00.html Baseball's La Russa arrested in Florida MIAMI, March 22 (Reuters) - Tony La Russa, manager of World Series ...

Cable accepts MLB offfer-Baseball says "no" Baseball, cable TV at odds on proposalDaily News Wire Services Cable television said i...

Twins Batting Coach Joe Vavra Injured by Flying Doughnut
Twins Batting Coach Joe Vavra Injured by Flying Doughnut Before the March 21, 2007 Grapefruit League game between the Minnesota Twins and the Cincinnati Reds, Joe Vavra was injured by ...

Cool Website
There is this cool website I stumbled upon called It's like a new Myspace for sports fans kinda deal - It's got friending and messaging and other contests like where you m...

Help with my Master's Thesis
My name is Gene DiPaula and I am a graduate student in the Department of Mass Communication and Communication Studies at Towson University. As part of the research for my master's thesis, I ...

ESPN's "The Bronx is Burning" mini-series trailer
I'm not sure if this is out there, I haven't seen it anywhere. It showed up in a survey I was taking so I fished out the direct link and plugged it into tinyurl. Hope it's not old news. ...

I am ashamed of WIDESPREAD DOPING and CHEATING in WESTERN WORLD Report: Pro wrestlers linked to steroids By The Associated Press 1 hour, 6 minutes ago Eleven professional wrest...

FA: Group of Practice baseballs
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Complimentary one-year subscription to Baseball Digest

Yahoo! fantasy league drafting on Tuesday
League ID#: 140536 League Name: BBB (Ban Barry Bonds) Baseball Password: steroidssuck Custom League URL: Se...

Bob Brenly
I think I just heard him say on WGN: Izturis doesn't get a lot of bases on ball, but that's not what Piniella is looking for the top of the lineup. Lou is looking for on-base percent...

ESPN Fantasy Baseball league needs new owners
hi, I've got a fun league that could use a couple of new members: 10 teams, AL only, deep rosters, cool owners. should be fun. draft is March 17, 2007 4:00 PM ET. 60 seconds per pick, so it'll go r...

Rose: "I bet on Reds to win every night"
If true, it's probably a less serious "crime" than only betting on them some nights. Pete Rose revealed Wednesday that he...

sabathia laments lack of African-Americans in MLB
"According to a 2005 report by the University of Central Florida Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport, only 8.5 percent of major leaguers were African American -- the lowest percentag...

Baseball Specific Strength Training & Conditioning
With the all of the hype surrounding "sport specific" training over the past few years, training has actually become less and less sport "specific" and more sport "generalized." You can go t...

Official Burt Young Website Launch!
The official website of Burt Young has been launched. Burt Young, the Academy Award nominated actor and maverick artist, has launched a wonderful display of paintings. The website is a liter...

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball League
I'm hoping to fill a league with 10 or 12 teams (3 spots already filled). It's head-to-head, no waivers, no trade deadline, 22-man rosters, 7x7 stats. I was in a 16-team draft last week wi...

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Direct TV may /may not have exclusive coverage this year Additionally, in keeping with MLB's desire to provide as ...

A marathon chat with Rob Neyer
This morning, Rob Neyer started his usual (hourly) Tuesday ESPN chat with the comment : "I'll be here as long as you are." Apparently the last longest espn chat had timed 5 hrs 08...

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