Major League Baseball on CBS Radio History
I'm looking for as much info on CBS Radio Sports' (now Westwood One) coverage of Major League Baseball as possible. CBS Radio was the immediate predecessor to ESPN Radio as the national radi...

baseball caps
At what age does a man refrain from wearing one, on a regular basis? I'm not talking about weekend fishing trips, or football games, etc. I mean, wearing one from the moment the alarm cl...

Christy Mathewson Footage
In reading the book "The Player" (author Philip Seib) about Christy Mathewson, there is a reference to a 1907 short film titled "Christy Mathewson and the New York National League Team" cont...

Ping "Laura Bush Murdered Her Boyfriend"; let's discuss you, Laura Bush, and fatal accidents, if you can.
Considering some time back that you wrote this: I must be doing something right to go 3 1/2 years without a fatal crash. :

RIP, Chris Brown,1,1452085.story?track=rss Strange career--solid rookie at 23, All-Star at 24, then apparently never got his game back after shoulder su...

Experts: 10% of MLB players use steroids. Where's the outrage?
Where's the outrage? One, the government doing whatever it wants with warrants, even after it was promised the drug tests would remain anonymous. Two, 110/over 1000 = about 10% of MLB play...

Ping "Speeders And Drunk Drivers Are Murderers"; here's your Christmas Present!
Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas, and to offer you this as my Christmas Present: Where's my $4 gas, retard? Sorry, I didn't mean to point out your disco...

*** ++++++ Bikini Clad Babes +++++ *** RapidScore Downloads
*** ++++++ Bikini Clad Babes +++++ *** RapidScore Downloads Home Videos Bikini Clad babes auditioning for a position in porn. No gimmecs just straight porn f...

Jays Pitching
Why don't the Jays go after Zito? Or even Mulder? These guys are out there and if the Jays want to be number one then a rotation featuring Zito and Halliday would be hard to beat.

Pete Rose says he belongs in HOF - "It's been 17 years already"
I like pete but i say no way. Updated: 4:28 p.m. MT Dec 19, 2006 CINCINNATI - Pete Rose thinks Mark McGwire should be in baseball...

Truly Unbelievable
There's a new cutting edge batting strategy that pros are starting to use. What it does is it drastically improves your VISUAL ACUITY to hit any pitch near the strike zone. This technique al...

Impeach Friedman - D Rays Lied
MLB nullifies Tampa Bay's waiver claim, Livingston goes to Reds MLB nullifies Tampa Bay's waiver claim, Livingston goes to Reds December 14, 2006 NEW YORK (AP) -- Major Lea...

FA: Baseballs
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Personal fitness training
Personal fitness training

Goofy Gallup poll on HOF
So, Gallup asked (presumably self-identified) baseball fans whether a bunch of guys should be in the HOF. Most answers were as expected: Ripken has overwhelming support (86% yes, 3% no), ...

Baseball Skills Workshop on FUGU is now free
The interactive, online training series: Baseball Skills Workshop, targeted to youth players, is now sponsored and so free to viewers on It does require registration but the re...

Blockbuster Online Total Access 4 Weeks Free!
Blockbuster Total Access - 4 Weeks Free - Promotion Code : 1552ta Holiday Deal, feel free to send to your friends ! Happy Holidays ! Promo code : 1552ta Here is how is works...

7 million a year for Jason Marquis? Salary (in millions) X last years ERA =42 (A magic number for fans of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy). Maybe the Cubs will finish ah...

2007 Regular Season Schedule
Does anybody know when the 2007 season schedule is released?. I believe it is sometime this month (December) but i am not too sure. Thanks in Advance. Ben

2007 Regular Season Schedule
Does anybody know when the 2007 season schedule is released?. I believe it is sometime this minth (December) but i am not too sure. Thanks in Advance. Ben

Ultimate Cricket vs Baseball Topic!
All right here is the deal!. for all of you keyboard warriors who seem to keep going on and on about this 'cricket vs baseball' topic.. people keep rambling on about which game is harder to ...

LA Times on WADA
Today's LA Times has the first article in a series on the World Anti-Doping Agency (,0,2627563,full.story?coll=la-home-headl...

Hockey Speed and Power Hockey Specific Training Manual
This manual contains MANY European training exercises that you just WILL NOT find anywhere else. These are the same exercises I use with NHL and OHL players every day in my Personal Str...

Barry Bonds
San Francisco Giants hitter Barry Bonds is reported to have sealed a one-year, $16m deal to play on next year. FULL STORY:

Bush Does Something Un-Dickless (For Once) A bit late, admittedly, but very much deserved in this case. -- IFIIRZZSKOPGKXEAVOBMJKKVOLF

Salary Percentage Of League Total
I have never heard this discussed but I was curious about it. In the 1960's and prior, the Yankees were as dominant as they are now. Today it is obvious that the reason is because they s...

I am looking for age gap relationships
I found a best place for Older Women and Younger Men, or Older men and Younger women to interact with each other. Generation gap is not a problem here, but a great merit to romantic sin...

How Olympic 'quick twitch' Training Can Make Anyone Into A Power Hitter
I work with youth and have played baseball/softball most of my life. I am involved in a softball league, and have been wanting to improve my batting skills. I recently learned of something t...

Confused about arbitration rules for FAs
As I understand, if you have a FA, dec 7th is the deadline to offer a FA arbitration. This makes it ideal to wait until 12/7 to sign a FA because you'd know that the team declined arb (or ...

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