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Sportscasting History (Yahoo! Club) Description For the discussion of sports broadcasting on television and radio, particularly the historical aspects. Tal...

The best thing about the end of the season.. the exit of Jon Esquivel, aka Merry McGrath, aka "rosecomm2456", etc. See ya in April, Jonny... have fun trolling the teen support groups.

The Rose Award For 10-27-2006. World Series Edition.
The Rose Award goes to Sean Casey of the Detroit Tigers, who went three-for-four with two RBI and scored one run in a 4-2 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals. In what had to be one of...

R.I.P. Joe Niekro

2006 Cardinals?
Mediocre team that either got lucky or hot at the right time, or good team that just had a bad second-half of the regular season?

Several new World Series and postseason records trivia
- WS winner with fewest wins (83 wins easily beats the '87 Twins' 85-win season ending in a title) - While this is *not* the first time since the expansion to the 8-team playoff...

Over the last 6 years, the WS champion has come from each of the 6 different divisions: NL West: Last WS Win -- 2001 (Diamondbacks) AL West: Last WS Win -- 2002 (L...

Mark this date down:
October 27th, 2006 Tim McCarver makes uncannily accurate prediction. Bottom of the 4th: "LaRussa needs to get Chris Duncan out of right field when the Cardinals take the fi...

The Rose Award For 10-26-2006. World Series Edition.
The Rose Award goes to David Eckstein of the St. Louis Cardinals, who went four-for-five with two RBI and scored one run in a 5-4 win over the Detroit Tigers. The Outer Limits had...

...and for this he should be forever condemned...
Krazy George and the 25th anniversary of "the wave".

Cardinals Fans...
It is really good to see real, honest to God local Cardinals fans in the stands for the WS. So often the WS croud is the Rich and Famous aholes that get all of the tickets to Super Bowls an...

As the "October Classic" is played as often as not in football weather, is there any chance in hell that the Mets' braintrust would include a retractable roof in the design of the new stadiu...

WS Game 4 Rescheduled for Friday?
The Weather Channel shows rain very likely tomorrow and Friday, so why was the game rescheduled for Friday? Could it be Fox doesn't want to go up against Grey's Anatomy and CSI? <...

The Rose Award For 10-24-2006. World Series Edition.
The Rose Award goes to Jim Edmonds of the St. Louis Cardinals, who went one-for-two with two RBI in a 5-0 win over the Detroit Tigers. Chris Carpenter goes eight strong innings and the...

Jeff Suppan gay?
Why is Jeff Suppan bombing on stem cell research? I hope this retard dies a horrific death. Down with mysticism and organized religion! Social brainwashing! Why can't these people think fo...

World Series on p2p ?
please help me to find the games ... nba nhl nfl games available everyday on torrent sites, but nothing about baseball thank you

Will Cardinals be the next Atlanta Braves?
Are they going to just be good enough to win the pennant every year, but lose most of their world series appearances? I see them on top of the NL for quite some time, but not sure if their c...

New World Series schedule in 2007
It will start on a Tuesday and go Tue.,Wed, Fri, Sat.,Sun., Tue,.Wed. -- To reply via e-mail please delete 1 c from paccbell

The Rose Award For 10-22-2006. World Series Edition.
The Rose Award goes to Carlos Guillen of the Detroit Tigers, who went three-for-three with one RBI and scored one run in a 3-1 win over the St. Louis Cardinals. Kenny Rogers throw...

[help]Baseball and television
Hi everybody, I'm an italian student and I'm doing my thesis on sports and television (share %, longevity, # of followers...). In Italy sport = soccer (world champions, eheheh), i...

looks like Nuke LaLoosh when he's peering in getting the signs.

Has anyone seen John Mellencamp?
The game can't start til he sings the Chevy commercial song. Somebody find him, quick, it's freezing out in Detroit. brink

The Rose Award For 10-21-2006. World Series Edition.
The Rose Award goes to Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals, who went one-for-three with two RBI and scored two runs in a 7-2 win over the Detroit Tigers. Cardinals' rookie An...

World Series vs. NFL
It is not a coincidence that there is no NFL on NBC tonight. Same thing happened when ESPN had Sunday night. Yes, I know there will be a conflict if we have a game 7 but that is ...

New Jersey wants to ban metal baseball bats to protect the kiddies - Yeah right
Another scam - The real problem with metal bats is they last forever and the bat industry doesn't like that. These legislators talking about protecting kids have been bought off by the...

The most confounding postseason in history?
Yeah, that's probably hyperbole, but if you bought the hype (most here don't and I most definitely do not), the Tigers and Cardinals were dead meat heading into the postseason because they...

First observation of '06 World Series
Joe: "I haven't seen a pitcher work this fast all year." Tim: "Not in the American League in particular." Ummm... you've never heard of Roy Halladay? Oh wait! F...

Do you "expect" your team to spend whatever it takes to win?
As a fan of whatever your chosen team may be, do you feel team owners should be extected to spend as much as it takes to produce a winning team? Even if it means losing money? Gr...

More about "the perfect hitter"
ON A THREAD ABOUT "PERFECT" HITTERS From: Roger Moore - Date: Sat, Oct 7 2006 1:31 pm Email: [email protected] (Roger Moore) Groups:

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