The Rose Award For 6-29-2006.
The Rose Award goes to Eric Hinske of the Toronto Blue Jays, who went three-for-four with three RBI and scored two runs in a 8-4 win over the Washington Nationals. Roy Halladay go...

A classic strange play and a question about the CWS
Can anyone remember the details of the (World Series?) game in which the following happened: With a man on base, the hitter hit the ball for what should have been a hit driving in...

Statistics source?
I am looking to find a source for the following statistics for individual batters for the past three years Infield hits Bunt for hit attempts Bunts for hits Does a...

The Rose Award For 6-28-2006.
The Rose Award goes to Ramon Hernandez of the Baltimore Orioles, who went two-for-five with four RBI and scored one run in a 12-5 win over the Philadelphia Phillies in the second game of a d...

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Left-handed third basemen
I realise that third basemen who throw lefthanded are very rare, and I understand why (extra step needed to turn and throw to first), but I'm wondering what southpaw has played the most game...

Traders/Collectors Welcomed!
Welcome to one of the best and only secure trading site around, Trader Retreat! Where we stand behind all your trades. No more getting ripped off by scammers. Follow link and put in ref...

The Rose Award For 6-27-2006.
The Rose Award goes to Kenji Johjima of the Seattle Mariners, who went two-for-four with five RBI and scored two runs in a 11-7 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks. The five RBI are...

Yankees fans will love this
For those who don't get the YES Network, the all-Yankees channel produces documentaries celebrating the Yankees' success. Here's what I want to see: New, from the YES Network, ho...

Do the Twins Have the Best 1-2 Punch in Baseball at Starting Pitching?
Francisco Liriano did it again last night. The rookie lefthander is now 8-1 with the Twins. He didn't start his first game until May 19th, otherwise he might be something filthy like 12-3 ha...

Smallest player currently in MLB
Who is the Smallest player currently in Major League Baseball?. Thanks in Advance.

Peter Gammons suffers aneurysm
In surgery, no word on his prognosis. Yikes. Here's hoping for a full recovery. -- M. Zaiem Beg [email protected]

The Rose Award For 6-26-2006.
The Rose Award goes to Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins, who went four-for-five with five RBI and scored one run in a 8-2 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers' winning st...

Inter-league play - AL in NL parks, IOW, no DH
I've tried researching this, but cannot find any information specific enough to either support or disprove my suspicion. Commentators during interleague play always make such a big dea...

Shakespeare gets gig as official scorer
This story is based on a situation that occurs on a regular basis in real life, most recently on Sunday June 25. It also happened on opening day, and has occurred many times in between and ...

Asymmetrical switch hitters
Can anyone think of an example of a switch hitter whose stance is markedly different lefthanded vs righthanded, rather than one mirroring the other? brink

Error record?
Since online sites are being obtuse, I'll tap the guys who know baseball - what's the record for the most errors in a season by a single player in modern baseball? Define modern however y...

The Rose Award For 6-25-2006.
The Rose Award goes to Tadahito Iguchi of the Chicago White Sox, who went two-for-five with seven RBI and scored two runs in a 10-9 loss to the Houston Astros. After Brad Lidge ga...

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Crazy baseball manager
A baseball manager went a little crazy during a South Atlantic league game between the Asheville Tourists and the Lexington Legends sunday. In the fifth inning the manager of the tourists ra...

Signed Blue Jays Cap
My daughter recently picked up an autographed Blue Jays cap at a yard sale. Unfortunately we are having a hard time figuring out the handwriting. It looks like "Gary Day" but we can't seem...

Phillies Info and Gear
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Roger Clemens
Roger Clemens pitched June 22. On June 21 before the Astros game on the USA Today site it showed "Purchased Contract from Round Rock". The Astros did not drop a player until after the ga...

The Rose Award For 6-24-2006.
The Rose Award goes to Kenji Johjima of the Seattle Mariners, who went four-for-five with four RBI and scored two runs in a 9-5 win over the San Diego Padres. Johjima and Raul Iba...

World Cup/WBC trivia
Seven countries participated in both the World Baseball Classic and this year's World Cup finals. Of the seven, only Mexico made it past its first-round group at both events. Three (USA, J...

The Rose Award For 6-23-2006.
The Rose Award goes to Manny Ramirez of the Boston Red Sox, who went three-for-four with five RBI and scored two runs in a 10-2 win over the Philadelphia Phillies. Ramirez hit two...

This is kinda creepy
from Cincinnati Enquirer: HEADLINE: Take your team to the grave Major League Baseball and Eternal Image Inc. have reached an agreement that allows caskets and urns to be decorated...

The Rose Award For 6-22-2006.
The Rose Award goes to David Wright of the New York Mets, who went two-for-three with four RBI and scored two runs in a 6-2 win over the Cincinnati Reds. Wright hit a pair of two-...

1968 World Series exhibit
A few years ago when I visited the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, there was no exhibit for the 1968 World Series between the Tigers and the Cardinals. As far as I could tell, every other World...

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