Clemente Jr's ridiculous request
Now I love Roberto Clemente, I contributed money to his statue in the early 90s and still have the little thank you card with my name on it in a frame on my wall in my office. I also love Ja...

Questions about Johnny Damon
To any baseball fan out there, I have a questions about Johnny Damon... 1. Is it just me or is he greatl overrated? 2. What will the reception for him be like at Fenway?

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What are East coasters views on Angel's name?
My friends on the East coast (as well as the West) think the Angels name is the stupidest one in sports. What do the East coasters here think?;_yl...

World Baseball Classic Rules
World Baseball Classic announces rules and rule modifications The World Baseball Classic, Inc. (WBCI) announced today the rules for play for the inaugural World Baseball Classic. The tourna...

"Williams pitches stadium's new deal"
Williams pitches stadium's new deal D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams completed negotiations yesterday on a revised stadium construction lease agreement that both sides hope include enough...

Koufax and Drysdale?
When Koufax and Drysdale held out for more dough, do you think most fans thought of this as a cabal? cordially, as always, rm

"But all the other players think he's a showoffy jerk..."
After I pointed out how dad's would tell their sons "that's how you play the game" after seeing Rose run to first on a walk, Nieporent then stated: "Did those dads also warn their...

Schilling and VORP
Great, long interview with Curt Schilling on Bill Simmons' ESPN page at: including this little tidbit: S...

Thoughts on A's signing Frank Thomas?
Good deal? Bad deal? Since the team is only obligated for a $500,000 base salary (a buttload of incentives could kick in if it works out), I see this as a good deal for both sides.

Schilling is a statnerd "Schilling: First of all, you are crazy, you are supposed to be. As a member of Sox Nation, the closer we get to spring ...

Link to Past All Star Fan Voting Results?
Does anyone know where I could find the results of fan voting for past all star games? MikeD

Pregame Sports Betting
This is a pretty worthy bit of info. I was on in the sportsbetting forum and I found a link to . Its damn useful for figuring out stats, im not the best at ...

Why don't the Bonds fans mention super-cheat Gaylord Perry?
He cheated his entire career with his spitball and yet he's in the HOF and nobody says nothing about it while everybody jumps on Barry Bonds for his illegal steroid use. I point out this do...

Bonds most unbreakable record - 120 IBB in 2004
Not a great record since walks aren't that important but will anyone ever approach that number.?

Margarino: genius languishing in anonymity
This guy's long overdue for some recognition. I just saw his latest fountain of wisdom about the uselessness of OPS and was impressed by its sheer novelty.

Bonds predictions
I see articles suggesting this is Bonds last year. Anyone else heard that? I asked around and no one I know has heard him say this. Since he's not playing in the world classic, hopeful...

Bet 365 Sportsbook - International Online Sports Betting Wagering
Bet 365 covers international sports events. Based and licensed in the UK Bet365 international sports betting wagering. Bet 365 offers every international sporting event, UK, United States. B...

Little League Needs Players - Seattle WA
The Steel Lake Little League (Federal Way/Kent/Auburn) is currently registering boys and girls of all ages for the 2006 Little League season. We have baseball teams from T-Ball all the...

STATS Scouting Notebook 2006?
I've been looking all over the place for the 2006 Scouting Notebook. Does anyone know if STATS and/or The Sporting News decided to cancel it? Brett S.

Free fantasy baseball mock drafts @ Mock Draft Central, the most addictive fantasy site on the net invites you to try out their mock draft software free of charge. Sig...

Batting Barry Bonds #2
Saw this in the paper this morning -- Felipe Alou wants to bat Bonds up there apparently to get Bonds more plate appearances so he can break the home run record more quickly. (At least th...

"U.S. OKs Cuba for baseball classic"
U.S. OKs Cuba for baseball classic The U.S. government issued a license yesterday permitting Cuba to participate in the inaugural World Baseball Classic, reversing its previous position...

Most all-star selections but not in HOF
Leaving out active players or recent retirees, it looks to be bill freeehan with 11. Garvey has 10. Incidentally, clemens has only 11 . All time pitcher leader is spahn with 14. ...

The Cubans are Coming
Politics aside, I'm glad to hear it. It looked like the whole thing might fall apart without them, and, more than anything else, I'm curious to see how good they really are.

Cash Poor Yankees
As usual at this time of year, I'm taking orders from the MLB teams. Some of the teams (Braves, Mets, Yankees) order through a company out of New York. Most teams order between six and a doz...

Uplifting Article About MLB and Former Iranian Hostages
Safe at Home 25 Years Ago, a Gift From Major League Baseball Helped Iran Hostages Reconnect With America By Les Carpenter Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, January 20...

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Found it! Burwell article on ESPN revelation about Mark McGwire's steroids
Missed by many a fan because of the distraction of postseason awards, this good article by Bryan Burwell of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch cites an ESPN article in which a reliable source provi...

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