Do pitchers use steroids?
I would think not since for them control is so important. OTOH, batters want to hit the ball hard and don't really care that much where it goes. What made me wonder is that clemen...

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Jews and the Death Penalty
Why is it that a disproportionately small number of Jews get the death penalty? Are they morally superior? Are they too smart to get caught? Do their Lawyers, lik...

Monica Bellucci - Nude Game
Sex Game with Monica Bellucci. Tits, Ass, fun!

Is This Odd?
On, Jackie Robinson's most similar by age player is Minnie Minoso 8 out of 10 years, yet Minoso is not even in Robinson's top 10 similar batters. -- ...

Hall of Fame Class of 2006: Who Gets Your Vote? Here's a list of eligible players: Rick Aguilera: 86-81, 3.57 ERA, 318 saves Albert Belle: .295 Avg., 3...

I haven't been following this group long, but after looking over some of the articles it's disappointing to find so many visceral and nasty posts.

Jeff Reardon charged with armed robbery
Baseball's Reardon charged with robbing jeweler Retired star reliever blames actions on medication PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida (AP) -- Jeff Reardon, one of the top relief pitchers...

Jeff Reardon: Thief
PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -- Former major league pitcher Jeff Reardon was arrested Monday on charges he robbed a jewelry store. Reardon, 50, walked into Hamilton Jewelers at the Gardens...

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Just lost all respect for Dick Enberg
Reading his 2004 book "Oh My" and it was pretty good until he starts going on about the GREAT nolan ryan!!! Says it was criminal that he did not win the CY in 1973 even though, as he admits...

Elrod Hendricks dead at 65
He always enjoyed being at the park -- To reply via e-mail please delete 1 c from paccbell

"Ballpark costs hinder lease"
Ballpark costs hinder lease D.C. officials have so far failed to persuade developers and the federal government to chip in for a new ballpark for the Washington Nationals on South Capit...

Sey Hey Willie Mays Bobblehead Doll
Quick quiz: Which bobblehead doll started the entire MLB bobble head craze? Answer: The May 1999 San Francisco Giants Stadium Giveaway (SGA) of Willie Mays. Here's one ...

1988 Giants Autographs: 24 in all
Jose Uribe ring a bell? How about Rick Reuschel? Certainly you know Will Clark, Matt Williams (ROOKIE) and Kevin Mitchell. Yep, it's the 1988 San Francisco Giants. I have autographs of them...

"D.C. stadium vote delayed until next year"
D.C. stadium vote delayed until next year D.C. officials said yesterday that the D.C. Council will not vote on a lease agreement for a new ballpark for the Washington Nationals before a...

Great Discovery - Willie Stargell NEVER won or tied for MVP - despite what everyone thinks
In 1979 he and keith hernandez had the same number of total points but keith had more first place votes (10-4) and that's the obvious tiebreaker.

Devil Rays spending $10 million on the Trop
While the Trop is a bit of a dump, the money would be better spent on starting pitchers. Silverman is one of those dumb fuck marketing types insulting his fans thinking fresh paint draws m...

Pitcher finishes higher in MVP vote than in CY vote???
Pre 1970, the CY vote allowed only votes for first place so it's not fair to consider years 1956-69. But post-69 has it happened? I thought a likely candidate would be a relief pitcher and...

"D.C. Council defers stadium vote"
D.C. Council defers stadium vote D.C. Council Chairman Linda W. Cropp yesterday postponed a vote on a lease agreement for a new ballpark for the Washington Nationals on South Capitol St...

Predictions for Jan 10 HOF results
I predict: Goose Gossage - makes it Rice - just misses Sutter - third place I'd like to see: Gossage & Rice.

"Aligning security a 'serious issue' for D.C. ballpark"
Aligning security a 'serious issue' for D.C. ballpark Questions of security have been largely ignored in debates over a new baseball stadium for the Washington Nationals, which sits amid sev...

Pete Rose: "I Bet On Baseball Every Night"
Pete Rose was working his day job, which on this day meant he was inside a ritzy shopping mall at Caesars Palace, pen in hand. A few feet away in this adult Disneyland, a Roman-themed ...

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"Ballpark foes look to council for help"
Ballpark foes look to council for help While Mayor Anthony A. Williams continues to lobby D.C. Council members to support a lease agreement for a new ballpark for the Washington Nationa...

Why is baseball full of gay subtext ?????
Baseball bat = phallic symbol. The ball is a symbol for sperm. Sounds like a very GAY game.

KC Royals Fans Should Take Antacids Too
KC signs Scott Elarton for 2 years, $8M.. Sadly, a pitcher with an ERA+ of 89 actually improves this team. But $4M? So does Mark Redman, ERA+ of 87. GM Allard Baird's quote: "...

KC Royals Fans to Take Spelling Lessons
Free-agent infielders Mark Grudzielanek and Doug Mientkiewicz signed with the Kansas City Royals on Friday, joining the team that had the worst record in the majors last season.

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Worst Hall Of Famers
Here are the worst hall of famers at each position: C - Rick Ferrell (His brother may belong, but his induction is a joke) 1B - George Kelly - A 1Bman with less than 6,000 career...

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