The Rose Award For 8-30-05.
The Rose Award goes to Mark Teixeira of the Texas Rangers, who went three-for-four with six RBI and scored two runs in a 8-6 win over the Chicago White Sox, the first game of a doubleheader....

"MLB throws Nationals a curve"
MLB throws Nationals a curve The Washington Nationals will not open the regular season at home each year, as major league teams in the District traditionally have done every spring.

thoughts on local broadcasts after watching via directv...
one thing i like about the directv extra innings package is that it gives one a glimpse into each team's local coverage, which i find so much more interesting than the homogenized producti...

First team eliminated from the playoffs
Your Kansas City Royals. Congratulations on being eliminated in August, that's not easy. confirms. -- Ri...

batter goofing off at the plate
Has any batter ever goofed off at the plate when the game is out of hand? Like batting from the opposite side of the plate or something like that. In the NBA, players occasionally goof off n...

Lieberals Caused the Hurricane
While watching the video on television of the destruction in New Orleans I couldn't help but laugh. God once again has fulfilled his promises and punished the wicked. New Orleans is a horrib...

The Rose Award For 8-29-05.
The Rose Award goes to Jason Giambi of the New York Yankees, who went two-for-three with four RBI and scored two runs in a 7-4 win over the Seattle Mariners. Giambi hit two homers...

An "agent-free world"
Anyone else see Hal Bodley's column in today's USA Today? "Stan Kasten has a dream. The fo...

NL Pitchers
Anybody know of a site anywhere that ranks the best pitchers in the N.L. this year, based on runs saved against average adjusted for ballparks, etc...?

can an ump order a pitcher to throw to the hitter?
situation 1: 7th inning, the pitcher is really starting to tire. gives up a walk, then a single, now there are runners at first and third. team in the field is clinging to a 1-run lead a...

The Rose Award For 8-28-05.
The Rose Award goes to Jason Giambi of the New York Yankees, who went three-for-three with seven RBI and scored two runs in a 10-3 win over the Kansas City Royals. Giambi broke ou...

Baseball Game
Want to play year round baseball? Manage your own pro franchise? Well, Franchise Baseball is on the Web!!! Franchise Baseball is a baseball league simulator where you run a pro...

clemen's teammates suffer 8th shut out when he starts
is this a "record"?

The Rose Award For 8-27-05.
The Rose Award goes to Dmitri Young of the Detroit Tigers, who went two-for-four with four RBI and scored one run in a 12-8 win over the Boston Red Sox. Young hit a grand slam and...

Bunt: Too Much of a Sacrifice? While Old Guard Stands by Bunt, 'Moneyball' Crowd Says It Comes Up Short Too Much of a Sacrifice? While Old Guard Stands by Bunt, 'Moneyball' Crowd Says It Comes Up Sh...

FA: 1978 Reggie Jackson PATCH Embroidered NM-MT / 1993 Derek JETER RC w/SET !!!
1978 Reggie Jackson PATCH Embroidered NY Yankees RARE ! 1993 Pinnacle Series 2 SET Derek JETER RC Rookie MINT ! http:...

Funniest Blooper ever
Canseco was playing in the outfield for the Texas Rangers on May 26, 1993 when Carlos Martinez hit a long ball in the fourth inning. It bounced off Canseco's head and over the fence for a ho...

Has this ever happened? What would the ruling be?
runner on 3rd, 2 outs. the pitcher is paying no attention to the runner, who has a big, big lead. runner takes off for home and gets there at the same instant as the pitch and is actually hi...

The Rose Award For 8-26-05.
The Rose Award goes to Jorge Cantu of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, who went three-for-five with five RBI and scored one run in a 12-8 win over the Los Angeles Angels. The Angels' Erv...

Hit by the Pitch While Stealing Home
Someone in a mailing list asked an interesting question to which I couldn't find an answer after googling. If a player is hit by the pitch in the process of stealing home, wha...

ESPN Stupid Stat Oversight #3
On each player's profile page, they have a 10-game log with the standard set of stats (AB H R RBI, etc.), including date and opponent. However, the last column lists BA, but, it's not the...

The Rose Award For 8-25-05.
The Rose Award goes to Ronnie Belliard of the Cleveland Indians, who went two-for-six with four RBI and scored one run in a 12-4 win over the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Belliard hit hi...

NFL is "the best run league"
On ESPN radio this morning, one of the guys claimed that the NFL was "the best run league" in America. This is a league that has seen the same team win its championship three years in a r...

Bret Boone
It hurts me to mention steroids with Bret Boone's name....BUT it hurts me more when so-called fans take their anger out on good players like Bret Boone to his intentions of always playing ba...

Random Question
Hello sports folk. I have a somewhat random question for anyone who cares to answer. 1. Do you think a sport could be succesful without officials making active calls if the rules ...

Just a random Question...
Hello there sports folks. I just have a somewhat random question for anyone who cares to answer. Do you think a sport could be succesful without refs if the rules were specificall...

The island of Hispaniola is divided into two countries. In the Dominican Republic they play baseball, but not soccer. I asked a Dominican guy at work why this is, and first he started to t...

The Rose Award For 8-24-05.
The Rose Award goes to Mike Jacobs of the New York Mets, who went four-for-five with four RBI and scored five runs in a 18-4 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks. Jacobs, along with ...

Frank Robinson goes into 'roid rage. Steroid and Negroid.
He is just feeling the heat because Rafael Palmiero is catching up to him on the all time homers list. You don't hear Frank talking about the unfair advantage that eating collards gave him ...

Schilling going back into the rotation reminded me of the talk a decade or so ago about moving Clemens to the closer role. I've always enjoyed Clemens's response when asked about it at the ...

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