Face of the Franchise - All Time
After reading SubSonic's post below, I got curious and decided to see who was the first player to pop into my mind when I thought of each franchise. I didn't allow myself to THINK about it...

National League standings
The National League standings are quite interesting. Thanks to a surge by the Astros, the NL Central is over .500. Booyah! Could be another all-Central NLCS. The NL East ha...

WEHT Fernando Valenzuela's agent?
While watching today's TV broadcast of the Cardinals-Dodgers game, I remembered the main thing I associate with games in LA: Fernando Valenzuela's agent. In the 1980s and 1990s, he was in t...

Padres Have Become The Space Shuttle Of MLB.
They're both ready to explode.

The Rose Award For 7-30-05.
The Rose Award goes to Jay Payton of the Oakland Athletics, who went three-for-four with five RBI and scored two runs in a 9-5 win over the Detroit Tigers. Jay hit a grand slam wh...

Booing question
Pitcher does the old fake to third, turn and fake to first. If it's the hometown pitcher, no one does anything, but if it's the visiting pitcher, he gets booed by the crowd. Why ...

Face of the Franchise
For each of the MLB teams, who would you say serves as the "face of their franchise"? This would be the one guy, player or manager, who is most recognized or identified with the team. It's...

Classic Mike Cameron quote
in this week's SI. I was reading it this morning, I don't have it with me, but it was something to the effect of: Regarding trying to catch fly balls in the late afternoon with the sun...

The Rose Award For 7-29-05.
The Rose Award goes to Adam Dunn of the Cincinnati Reds, who went three-for-five with four RBI and scored two runs in a 8-3 win over the San Diego Padres. Adam hit a pair of two-r...

ESPN.com article on Ichiro
Here is a beautifully written article on Ichiro called "The Art of Being Ichiro". The summary is that Ichiro seems like a mysterious player, but behind some of the eccentricities is a regula...

The Rose Award For 7-28-05.
The Rose Award goes to Chase Utley of the Philadelphia Phillies, who went three-for-five with five RBI and scored one run in a 8-5 win over the Colorado Rockies. Chase hit a home ...

Prediction..Houston Astros On The Move..They Will Win Wild Card!
Houstonite says it all with the title, so it is speech of the day! http://freespeechstore.com/public/Sub_Public9/3284_Prediction__Houston%20Astros%20On%20The%20Move__They%20Will%20Win%20Wil...

Baseball bashing
Remember, how there was such an outcry against the MLB drug policy from almost all the media outlets? The NHL policy is weaker than MLB's and we rarely hear any complaints. --

highlight reel play--scoring
Saw a play on a highlight reel on TV this week. It went by so fast I didn't even notice who the team or the players were. Can someone help me on that? Anyway, the center fielder...

The Rose Award For 7-27-05.
The Rose Award goes to Mike Sweeney of the Kansas City Royals, who went three-for-seven with five RBI and scored two runs in a 6-5 win over the Chicago White Sox. Mike homered twi...

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The Road From Bristol
One of the best blog ideas I've seen in some time: http://www.bravesbeat.com/bravesjournal/bristol/ Vote for your favorite (or least favorite as the case may be). I'm sure e...

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The Rose Award For 7-26-05.
The Rose Award goes to Shea Hillenbrand of the Toronto Blue Jays, who went three-for-five with four RBI and scored one run in a 8-0 win over the Los Angeles Angels. Shea hit a thr...

Steve Bartman at Tonight's Giants/Cubs Game...
And I'm mildly surprised that nobody has done anything to him yet... =============================================================================== GO ANAHEIM ANGELS! ===========...

new to baseball, help w/scoring
One more then I'll leave you guys alone. How do you score the putout on a K? Is it a 1-2 putout or does the pitcher get credit for this one. I ask because I noticed catche...

Call on a play...
The first-baseman on my son's team dropped a flyball next to first tonight, then recovered, picking the ball up and tagging the base. Ground out? This game had a nice 9-3 g...

The Rose Award For 7-25-05.
The Rose Award goes to Eric Chavez of the Oakland Athletics, who went three-for-three with four RBI and scored three runs in a 13-4 win over the Cleveland Indians. Eric homered tw...

Baseball Reference Bullpen
Baseball-Reference.com is pleased to announce a new addition to the site. The Baseball Reference Bullpen is an on-line, collaborative baseball encyclopedia, http://www.basebal...

amazing trivia from tonights indians/A's game...
this struck me as amazing given 30 years and 35,000 or so games' worth of history that this had NEVER before happened! http://www.sportsline.com/mlb/gamecenter/recap/[email protected]

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Real Player shutdown during mlb.tv
My real player has been crashing and shutting down in the middle of my mlb.tv live streaming broadcast. Usually, it says it has encountered a problem and needs to shut down. I've tried reins...

The Rose Award For 7-24-05.
The Rose Award goes to Mike Piazza of the New York Mets, who went three-for-three with three RBI and scored one run in a 6-0 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers. This season has seen...

Joe Morgan on Harry Potter
Chris Lynch managed to track Joe down, and get his thoughts on the new Potter book. http://large-regular.blogspot.com/2005/07/joe-morgan-chats-about-half-blood.html * ...

OT-Do Not Read!
America the Beautiful The Pain of Patriotism By Joel Miller 07/23/05 "ICH" - -Patriotism is love of country. Like the pains of lost love the patriotic trauma resu...

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