Unusual Barry Bonds Card
If your interested in seeing a unique Barry Bonds "card" check out ebay for item 5213297571

Paradise Poker $1,000,000.00 Freeroll details......
http://www.paradisepoker.com/?adv_id=a_115b_121 1. How do I enter? There is NO Direct entry into the $1,000,000 main event. Players MUST win their seat into the main event through...

Bud Selig needs to be reined in..
What, exactly, did Sheffield do in his argument that was worth two days? He was incorrectly called out, the umpire was a jerkoff about it, and he argued. Big fucking deal. ...

The Rose Award For 6-29-05.
The Rose Award goes to Larry Walker of the St. Louis Cardinals, who went two-for-three with four RBI and scored two runs in a 11-3 win over the Cincinnati Reds. Larry hit two-run ...

How dare the Yanks talk about trading Sheffield
Since he doesn't want to go and says he will not go, I guess it's time for him to start slacking off, you know, so no teams will want him. AND THATS why he'll never be in the hall of fame. <...

Bushamerica - TX Rangers pitcher commits assault & battery
The state of TX should press criminal charges but they won't. TX is the criminal-coddling champion of america. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8409624/ Rangers' Rogers sends cam...

1964 & 1972 Roberto Clemente / 1971 & 1975 Nolan Ryan / 1966 Sandy Koufax / 1961 Roger Maris
1964 T Roberto Clemente & 1972 T Roberto Clemente http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5214247475 1971 T Nolan Ryan & 1975 T Nolan Ryan http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayIS...

The Rose Award For 6-28-05.
The Rose Award goes to Travis Hafner of the Cleveland Indians, who went three-for-five with six RBI and scored two runs in a 12-8 win over the Boston Red Sox. Travis hit a grand s...

Ed Wade firing Date prediction:
i predict it will be on my birthday July 29th

What's the matter with these people?
Bernie Williams goes apeshit on a water cooler in the dugout after a few outfield miscues? Oliver Perez and Kenny Rogers break bones and go on the DL due to dugout tantrums? What the hell ...

The Rose Award For 6-27-05.
The Rose Award goes to Vladimir Guerrero of the Los Angeles Angels, who went three-for-four with three RBI and scored two runs in a 13-3 win over the Texas Rangers. The Angels inc...

How to umpire a balk and hit-by-pitch
Q: With a runner on second, the pitcher balks, but continues to throw the pitch and hits the batter. What is the correct awarding of bases? Umpire Mike DiMuro: When you call...

Rule 6.07 -- batting out of turn
MLB's most illogical rule. But potentially one of the most exciting. According to the rule -- see 6.07(d)(2) -- if a player bats out of turn and the opposing team fails to appeal for ...

Rule 6.02(b)
Very interesting. One sentence in particular sticks out that umpires rarely enforce. And it annoys me every time. http://mlb.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/mlb/official_info/official_rules/batter...

Player to be named later
Hi! I've seen this all the time in trades. How does it work? I assume that it just can't be anyone who is "named later." Who decides who that player is - is it mututally agreed...

The Rose Award For 6-26-05.
The Rose Award goes to Jason Kendall of the Oakland Athletics, who went three-for-three with three RBI and scored three runs in a 16-0 win over the San Francisco Giants. Nick Swis...

Curt Schilling
What if anything do you think the Yankees or the Cardinals would have accomplished by bunting on Curt Schilling in the postseason last year? If you ever saw "The Stratton Story"....... ...

Popular cheers to young batters???
Does anyone know of a list of cheers for young batters? Such as ...: 1. "Be a hitter!" 2. "Wait on your pitch." 3. "Swing batter, batter." Thanks.

The Rose Award For 6-25-05.
The Rose Award goes to Cliff Floyd of the New York Mets, who went two-for-three with four RBI and scored three runs in a 10-3 win over the New York Yankees. Seems like everyone is...

Balk question...?
I've been fighting with my friend. Is it legal to get into the stretch, then step to first and throw as a pickoff move without taking your foot off the rubbber? ---------------...

The Rose Award For 6-24-05.
The Rose Award goes to Bret Boone of the Seattle Mariners, who went three-for-four with three RBI and scored three runs in a 14-5 win over the San Diego Padres. Bret hit a three-r...

Winning pct. vs. cumulative run differential
How unlikely is it for a team that's been outscored 305 to 300 to have won 43 of 73 games?

Three sac flies in one innings?
Last night Mets scored three times in an innings on three sacrifice flies. The Elias Sports Bureau was quoted on air as saying that this was the first time it had happened in an NL stadium...

What's the ruling?
the batter hits a deep and extremely high fly ball that may go out of the park for a home run. the outfielder sprints back to the low fence and before the ball comes down, slips and actually...

1994 World Series (not)
Memory time: did anyone from management or the players union ever apologize for causing the cancellation of the '94 Series? Steve

The Rose Award For 6-23-05.
The Rose Award goes to Miguel Cabrera of the Florida Marlins, who went four-for-five with six RBI and scored three runs in a 8-0 win over the Atlanta Braves. Dontrelle Willis pitc...

"Plans to build baseball stadium in Southeast receive a boost"
Plans to build baseball stadium in Southeast receive a boost The Supreme Court's ruling that local governments can take private property for commercial use is expected to bring a number of c...

Grand Slam of Poker
The Grand Slam of Poker has a no risk deal. http://www.gsp05.com/banner_re=ADferral/?id=3D3077 Just copy and paste the link above. Once you register you'll have to download...

Bonds will play in '07 if he can catch Aaron
http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=2093521 At 703, he's 52 home runs short of Aaron's 755. His lengthy contract expires at the end of 2006. He says he'll play...

MLB Draft Question
Hey guys - easy question, but one I'm confused about. If a type A free-agent is offered arbitration, but signs with another team, then the signing team gives up either a first or second rou...

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