Unique fantasy league -- franchise ownership simulation
Mendoza Baseball is a unique franchise ownership simulation game that is designed to simulate the economics, strategies and transaction rules of MLB as closely as possible. The scoring is ba...

500 hr club members
I'm reading a lot about Sosa and Palmeiro being the first 500 hr club members on the same team (with active 500 hrs); there were other teammates Mays/McCovey, Aaron/Matthews, but they weren'...

MLB Power Hour talking baseball tonight at 7 pm EST
Tune in live tonight at 7 pm EST to http://www.am1240wgbb.com/live.html.html for all the baseball you can handle as we recap all the Hot Stove happenings and countdown the days until pi...

New Hunting reality show
Have you heard about this new hunting reality TV show that's seeking participants? It's called "Hunting for Bambi" and it's like Fear Factor meets Girls Gone Wild. 6 guys get to hunt 12 nake...

Someone have data on active career Win Shares leaders?
Also, any Favorite Toy-type projections for final career totals? Of related interest is the frequency at which the 19 current non-pitching members (excludes only Young and Johnson anyw...

Yankees a 3 to 1 favorite to win World Series??!!
The number in this article seems way to optimistic.. Love the section A-Rod... hysterical... http://foxnews.servehttp.com

Will MLB come to Wembley Stadium
Sorry for the cross-posting but i just wondered what with the MLB holding opening games out of the US every couple of years. What are the chances of holding it at somewhere in the UK like We...

Greatest pitcher in NL history?
The sponsor of Seaver's page at bb-ref claims Seaver was "[t]he greatest pitcher in the history of the National League." That seems plausible to me, but you'd have to exclude his last 3 ye...

What a boring day. No football, no basketball to speak of. Can't wait until the Superbowl. Hope it is a good game. Well apparently Sammy is good. I am sure the trade will be appro...

Pittsburgh Pirates looking like...
Hey everyone, In a day when there are major market franchises and tiny market teams, if you are a fan of any of these small market franchises then you appreciate what the 2003 Flo...

Old-Time PWARs
Needing a new way to procrastinate from what I should be doing*, I decided to calculate and list the league leaders in PWAR for various years. I'll probably do AL and NL leaderboards ...

affiliate contact
I heard that there are super affiliates who partner with new affiliates to market their business/opportunity. I don't know how it works exactly so conatct me if you can fill me in.

MInor Legaue contracts signed this week
Were there a large number of minor league contracts signed this week? is there some deadline approaching? -- To reply via e-mail please delete 1 c from paccbell ...

"DC Ballpark has to be something special: would-be designers told city wants a new look linked to waterfront
Ballpark has to be something special The task for the architect of Washington's forthcoming ballpark in Southeast will be a daunting one: create a stadium that veers sharply away from t...

Most WS Rings For a Non-Hall of Famer?
Subject line asks the question. Does anyone know this one? I couldn't find it in Lee Sinin's tool. Clearly a Yankee, but who?

We've Been Taken Over By A Cult
January 27, 2005 The Military is Nowhere; the Press is Nowhere; the Congress is Nowhere... We've Been Taken Over By a Cult By SEYMOUR HERSH Editors' Note: T...

Ron Blomberg
Is there any reason why Ron Blomberg never got a chance to play full time? He was a career .293/.360/.473 hitter, with a 141 OPS+. Yet he never got more than 341 PAs in a season, and 1493 ...

To Yankee Fans:Revolt From King George!!
Like the original monarch from England,this off-season's moves and non-moves prove that the autocratic owner is going out just as senile and mad.Here's just a few gems: A 22...

Pedro Fails Physical with METS!!

Season Web Sites in Five Minutes
Web sites for youth teams and organizations improve communications, motivate kids, and allow distant relatives and friends to follow the activities of these teams. SeasonPlanner - 2004 (Wind...

Joe Morgan Invites You to Hang Out with Him
Baseball Hall of Famer, Joe Morgan donated his time to the Jackie Robinson Foundation. You and a lucky guest will get to spend the day with Joe Morgan, one of ESPN's Broadcasters.

Baseball in Canada ?
will Montreal get a Minor league team ? is there a market for baseball still in Montreal ? or anywhere ? Lynx here in Ottawa dying a slow death. all the Canadian Minor league teams ar...

(",) .............. Good News Everyone! ..............
Good News! Do you know how simple it is to go to Heaven after this life has ended? Some people believe that belonging to a local church, temple, mosque or synago...

Question about Jackie Robinson
Hi, I was curious what his record was in his very first game. Specifically, did he score the first run? If someone could answer this or point me in the right direction, I'd apprec...

END-TIMERS & NEO-CONS: The End Of Conservatives
http://www.zmag.org/content/showarticle.cfm?SectionID=76&ItemID=7056 ZNet | Politics End-Timers & Neo-Cons The End of Conservatives by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts; Jan...

NBA Basketball 2005, anyone played it yet?
Everyone's been talking about how you can download the NBA Basketball 2005 sim game from your cell phone. I think you have to send a text to NBA 69847. Has anyone tried it yet? I want to giv...

Oscar Gamble quote?
Attributed to Gamble: "They don't think it be like it is, but it do." Anyone know if he really said this, or is this an misattribution (or fabrication)? And if so, what the ...

The Passion of the Christ is YOU!
http://www.free-hoster.com/goodnews << click link for the GOOD NEWS!

Roger Clemens Interview tonight on the MLB Power Half-Hour radio show on www
Tune in to the MLB Power Half-Hour tonight at 7 pm est to hear archival interviews with newly re-signed Houston Astro ace, Roger Clemens as well as a live spot with MLB Insider C.J. Nitkowsk...

Pursue-the-Pennant type league, 1 team opening
Hello, I am Greg Abcarian, the IBL recruiter. IBL is not a fantasy league game, rather it uses a "tabletop" card and dice game that is similar to the old Pursue-the-Pennant game or Str...

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