Bradley cedes no ground to Artest as premier loose cannon -- "He started screaming to the officer something to the effect of, 'Why are you stopping my friend?' " Copley Township Police Chief Michael Mier said Mond...

OT (Sort of) Fun: Famous In Different Fields
I have always been fascinated by two types of fame: members of the same family who achieved success/fame in completely separate fields; and people who achieved success/fame in two or more ...

Hitting-Streak Candidates
The players most apt to get hitting streaks are those whose plate appearances most often turn into hits. You can't tell that from batting average, because batting average only looks at off...

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With his latest CY young, his HOF monitor at baseball-reference went over 300 at 311. Also, he now has exactly twice as many wins as losses, very impressive for a 300 game winner....

HOF picks for 2005
I think the only one who will make it is Boggs. I'd sure like to see Gossage get in.

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Same Name Trivia, Have Fun...
Better clues are given as it progresses. They share a first name, and they played the same position. . . . . . . ...

Most years as a liveing HOFer
Updating the list I made two years ago... 44 DiMaggio 44 Gehringer 42 FELLER 41 Hubbell 39 Dickey 36 Williams, T 35 MUSIAL 35 Terry 34 Sisle...

Most useless stat?
Just a random survey for fun. In your opinion, what is the most useless, or misleading, baseball statistic? -- The best part about having kids is making them.

Where do you think Pedro will go? I think he'll just stay with the red sox. I sure hope he doesn't go to the Yankees.

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1961 Yankees - The Best Team Ever??
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a kid, 1961 was a pivotal year. My lifelong love of music began that year, and baseball was front and c...

Heisman/MLB trivia (was Bo Jackson feature)
Maybe this is an "old" question, but only 2 people have won the Heisman Trophy and also played major league baseball. Bo Jackson, of course, and..... Carlton

Why do catchers call pitches?
Someone asked me this recently. Why do catchers call pitches, especially when the pitcher can shake him off? Why not have the pitcher flash a sign that says what will be coming? My only g...

Opinions on Kendall Trade
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0044_01C4D3C1.E76BB140 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Championship! enjoy the game and get the prize!
Wow!! I got a big news!! maybe some of you already know it.. There'll be held "The 1st Shot-Online US Open" during the Christmas season!! It'll begin from 11/29 (Mon), and the of...

The Seans and their database
The Sean Forman / Lahman database through 2004 is out. This means I have wasted, and will waste, absurd amounts of time tinkering with their work. 1) What is the smallest number of s...

Greatest hitters and pitchers ?
anyone know what the greatest batting average and best ERA is ever in majors, minors, or college baseball ? thanks

The most surprising career record for active pitcher.
I didn't know that David Wells is 212-136 lifetime, pretty impressive (despite his 4.00 ERA).

"Baseball adopts Nationals name"
Baseball adopts Nationals name The Expos were rechristened the Washington Nationals yesterday with a few glitches and a tussle but just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

Buck O'Neil
I have been recently watching the series Baseball by Ken Burns for the fifth time or so. It struck me that a lot of people interviewed are now dead: Curt Flood, Happy Chandler, Red Barber, A...

Got a great online golf game..
wow, I found new online golf game, Shot-Online. I really love playing golf, but there's no enough time to go to field.. so I tried to find some nice golf game and finally! I got ...

Just can't see Percival in any other uniform other than an Angels uniform....some players I just can't see in any other uni but the ones they are wearing.

Lahman52 now available!
Woo hoo! Fo those not familiar with Sean Lahman's magnum opus yet, it's one of the most massively useful stats packages you will ever find for major league baseball. ...

Selig vs. Stern
Stern has a serious pair of balls. Selig, as evidenced by his treatment of the Rangers' players in Oakland this year, does not. -- Why pay money to have your family tree traced;...

Washington Senators?
Why not name the new Washington team the Senators?

Argentina South American Champion
By beating Brazil in the final series 3-0, Argentina won the *South American Baseball Championship* , held in the National Argentina Baseball Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina. ...

Ken Burns Baseball, DVD
I bought the Ken Burns Baseball DVD set some time ago on EBay and one of the DVDs came unwatchable. I think it's due to scratches. I tried using one of those repair kits but it didn't work...

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