Yankees' preference for ALDS opponent
The conventional wisdom being that any team would want to avoid having to face Santana twice in a 5-game series, why did the Yankees not attempt to throw last game, or even last 2...

Portland, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Newark
With the Montreal Expos moving to Washington, D.C. I think now would be a good time to raise the possibility of expansion to areas that want a major league team. This could be balanced with ...

DC team's new should should be
"The Team Formerly Known as the Expos" and they could have a Prince-like sign on their caps. Anything but the Senators, Nationals or Monuments (or Buzz, Law, Sting, Heat, Frizz, S...

Cubs gagging
Another 12-inning loss to the Reds today. Nomar bunted in the 12th with a runner on first AND ONE OUT. Apparently bunting for a hit, but still, that's pretty weird. Prior's 9 innings with...

The Rose Award For 9-29-04.
The Rose Award goes to Carlos Lee of the Chicago White Sox, who went four-for-five with six RBI and scored two runs in a 11-2 win over the Detroit Tigers. Carlos hit a grand slam ...

If Bonds IBB's were normal...
...would he have the Triple Crown? I say he'd be at least close...same/similar BA, 54+ HR, 120+ RBI. Close. They not only minimize his ability to drive in runs when it is mo...

Season Tickets
Hello Guys, I was just wondering wheither there are any ballclubs who have a waiting list for season tickets like the Cubs or the Yankees?. Thanks in Advance!, Regards,...

(POLL) Who will represent the AL in the World Series?
Who will represent the AL in the World Series?. What do you think?. Regards, NUFC_1892

Tribute to the Expos
Americans contend that Montreal is solely a hockey city and that baseball had no place there. Let me set the record straight. Montreal had a franchise in the International League for m...

Ballpark issues divide D.C. council
Ballpark issues divide council A Major League Baseball team may be destined to take the field in the District, but where that ballpark will be and who will pay for it is far from a done...

Pitcher shot on team bus (he's ok)
This is a new one... http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=1891804 --WK

Minor league team for Montreal?
Just putting the idea out there. I believe this is only the third time time in the modern era (Baltimore 1903 and D.C. 1971) in which a team move leaves an area without major...

Neural Network to predict HOF status?
Does anyone know if a study has ever been done using a neural network to predict whether or not a player will be inducted into the Hall of Fame based on his career stats? You could train the...

1981 regular and postseason
I know there was a work stoppage in 1981, but often I have wondered who concieved the ridiculous format utilized for what was salvaged of the 1981 season and subsequent postseason. I was p...

What a Deal!
The Expos-to-Washington deal includes the city's financing the $440 million stadium, paying for the land the stadium is built on, as well as giving the new owners complete ownership of st...

question: why always run on 3-2 pitch with 2 out?
I know everybody's talking end-of-season stuff, but I have long wondered why it is standard practice for baserunners to take off on a 3-2 pitch with 2 out. This has seemed especially odd to...

Walking Bonds
Here is the chart of the number of runs the Giants would be expected to score for each of the 24 possible combination of outs and base runners if Bonds is walked or if he is pitched to......

The Rose Award For 9-28-04.
The Rose Award goes to Vladimir Guerrero of the Anaheim Angels, who went four-for-five with five RBI and scored three runs in a 8-2 win over the Texas Rangers. Angels' pitcher Kel...

More fun at Kenny Williams's expense
From Peter Gammons's June 7, 2004 article: http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/gammons/story?id=1817321 "One young player who is not available in a deal is Joe Borchard. "No way will I ...

Willie Mays, 50 years ago - NY Times
http://www.nytimes.com/2004/09/29/sports/baseball/29vecsey.html?hp FIFTY years ago today, Willie Mays made one of the great catches in the history of the World Series, tracking ...

Who *should* win Manager of the year
I keep hearing about Showwalter and Cox, but it should be: Gardenhire of the Twins in the AL. A mediocre team, still keeps winning and winning big. and Tracy of t...

Name that team
What should the new Washington team be named? I've seen the following as suggestions: Washington Insiders Washington Pork Barrel Washington Spin Doctors Washington...

VHOF: second 2001 ballot results, first 2003 ballot call
Dennis Eckersley edged out Robin Roberts on the strength of a tie-breaker (first place votes) to win the second of two elections for 2001. Roberts will likely now become the "bubble" candid...

Int. Walk Ichiro - PLEASE
When an American ball player was playing in Japan a few years ago, this American was about to beat the Single Season HR record for the Japanese league. THeir Japanese here was not to b...

The idiocy of the 162-vs-154 debate
Ty Cobb, George Sisler, and Ichiro is going for the single-season record for hits. Ned Williamson, Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, Mark McGwire, and Barry Bonds all broke the single season record ...

major pro sports deserting canada since mid 90s...
in 1995, canada had 12 franchises in the four major sports: MLB's toronto blue jays and montreal expos; NBA's vancouver grizzlies and toronto raptors; and NHL's montreal canadiens, toronto m...

Milton Bradley self-destructs
Check out the highlights. He put hs own anger ahead of his team -- To reply via e-mail please delete 1 c from paccbell

Playoff Fantasy Baseball Challenge
The 2004 Wild Card Sports, Fantasy Baseball Playoff Challenge is back! http://www.wildcardsports.com/contests/PlayoffBaseball/PicksForm.htm We've got the form ready to go, but mo...

Deal for Angelos
The deal reportedly to be announced tomorrow: - Minimum guaranteed Oriole annual revenue - Minimum guaranteed Oriole team resell value Angelos is set for life. Who said he ...

Anything official yet??
Since I'm in the DC market now, it'll be nice not to have to drive six hours to see the Mets play... Also, if they become the Washington Senators, any chance MLB gives them the Se...

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