Mets Platoon
Has there ever been a platoon like Phillips and Piazza have? I know Ruth switched back and forth from left to right. That is not what I am talking about. I'm looking for 2 distinctly...

The Rose Award For 6-29-04.
The Rose Award goes to Eric Munson of the Detroit Tigers, who went two-for-four with four RBI and scored one run in a 9-7 win over the Cleveland Indians. This game went 11 innings.

least career wins by a 20-game winer
Any info on which 20-game winner has the least amount of career wins? I imagine there are a few out there who flamed out quickly. Both Herb Score and Wayne Garland won 20 in a year and onl...

The baseball Crank -- whatever happened to him?
I stumbled across a website called The Baseball Crank ( hosted by one Matthew Wall. I found the articles there to be pretty well-written. Unfortunately...

Best Baseball Movie ever?
What film gets your vote?. Regards, Ben Smith

Another home run question
When Sheffield hits his 400th home run later this year, that will make ten active players with 400 or more. Has there ever been a time in history when there were ten active players with that...

Forbes world's highest-paid athletes interesting notes: #1 - Tiger Woods $80M (88% from endorsements) #2 - Michael Schumacher $80M (highest salar...

The Rose Award For 6-28-04.
The Rose Award goes to David Bell of the Philadelphia Phillies, who went four-for-four with six RBI and scored two runs in a 14-6 win over the Montreal Expos. David becomes the si...

ISO: Extra Yankee/Sox Tickets
i'm in nyc.. email me if you have extras you are selling.. looking for 2 for any night... thanks!! sandy

Pitching query CWS
I was watching the last few innings of the NCAA College Series with Texas V CFS last night and noticed something about the Texas pitcher and his mechanics. When he went into his wind up, he ...

The Rose Award For 6-27-04.
The Rose Award goes to Ruben Sierra of the New York Yankees, who went two-for-three with five RBI and scored two runs in a 11-6 win over the New York Mets, in the second game of a doublehead...

RIP Mack Jones of the original Expos. :-( Tom

Hank Greenberg stats
Greenberg is featured on baseball reference today. Anyone ever look at his stats? Basically, he's got nine full seasons and parts of a few others and put up some superb stats. Everyone talks...

Ricciardi experiment a failure
The stat fan favourite, JP Ricciardi, has pretty much destroyed baseball in Toronto. Not only is the team dismal on the field, (15 games out) but fan interest is at an all-time low. The ne...

ESPN Coverage
Hi, Is there anywhere where i can find what MLB games ESPN will be covering until the end of the regular 2004 Baseball season?. Many Thanks, Ben Smith

Ticketing question
Hello, Im an MLB fan from across the pond (England) and i wondered wheither Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox tickets can normally be purchased on the day of a ballgame or are th...

The Rose Award For 6-26-04.
The Rose Award goes to Jeff Liefer of the Milwaukee Brewers, who went two-for-three with four RBI and scored one run in a 7-2 win over the Minnesota Twins. Jeff homered for the fi...

Stupid question about ASG voting
This has surely happened before, but I noticed that Carlos Beltran is stil on the AL ballot. Assuming he gets enough votes, which league would he start for? Phil -- As ...

Another victory in the revolution I haven't seen this guy David Leonhardt in the Times before. This is a very promising first effort.

Rare Painting of Don Denkinger Making "The Call"
With the Cardinals playing the Royals now, there's much talk about Don Denkinger. Denkinger also got mentioned as making the worst call of all time in a recent list of wrong calls.

Van Landingham
Does anyone know what happened with William Van Landingham? He was with the Giants and then the Angels and then ...?

Franchise Hits / Home Runs / RBIs (Trivia)
What nine players lead a franchise in all time Hits, Home Runs and RBIs?

Night Game Start Times
As we all know, night games for MLB teams generally start at 705p local time, with a smattering of night games starting at 715p and 735p. But when I was a kid just starting to follow b...

Most Pointless Trades in Baseball
"Worst Trades in Baseball" thread is from the pessimist's point of view--for one team the trades were great. However, there are always the trades that "hurt both teams." Somewhere there mu...

Who was the first relief pitcher to ever pitch an all-star game?
Anyone know? Thanks! :)

What if Frank Howard played today?
Frank Howard in my opinion is one of the most underrated home run hitters of all time. He hit some towering home runs, and stood 6 foot 7 and weighed 255 pounds!! And those physical dimensio...

Left-handed, right-eyed
Recently my son took an archery lesson through the Cub Scouts and the instructor did an exercise to determine what their dominant eye was. He noted that about 1/3 of people are "cross-domina...

The Rose Award For 6-25-04.
The Rose Award goes to Larry Walker of the Colorado Rockies, who went four-for-four with five RBI and scored four runs in a 10-8 win over the Cleveland Indians. The game went 10 i...

Channel 5
Channel 5 in the United Kingdom will show the New York Yankees vs New York Mets this Sunday (27th June 2004), live from Yankee Stadium. SHOW STARTS: 1.50am

Hi, What is seen as the bigger rivalry in America?. NYY V NYM orthe BoSox v NYY?. Thanks, Ben Smith

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