bodies breaking down? STEROIDS!
how come caminitti, mcgwire, brady anderson, canseco and more STEROID users had their bodies BREAK DOWN, while bonds' hasn't? legit answes please.

Trivial Pursuit Question from Baseball Prospectus
Just noticed this question today, from card #572 of the 20th Anniversary Edition of Trivial Pursuit: "What 2000 NL batting champ inspired _Baseball_Prospectus_ to exult: "There ar...

All-Time Baseball Showdown: The Final 64 is Set!
The Final 64 teams have clawed their way to the "Big Dance" of the All-Time Baseball Showdown. Almost 2000 of the initial 2040+ teams have been eliminated. Detail results, brackets, and ...

See the World Poker Tour!!
**FREE $25 POKER CHIP AT PARTYPOKER.COM!!! **WANT ANOTHER FREE $50...BE ONE OF THE FIRST 10 TO SIGN UP!!! click here and to download: ...

Re: Europe vs USA
In news:[email protected], [email protected] <[email protected]> typed: > "Michele Dall'Agata" <[email protected]> wrote in > message ...

Re: Europe vs USA
In news:[email protected], Daniel Seriff <[email protected]> typed: >> Actually I found out that not native English speakers can...

Re: Europe vs USA
In news:[email protected], Daniel Seriff <[email protected]> typed: >> Haha. Propaganda about pizza. As if it would change anyth...

Re: Europe vs USA
In news:[email protected], Texas Longhorns <[email protected]> typed: > "Paolo Pizzi" <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:i...

Do writers want steriods?
For all the balley hoo about how swful they are, we all know writers have jobs because of controversy. A boring sport is not a sport people want to read about. It's why "chemistry" and "club...

Looking for 1-2 Owners, San Jose (SF Bay Area), Mixed League
Looking for 1-2 owners to join a well established (over 10 years), 5 x 5 Mixed Draft League. The league is located in the San Jose bay area and is very competitive and active so we're lookin...

what is a pennant race?
can someone tell me what that is? I have to do a school report on baseball and this is something I have to talk about. Also whatever it is does it take place in August? Thank you.

Got the book
BP 2004 arrived yesterday. So far, my favorite player comment is Brandon Puffer.

Toe Nash
any word on Toe Nash? is he still in baseball? -- Ben B

VHOF: 1992 results, 1993 ballot
The Virtual Hall of Fame is located at Ralph Kiner moved up from second place in 1991 to first place in 1992. Willie Wells con...

Why put tape on a metal bat ?
I think the original reason tape was put on a wooden bat's barrell was to mark the sweet spot to help the batter with bat control during BP. Now I see metal Fungo bats that the coaches use ...

--WebTV-Mail-19931-710 Content-Type: Text/Plain; Charset=US-ASCII Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7Bit --Web...

Bonds strange behavior "During a rare moment when Rhodes was not present, an ESPN reporter went up to Bonds, who respond...

Bargain of the year?
According to today's paper, Marcus Giles signed a one year deal for 443,000. I can't find anything on it on ESPN. Maybe it is 4.4 million?

Re: Europe vs USA
In news:[email protected], Daniel Seriff <[email protected]> typed: > On Tue, 2 Mar 2004 4:13:10 -0600, Michele Dall'Agata wrote >...

Re: Europe vs USA
In news:[email protected], Paolo Pizzi <[email protected]> typed: > Daniel Seriff wrote: > That's hilarious. Did you actual...

"As bad as the Black Sox scandal" - Aaron As bad as the Black Sox scandal? Did Henry Aaron really believe that Bonds never took steroids? The only thin...

Rose to be inducted into HOF ...
... The World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame. -- cjn

Stats and steroids
Ron Matthews trolled: > Bonds apologists are now the laughingstock. Why is it that all the > people who hate Pete Rose love Baby Bonds and vice versa? I thought you k...

what are the best baseball video games.
I have played a couple of baseball games but i am afraid to buy any news ones because I am afraid that they will stink. What i am lookin for is a game that has roster management options such...

All-Time Baseball Showdown: End of Preliminaries
I have reached the end of the preliminary rounds of my 2048 team - triple elimination tournament. Almost 5000 matchups have been completed, and 3/4 of the teams have been eliminated (incl...

I didn't inject.
I wish you guys would stop jumping to wild conclusions. I mean, yeah, I'm a longtime customer of BALCO. Yes, they admitted distributing steroids to several MLB players. Yeah, BALCO created a...

Let's Assume that Bonds is Proven to Have Used Steroids
Let's Assume that Bonds is Proven to Have Used Steroids. I'm not making accusations just making an assumption for the sake of asking a question here. If it is proven that Bonds, Giambi, et...

Baseball Video's
What Baseball video's do you own?. Regards, Ben Smith

Baseball Video's
What Baseball video's do you own?. Regards, Ben Smith

SF Chronicle reports Bonds received steroids
As well as Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield, Marvin Benard, Benito Santiago, and Randy Velarde.

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