the tallest "decent" players by position
--WebTV-Mail-4144-496 Content-Type: Text/Plain; Charset=US-ASCII Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7Bit not counting some tall guy who may have had a cup of coffee or two in t...

80th Birthday
Al Rosen was born Feb. 29, 1924. Where does his 1953 season rank among best seasons ever at 3B? -- "Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance. It is a sp...

World Series Matchups
While pondering one thing and another, I thought of an interesting off-season type of question- what were the best ever World Series matchups by position? By this, I mean the single Serie...

SUPER OIL!!! Oil Can Bonds
If this isn't a flat out admittal that Bonds is hitting the needle, then I don't know what is... This is just patheti...

Shocker, Huggins, Gehrig
Dying young was certainly more common then than it is now. But this seems unusual. In about 10 years, the Yankees had three people in uniform leave the team because they were dying? Granted,...

Sal Maglie
Does anyone here know how well he pitched in the Mexican League from 1946-1949? If it was as well as he pitched in 1945, 1950, and 1951 for the Giants, he may be one of the most underappreci...

San Jose (SF Bay Area) Mixed League, 1-2 Owners Needed
Looking for 1-2 owners to join a well established (over 10 years), 5 x 5 Mixed Draft League. The league is located in the San Jose bay area and is very competitive and active so we're lookin...

Opinions?: Reyes and Cabrera
What do people think of the futures of Jose Reyes and Miguel Cabrera? (And how do I show accent marks here without using HTML?) -- "Prohibition will work great injury to the caus...

Decrepit Home Run Hitters
Does anyone here know if any of Ron Gant, Ray Lankford, and Brady Anderson are still trying to get major league jobs? -- "Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of tempe...

I think people are forgetting that Vlady will be hitting in front of Garret Anderson - he should get better hit selection, and could very well have his best season - they were able to pitch ...

Good baseball magazine?
Hi, Is there a good basball magazine that I can subscribe to and get sent to England? I'm looking for something that gets published monthly and contains goos present day and histo...

Roger Maris still holds the record...
...because Bonds, McGwire (steroids) and Sosa (cork) all cheated. Pete Rose never cheated. cordially, as always, rm

Re: Why Americans are fat and smelly?
On Thu, 26 Feb 2004 23:17:16 GMT, Lady Veteran <[email protected]> wrote: >-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- >Hash: SHA1 > >On Thu, 26 Feb 2004 05:51:26 ...

Autographed Baseball Cards
Please E-Mail me form my complete list of autographed baseball cards I currently have in stock and for sale. This is a very large list which includes over 8,000 authentic autographed cards ...

Cardinal Pink?
Received payment today from the St. Louis Cardinals for a bunch of Pow'r Wrap bat weights. The envelop and check are both light pink colored! I thought it was something from Mary Kay comesti...

Hiram Bithorn and 2003 Park Factors
So I was looking at the 2003 NL park factors at, and I noticed that there seem to be a lot of anomalies. First, Coors, which typically is in the 120-130 range (for BPF...

Where's Henderson?
I know this is the yearly question, but I've been trying to find out where he's trying to play this year and he doesn't appear to be on any roster. Anyone know what's up with him or is it fi...

All-time baseball showdown
You can follow the progress of my almost all MLB team tournament at the following link 2040ish teams from baseball history in ...

Barry Bonds - steroid man
The truth is going to come out on this eventually and his home runs will be "tainted".

Question about MLB.TV's streaming games.
If you purchase this, can you watch the games anytime, or is it only live? Reason I ask, is I work when most games are on, and won't bother purchasing if they don't run the games more then o...

Re: Toupee anyone....LOL
Search Result 1 From: SavoyBG ([email protected]) Subject: Toupee anyone....LOL Date: 2003-10-31 18:33:39 PST <<ROFL!!!!!!! This picture is almost 10 years old........

Suggestions for new fans?
Greetings, Could someone make a recommendation to help this budding baseball fan out? My friends and I are starting to really get in to baseball and were looking for tw...

Jr Dirtbags, Youth Baseball Team
Support Youth Baseball, support our Dirtbags. Your donations will help fund tournament fees, uniforms, equipment, field maintenance and underprivelaged players that need help paying for exp...

you can test me every day
What do you think Barry is trying to say here, that he doesn't do steroids currently that he never did steroids that he doesn't do illegal steroids currently that he never di...

Greatest 3B ever - A-Rod?
Assuming A-Rod fields the position very well (which I expect, considering he was a good SS), who would you want at 3B? Schmidt? A-Rod? Personally, I say Schmidt's done it over a...

Baseball Games
Does anybody on this NG tape games of the TV?. Regards, Ben Smith

**One Million FREE Visitors**
How To Get 1 Million Visitors On Your Web Site Without Paying A Dime In advertising ! Are you frustrated by the lack of traffic coming to your site? If I would tell you t...

VHOF: 1991 results, 1992 ballot
The Virtual Hall of Fame is located at Gaylord Perry gets into the VHOF this year in a fairly easy election. Holdovers continu...

We need more Baseball here in the United Kingdom as we only get it on a Sunday & Wednesday here on Channel 5. We have a channel called NASN but its a subscription channel. D...

[OT Troll] What *YOU* can do to help get rid of the anonymous troll.
[Follow-ups set to poster. Please email me with any discussion, rather than discussing it in the group.] As the operators of the anonymous services are refusing to respond to comp...

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