Stength Of Schedule
A poster named Tednye just put this in an internet newsgroup... Below are the 30 MLB teams ranked by difficulty of schedule. Tampa Bay has it very tough this year facing teams which on...

More on Pete Rose
Couple of one-liners from our local newspaper: Michael Ventre of, on Rose's chances of being named to the Casino Legends Hall of Fame in Las Vegas: "The sticking point seems...

New Red Sox Board
There is a new fan forum starting up for Red Sox and Boston sports fans at Die hard fans are invited to the message boards, and we are looking ...

BIG as a Freakin' Whale !! (OK, Majorly O.T.)
Utah basketball coach Rick Majerus will resign at the end of the season after his latest health problem put him in the hospital with chest pains. Have you seen this Moby ...

Actually, this was originally a football joke, but it works just as well in baseball (I hope)... The GM for the Phillies has been building himself a fine baseball team: his ...

Aaron Boone = schmuck
Boone could be out for season with torn ACL Updated: Monday January 26, 2004 6:08PM By Tom Verducci, NEW YORK ( -- New York Yankees third baseman Aaron Boone...

Is Aramis Ramirez available?
If the Yankees threw money and spare parts (2nd tier prospects, because they don't have top prospects) at the Cubs, would they trade him? Whom do they have behind him at the position? ...

More Pete Rose Wisdom
My favorite part of Rose's interview in U. S. News & World Report - Pete states: If I were talking to kids about gambling, I'd tell them, if you're going to gamble, or you're going to ...

Wantlists Filled
Hi, Do you have sets that you can't finish?Well send us your list or lists and i am sure Hi,we can help.We have access to over a million cards.So send us your list today.Rapid Res...

TOB Trivia
Who holds the record for the most times on base in a season among right-handed hitters? It's tied for the 18th highest season overall at 331. (Jeter in 1999 is 4th among righties with 322 TO...

Times On Base
A greatly under-recognized measure of accomplishment: First, here are the top 10 all time: 1 5929 Pete Rose 2 5532 Ty Cobb 3 5343 Rickey Henderson 4 530...

Speaking of Orosco...
This was written on 4/21/03....I'm sure it's been quoted before in this NG before but it's a real eye opener (For some reason I didn't save the byline, so I have no idea of the author or pub...

Urbina Fires Shots from SUV!
Those blasted trouble-making SUV's are in the news again! Relevance to the story = 0. From the Baltimore Sun: Urbina arrested on weapons charges Police: Free-agen...

A "SIGN" of hope ?
At the CVS today I saw the first 2004 Baseball Mag. for sale: Sporting News' "Fantasy Baseball ", I think. And the Football mags are about gone too. There's hope in Mudville yet...

Starting times for world series games?
I'm trying to find a site that lists the starting times of World Series games going back to 1970 or so (I know they were all day games before '71). A few years ago, a friend showe...

Favorite Toy: 3000 Hits
Using James' old Favorite Toy, here are the folks estimated at at least 20% to get 3000 hits. Personally, I don't think the FT is as good as my off the cuff guesses for players in their late...

Brouthers' defense
In a recent discussion here, at least one poster argued for Roger Connor over Dan Brouthers because the value of first base defense back then (both perceived and actual). In reading "Tale of...

Signed baseball cards
Please E-Mail me form my complete list of autographed baseball cards I currently have in stock and for sale. This is a very large list which includes over 8,000 authentic autographed cards ...

Rose Book Signing at Casino Brilliant move, Pete. This is a new level of stupidity even for him. -- Lance [email protected] ...

Pete Rose
What is the general consensus of this group relating to Rose? Should he be fully reinstated? Are the writers being pompus? Are there really worse people in the Hall than him? Etc.

Typo on Babe Ruth's HOF plaque
His HOF plaque says he began playing in 1915. Actually, it was 1914.

[INFO] Oldest living ex-major leaguers
Merv Connors, who appeared in 52 games at 1B and 3B for the Chicago White Sox in 1937 and 1938, celebrates his 90th birthday today, January 23rd. Connors is one of 51 former major league...

Offseason offtopic help requested
Yeah, I know this isn't the right group, but, a: Any group where this would be the right question would require me to either wait before asking or violate the "lurk one month before po...

Re: Techy Appraisal
"Dvd Avins" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:... > Shortest beak shot: 189.2 189.1

King Tut's baseball sign-and-trade might finally come true
Thursday, January 22, 2004 Counteroffer coming; Florida remains an option -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ news serv...

the chicago whiteosx will win the world series in 2004, go sox!

Techy Appraisal
Where am I going wrong, my best game is 250.1 Regards Pete

Orosco retires!
Who is the new king? I mean he was an easy running joke "even older than orosco" and "around longer than Orosco" were fun. Now I have to cheer for Pat Borders to get a place...

Proof that Bush wants to be commissioner?
I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet. Did anyone watch Bush's State of the Union address last night? Did you notice his plea for sports leagues to crack down on steroid use? It came r...

VHOF: 1965 results, 1980 ballot
The Virtual Hall of Fame is located at After an inexplicably long vote-counting, the VHOF electors have chosen Harry Heilmann ...

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