Pete Rose to admit to gambling on baseball?
Rose May Say He Gambled on Baseball in New Book By IRA BERKOW, The New York Times (Dec. 31) - A new autobiography of Pete Rose is scheduled to hit bookstores next week amid...

New name for Big A
The Angels announced Monday 29th December 2003, that their stadium will be known as Angel Stadium of Anaheim for the 2004 season.

An end to corporate naming?
It seems that the Angels are bucking the trend toward increased corporatization of baseball. Edison International is pulling out of their stadium naming deal with the Angels- the contract a...

SonOfSamHorn Site now open to public
The SonOfSamHorn Site now open to public.

The worst sports cliches of 2003
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Gene Collier has been handing out a Trite Award to the worst sports cliche for the past 20 years (dating back to his days at the Pittsburgh Press). His co...

A Very Late Swing
Leadoff batter with an 0-2 count watches the next pitch sail over his and the catcher's heads. As the pitch rolls to the backstop, the batter swings his bat over the plate and runs to fir...

Let A-Rod stay in Texas
A-Rod made his bed three years ago. He chose an agent whose only concern is getting the most money, with no regard to the player's career or future. That's what A-Rod wanted, and that's wh...

BIG $$ For AllStar Game Tickets
I am NOT a ticket broker. I live in NY and would like to attend ALL three days of the AllStar festivities and would like to buy 2 or 3 tickets together in the first 10 rows or so of section...

Ron Belliard?
Oooooooooh, order the rings. The Tribe is going all the way with Ron F-r-i-c-k-i-n Beliiard at 2b. He's fatter than Bartolo Colon, but its worse cause he actually has to move his fat behind....

More Selig
"You wouldn't have seen Anaheim [2002] or Florida [2003] in a World Series if this were 10 years ago," Selig told USA Today. "I'm convinced there will be other manifestations of revenue shar...

I Hate Tim McCarver Home Page & Message Board
I Hate Tim McCarver Home Page & Message Board

Jeter loves the holiday season
Jeter takes time during December to visit children in hospitals and give gifts to underprivileged youngsters around the Metropolitan area. Last Thursday, Jeter and his Turn 2 Foundatio...

New York Times Article
This was an interesting article. Zimbalist took the Brewers to task about what is going on with the slashing of payroll. In the article he said the Brewers recieve all stadium revenue. Do...

Great show on CNBC
I just got done watching a show hosted by Tim Russert on CNBC. It took place at the Yogi Berra Museum, and featured a roundtable discussion about various (baseball) subjects and included Ga...

Can the Tigers compete?
If they try hard enough, they can beat the 1962 Mets and hold the new record for 1901 on! But can they do it, or will they blunder into enough victories to avoid that honor? Brad...

Collusion/Antitrust Exemption Connection
Something occurred to me as I was reading about the Union's move to collect evidence of possible collusion by MLB owners: is it possible that the fact that Baseball has an anti-trust exempti...

We all know that Arod is one of the best players in the game obviously and we would all like him on our team. But I'm really suprised how Red Sox fans have turned on there hero. I went to se...

Hey, happy whatever everyone
Whatever you may or may not observe during this time of year, I hope y'all have a good one. That's not to say that I want you to have a miserable Arbor Day or anything, but if I passed on wi...

Baseball quote laugh of the day
Read this and try and keep a straight face, from USA Today: Tom Hicks, owner of the Texas Rangers "Alex wants to compete in the postseason, but he also wants to help Texas b...

Wishing a rotten new year... the folks at Real Networks, who refuse to delete the $14.95 charge they put on my account for MLB.TV in October. How stupid of me to have subscribed for September. <...

A-Rod vs. Jeter
A guy on another board ran a simlation, A-Rod vs. Jeter. Even with the two of them given the same fielding ability, the A-Rods still trounced the Jeters.... Message 7 of 7 Subjec...

Why arbitration?
What benefit is there for either the player or (particularly) the team for arbitration? Meaning if a team and/or a player cannot agree to a specific contract, why not just let them go their...

Bleacher Bums Online Baseball Game
Anyone interested in joining a league using an online baseball simulation that is in development ? I have about 20 slots open. The game is called Bleacher Bums Baseball, and if you joi...


BIG $$ for 2004 All Star Game Tickets
I am NOT a ticket broker. I live in NY and would like to attend ALL three days of the AllStar festivities and would like to buy 2 or 3 tickets together in the first 10 rows or so of section...

More lies from the idiot -- To reply via e-mail please delete one c from paccbell

2004 Major League Baseball All-Star game
July 13 2004: All-Star Game @ Houston

Favorite Staduim
I'm planning to visit a few staduims in the east coast this summer (yankee , shea, fenway, camden). I was wondering what is the best ballpark you have ever visited besided your teams stadium...

New Addition
New addition to my webpage, my top 50 of the 1980's...... MY TOP 50 RECORDINGS FROM THE 1980's 1 Hepno Beat Dynamic Hepnotics - 81 2 Pride And...

ADV: Baseball-Reference Update December 21, 2003
The 2003 stats are done. The postseason stats have been added and some gaps in the earlier 2003 update have been closed. The 2003 game logs have been added, so the game and schedule sectio...

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