Brewers moving to D.C.
I'd bet on this PROUDLY TROLLING SINCE 1997 --"Someone yelled 'Take a knee' ...I was new to this and didn't want to fuck, I tucked the ball under my arm and took the knee...

Otis Nixon
I was just perusing his page on and noticed that he's fifteenth on the all-time stolen base list, yet has a HOF Monitor of only 2.5 and a Standards of only 15.1. Is t...

If I owned the Devil Rays...
If I owned the Devil Rays, I'd change the dimensions of the playing surface. Right now, left to right, in feet, the distance from home plate to the wall is: 315-370-410-404-404-370-322...

Hockey's CBA
I am sorry if I am rehashing the same old arguments here, but I keep hearing about this subject and I get frustrated and so I would like to vent. First off I want to say that I ...

Hockey's CBA
I am sorry if I am rehashing the same old arguments here, but I keep hearing about this subject and I get frustrated and so I would like to vent. First off I want to say that I ...

Trivia questions
California has four teams: the A's, Giants, Dodgers and Angels. What player has been on all four teams? The Yankees, Mets, Dodgers and Giants have all played in New York. What two...

We shared a teammate (quiz)
The following pairs of players shared a common teammate; that is, a player that played with both of them. None of the middle links are obscure players, but it may require a little head-scra...

Bonds-Mays interview on Thanksgiving
11/26/2003 3:55 PM ET Mays, Bonds share TV spotlight By Chris Shuttlesworth / Barry Bonds has been tied to Giants legend Willie Mays for his entire life, start...

Who DHs in the Minors?
OK, since it's off-season, and not much else is going on here right now, plus I'll be around to read any replies that may be made to this question. And the question is, who serves as ...

NY Yankels: My All-Time, All-Star Jewish Team
Pitchers: Sandy Koufax, Edward Reulbach Catcher: Johnny Kling First Base: Henry "Hammering Hank" Greenberg Second Base: Charles "Buddy" Myers Third Base: Al "Flip" Rosen Short...

ESPN Headlines - Big Trade Derek Lee was traded for Hee SEop Choi. When I looked at work the headline read 'Marlins start shedding payroll' or somet...

"Ball Four" Author and Former Pitcher Jim Bouton on PBS
I'd like to alert you to an interview with former baseball pitcher and Ball Four author Jim Bouton, who will be joining Bill Moyers in conversation on Friday, Nov. 28, 2003 at 9pm ET on PBS....

First 50 Usenet Members: $75 No Deposit Account
3 EASY STEPS FOR FREE $75 AT PARTYPOKER 1. Download from this link and register a real account with the cashier 2. Register a...

Warren Spahn RIP: Last of 360 game winners?
Will we ever see another pitcher win over 360 games in the Majors? Michael O'Connor - Modern Renaissance Man "The likelihood of one individual being correct increases in a direct...

Is a tie in a major event a good thing or a bad thing?
The headline and lead sentence in a story about the golfing Presidents Cup tournament are as follows: Nicklaus makes gentleman's decision by MIKE GREEN, Associated Press Jac...

Schilling likely headed to Boston The AZ Republic is reporting that the D-Backs, Red Sox and Brewers have agreed on a three team deal that would sen...

Player's Association, and contracts
In this article, we have the following paragraph, | Rodriguez does not have the option to sacrifice money him...

Help with official front office rules?
Hello all: I am researching a book on baseball and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get some information about the front office rules of Major League Baseball. I'm ta...

Home Team performance in Baseball "Post-season"
The following chart shows how home teams (and teams with home field advantage) have done in winning match-ups, games and those games in which either team could win the match-up.

Autographed Baseball Card List
Please E-Mail me form my complete list of autographed baseball cards I currently have in stock and for sale. This is a very large list which includes over 8,000 authentic autographed cards ...

Players have to fail 5 drug tests to be banned....
Players have to fail 5 drug tests to be banned.... Is this true? I'm only picking this up with my peripheral hearing so it might be wrong.... Lets face facts here, mos...

Semi-serious Gagne question
Should the Cy Young voters have taken his All-Star Game performance into consideration, because "this time it counted?"

Efficiency measurement for Baseball
It seems that GM decisions in baseball are becoming more efficient. I wonder what measurement would be best to measure overall efficiency. Maybe the variance of (wins/dollars) fo...

Armando Rios to testify in BALCO case
... now his accomplishments are forever tarnished.

Stenson's murder may have been premeditated According to the Arizona Republic, Dernell Stenson's ex-girlfriend exhibited bizarre behavior, had recently sent him a...

Name the only player
A new game... without looking them up in, name the only (unless otherwise specified) player to... (1) play for the Red Sox, White Sox, Cubs, and Expos? ...

What Is The Rule 5 Draft?
Not sure what this is or how it works

Idiots writing to
Check out John Donovan's mailbag at One idiot after another attacking the selection of Bonds, all great for a laugh.

First Hispanic to 500
From a story where Sosa touts Pujols as MVP ( "This homecoming is special for Sosa because baseball commissioner Bud Selig and ...

Building around Bonds (was: The PTBNL is Liriano... ouch)
[This was from a thread in the Giants group that concerned the Pierzynsky trade. I like the trade because my feeling is that it's a good idea to surround Bonds with a bunch of slightly ab...

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