Most popular costume in Chicago
Can you believe Steve Bartman masks are selling like hotcakes?! That's right. One of the most popular Halloween masks for this season in Chicago is to go as Steve Bartman ... Walkman ...

Do baseball umpires ever apologize? :-)
In the last WS game, when Pierre's jersey was touched by a pitched ball and the umpire didn't give him a walk, what's the 'correct' thing for the umpire to do when the replay on the giant TV...

Sosa sticks with Cubs Chicago Cubs star Sammy Sosa will not pursue free agency and says he hopes to finish his career at Wrigley Field. ...

Hey, Ima, how about you tell us your real first name, that shouldn't expose you to any possible problems.

R.I.P. Baseball Weekly
Many of you remember a weekly publication put out by USA Today called "Baseball Weekly". It was a fairly comprehensive source of information about the game. Although I don't do rotisserie b...

Union may file collusion grievance
I'm interrupting the never-ending thread. How rude of me. I'm sure it's much ado about nothing, because surely the owners wouldn't be stupid enough to do this *again*, would they? ...

Today In MLB/NYC History - October 30th
On this date in 1945, Brooklyn Dodgers executive Branch Rickey signs Jackie Robinson to a minor league contract with the team's Triple-A affiliate at Montreal. Robinson will play the entire ...

Autographed Baseball Card List
Please E-Mail me form my complete list of autographed baseball cards I currently have in stock and for sale. This is a very large list which includes around 8,000 authentic autographed card...

Please explain 'base stealing' rules for novice!
It seems to me that a runner can start 'stealing' anytime when the pitcher has the ball. But when the batter hits a fly ball, he has to wait until a fielder catches it before running. W...

Why is a ball called a ball?
hey how about a 300-plus thread of name-calling in this! Ever smoke Metamucil?

2003 Offseason Plans for the Yankees
Folks, just wanted to give some insight as to my preferred method of revamping and reloading the Yankees' lineup for 2004. I've got three free agent signings, five re-signings, and one trad...

Can't Throw a Baseball
Hey, um, I can't throw a baseball, and I want to learn how to. Got any tips? Thanks.

The real curse of the Bambino
The Boston Red Sox are not cursed. It's the New York Yankees who are. Since Harry Frazee sold Ruth in 1920, the Yankees have been struck by more tragedy than the Lears, the Kennedy fam...

Red Sox management is certifiably NUTS
Manny Ramirez on irrevocable waivers. You know, the guy is one of the game's best hitters. He may not be the smartest or most motivated base runner. He may be somewhat frightening ...

Wow: Manny on waivers
Hmmm...Manny Ramirez put on irrevocable waivers. See: --WK

The "Game of the Week" Jumped the Shark When... Major League Baseball Game of the Week First Show 1967 Last Show Genre Sports ...

Fox VS NBC VS ABC VS CBS: Battle of the Network Stars!!!
Play-By-Play Men #1: Fox: Joe Buck NBC: Curt Gowdy ABC: Al Michaels CBS: Sean McDonough Play-By-Play Men #2: Fox: Thom Brennaman NBC:...

Playing with the new toys
The answers are easy enough to look up with the tools on I wouldn't have gotten many without help. The only player to play for all four early 60s e...

Derek Jeter's magnets in his wristbands
I've heard that Derek Jeter wears health magnets beneath his navy blue wrist-bands while he's playing. Does anyone know what company makes them and the style? Are they copper, gold, platinum...

Today In MLB/NYC History - October 28th
On this date in 1961, workers break ground on a new ballpark in Flushing Meadows, Queens. Shea Stadium will become the home of the expansion New York Mets in 1964. In 1979, the New York Yank...

Today In MLB/NYC History - October 29th
On this date in 1969, future Hall of Famer Tom Seaver earns the National League's Cy Young Award. Seaver's league-leading 25 wins helped the New York Mets make the playoffs for the first tim...

wouldn't this be weird?
oct. 26: manager X fired by team. oct. 30: manager X awarded AL manager of the year. i know grady little is highly unlikely to win the award this year, but i sure could see it hap...

Physics of a swinging baseball / cricket ball
Hi All, I am looking for any reports that give the precise physics of how much (not why) a cricket ball / baseball will swing. I have sets of data points of real cricket del...

MLB Schedules
for past years (especially prior to 1960). Anyone know where I might be able to find these? I know Retrosheet can give me "as played" but I'd like to be able to compare that to the "as sch...

Cowboy DOWN!
The Yanks may be the Evil Empire but the BOSOX are run by Darth Vader. One f-up and your gone. And we all thought Steinbrenner was hard to work for. I think the move was fair eno...

The Zen of knuckleball article Chicago Tribune 27 sept 1995
Has anyone got this article?

Does Rudy Martzke works for Fox?
The USA Today tv sports columnist praised both McCarver and the production of the Series, -- To reply via e-mail please delete the last l from pacbelll

It's Not Grady Little's Fault, It's MY Fault!!!
RED SOX LOSE: IT'S ALL MY FAULT by Tim Saccardo for http://www.InsideJoke.TV Every time the Boston Red Sox take their loyal fans within inches of a championship, only to lo...

How much is the MVP worth?
We're about to find out. American League MVP Miguel Tejada has filed for free agency.

HBA Awards
Time to update the decade in a box awards As listed in the Bill James' Historical Baseball Abstract - estimated winners for 2000-2009 Heaviest Player: CC Sabathia - 'listed...

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