Gagne ties Gordon's consecutive saves record
He also is two up on Smoltz now for the major league lead in saves - with Smoltz on the dl for another week. And with two more strikeouts today, he has made it more likely that he ...

The Rose Award For 8-29-03.
The Rose Award goes to Bengie Molina of the Anaheim Angels, who went three-for-four with five RBI and scored one run in a 10-3 win over the Kansas City Royals. The five RBI are Be...

Interleague Play & The All-Star Game
I think interleague play is a bad idea and was from the beginning. Instead of playing interleague games, I think those games could be played with teams in the same league. I prefer the unb...

My 2004 plan for realignment
*IF* the Expos move to Portland...the divisional realignment would look like this: AL East Orioles Red Sox Yankees Devil Rays Blue Jays AL Central W...

My rant on OPS and "stat geeks"
For all the hype and praise that people like Billy Beane get for their belief in the OPS and all these statistics, it hasn't helped him win a World Series ring. I think there is too much at...

2 grand slams in one game
of the handful of people who have hit two grand slams in one game., has anyone hit another homer in the same game? frank

Portland Expos - AL or NL
All this talk about the Expos moving to Portland I haven't heard anything about realignment - how would they do this? - I know Texas has been promised out of the AL West - with another Weste...

Question on Negro League stars
I have been reading about some of the great Negro league players lately, and was wondering if you folks feel that there are still some Negro Leaguers deserving of election to the HOF...

How Important is Maddux's Impending Accomplishment
With two more wins, Maddux will become the first pitcher to win at laest 15 games for 16 consecutive years. Now I realize that 15 is an arbitrary number, but given the fewer starting opport...

Babe Ruth Giant Photo Poster
Please click on the link to view the auction item…… Babe Ruth

21st Century Time Management Strategies
Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you. --Carl Sandburg ...

Marlins catcher charged with sexual assault Ramon Abraham Castro's message to his family was unequivocal: "My conscience is clear." Nevertheless, the Flori...

The Kobe Byrant fallout reaches baseball While I'm sure there's a good reason for this lesser charge, what on earth is "'involuntary deviate' sexual intercourse"? *snicker* ...

Hasegawa concedes another run
Well, Hasegawa, who had conceded only 6 runs before today, all off homers probably, conceded one more run today. Yet again, it was through a homer. His unusual line continues to be unusual...

Almost as good as cabinet member Paul O'Neil "Steve Lyons, the head of Ford Motor Co.'s (NYSE:F - news) Ford division, said on T...

Bonds baserunning
I don't know who has been the best baserunner in MLB the past three years, but if Barry Bonds had beeen as good as he, would Barry have gotten significantly better opportunities to hit? IMH...

40-year-old Pitchers
The past two nights, the White Sox have really cuffed around a pair of 40-year-old hangers-on that Yankees have trotted out there as their starting pitchers. My guess is that a 4...

when is a starter pulled?
It's often observed (accurately) that the number of complete games in MLB has dropped a lot over the last 10-20 years. One reason cited is that managers tend to use strict (and decreasing) ...

Yanks ever lost a September lead?
I asked this in the bos/ny groups and didn't get much response, so maybe someone here with a database can run this query: Name all the seasons (if ever) that the NY Yankees...

The Rose Award For 8-26-03.
The Rose Award goes to Jeff Kent of the Houston Astros, who went three-for-four with five RBI and scored three runs in a 18-4 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers. Jeff hit a double and a ...

Babe Ruth as Outfielder
We all know that the Babe was an awesome hitter and a pretty good pitcher too. What is the groups consensus as to his fielding ability? More specifically, his arm? Since he was a former pitc...

1,244 games and out?
So, is it the end of the line for Orosco? "I'm not going to go and just beg for a team right now," he said. "If it's over, it's over." Bob Roman

who should be out?
I'm reading what seem to be the relevant rules, but the umpires in the game ruled differently and my understanding of the game agrees with them. Bases loaded. Ball hit to t...

The Rose Award For 8-25-03.
The Rose Award goes to David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox, who went two-for-four with four RBI and scored two runs in a 8-1 win over the Seattle Mariners. David hit his 20th home run in...

Oregon baseball
I hope Portland does get the Expos. I think they would do well there. Portland is the biggest market in the country without a MLB team. The M's tV broadcasts do well there and even the World...

Giles Trade
According to Lee Sinnis, The Pirates traded Brian Giles to the Padres for Oliver Perez, minor league OF Jason Bay and a player to be named later. How good are Perez and Bay? ...

Simulation League Seeks Owners
I am an owner in the Internet Baseball League (, which is currently in its 12th season. It is noncommercial and involves retention of players from year to year. We play ...

1919 Cincinnati world series book
Hi group, I do not deal in baseball items, but someone wants to sell me a 1919 world series book in fairly nice shape. Not mint, has a small tear that goes through some of the ...

Does WGN have special broadcasting rights?
When the local Diamondbacks play the Braves, WTBS is always blacked out. When they play on ESPN during the week, as they are tonight, ESPN is blacked out. I understand that's how the ...

I was wondering whether Maple Bats, the trend of modern bats has any effect on the distance in which a ball can be hit by a batter. If so, the dynamics of the game have evolved to the p...

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