The Rose Award For 7-30-03.
The Rose Award goes to Jose Valentin of the Chicago White Sox, who went three-for-four with five RBI and scored three runs in a 15-4 win over the Kansas City Royals. Jose hit thre...

Questions on the Scott Williamson trade
In order to preserve the Law of Conservation of Tightwad Owners Named "Carl", the Reds sold Scott Williamson to the Sox for a minor league player and $1.2M in cash. I was under the impressio...

Baseball Trivia Book
Dear Rec.Sport.Baseball Readers/Posters, I have a unique baseball trivia book due in August with McFarland entitled "The McFarland Baseball Quiz Book" which includes a forward by David...

the "potrential" winning run
when the situation dictates, the announcer always says the runner on second, or the batter represents the potential winning run". in fact it IS the winning run, not the "potential" winning ...

Hall of Stats?
Some of you guys seem to think that Hall of Fame is or should be all about stats. You think it should be contribution to the team, run production etc. Why? Isn't the Hall of Fame for play...

The Rose Award For 7-29-03.
The Rose Award goes to Bill Mueller of the Boston Red Sox, who went three-for-five with nine RBI and scored three runs in a 14-7 win over the Texas Rangers. All of Bill's hits wer...

village voice article about the today's mediocre greats
Where Have You Gone, All You Young Joe DiMaggios? The Era of the Darn Good by Allen Barra July 30 - August 5, 2003 en baseball seasons ago the game was on the verge o...

Bruce Froemming - an "old pro"
SportsCenter just showed a clip from last night's Indians-(whoever) game. Milton Bradley took strike three, then turned and stared down Froemming. Then they went toe-to-toe for awhile. Then...

Trading deadline
Does anyone know how long July 31 has been the MLB trading deadline And when was it previously? Thanks...

Bonds and Maddux and...?
I was just thinking that Barry Bonds and Greg Maddux have been with their respective teams for 10 years now, having signed as free-agents before the 1993 season after spending more than five...

Joe Carter HOF - no way
The writers aren't so dumb that they'll ever elect Joe Carter to the Hall of Fame, I hope. Hall of Overrated, okay. Alan -- ------------------------------...

The Rose Award For 7-28-03.
The Rose Award goes to Marcus Giles of the Atlanta Braves, who went four-for-five with six RBI and scored two runs in a 10-8 win over the Montreal Expos. Marcus hit two home runs ...

dimension of baseball stick
anyone can me help? J need dimension of baseball stick any link?

Seriously, why all the hype? He swings at freaking everything. Sure, he's got some pop, but so does Jose Hernandez. His D, in the spirit of Errek Jeter, blows. Troublesome, Fonsi...

Johnny Bench sings at HOF
When tenor Danny Rodriguez couldn't make it to the HOF due to bad flying conditions, Johnny Bench sang the anthems. He was OK -even knew all the words to 'O Canada'. Comments? JC ...

The Rose Award For 7-27-03.
The Rose Award goes to Orlando Cabrera of the Montreal Expos, who went three-for-five with six RBI and scored two runs in a 13-10 win over the Atlanta Braves. The six RBI are Orla...

Ty Cobb movie...
just saw that 1994 ty cobb movie starring tommy lee jones. does the movie have a reputation for being reasonably factual, or were all those episodes of outrageous behavior made up for 'drama...

Weak upcoming HOF balloters
I was reading an article today on about the "great" upcoming HOF elections and I fail to see the greatness. Looking on the HOF site at upcoming eligible players, http://ww...

Wrigley Field Panoramic Photos
Taken at last Wednesday's game. -Enjoy!

nice find
So I'm wandering around an antique fair yesterday afternoon and I stop at a booth where a guy has a lot of old maps, photos, newpapers, and magazines out on display. Looking through some ol...

I Hate Tim McCarver Home Page
I Hate Tim McCarver Home Page The McCarver Connection Message Board ................................

"Fenway beats Yankee Stadium"
(cross-posting to BoSox and Yankees NGs) Rob Neyer :

AA vs. NL in 19th Century
Has anyone studies the relative strength of the two leagues, using players who moved from one league to the other? It's commonly assumed that the NL was better. But Brock Hanke, for one, bel...

McCarver on Jeter
In Saturday's Sox/Yankees game, Jeter struck out looking on three consecutive pitches (and questioned the last two). McCarver remarked: "Only a handful of times in a season will you see Der...

hit and run -- sox/yanks game
I've never liked the hit and run play. As Earl Weaver said, first, the runner is going to second base at less than full speed, and most of the time if the hitter fails to make contact the r...

Re: absolutely disgusting white sox uniform from 1985
I know this thread died weeks ago, but there seemed to be significant interest. The HOF's website has a database up with decent images of pretty much every ML uniform. http:...

The Rose Award For 7-26-03.
The Rose Award goes to Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals, as he went four-for-five with four RBI and scored three runs in a 13-8 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates. This game ...

Ryne Sandberg not in ?
Do you guy think this is another blown call or did the voters make the right decision? I think if Carter and Murray get in, then Sandberg definitely should be in the H...

Congratulations Eddie Murray!
Growing up in Maryland in the late 70s and into the mid-80s, EM was my favorite ballplayer. Congratulations on your richly-deserved induction into the HOF Mr. Murray, and thanks for the memo...

Gary Carter doesn't deserve HOF
What the heck is Gary Carter doing getting into the hall tommorrow for ? He doesn't deserve induction. He was a very good player, but not worthy of the Hall of Fame. No way. ...

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