26 Feb 2004 05:53:31
Re: Toupee anyone....LOL

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From: SavoyBG ([email protected])
Subject: Toupee anyone....LOL
Date: 2003-10-31 18:33:39 PST

<<ROFL!!!!!!! This picture is almost 10 years old.....I can imagine what
looks like now.......http://math.colorado.edu/~norrisdt/gif/doug2.gif >>

I always knew that Scott Hamilton would make for a great hockey player! LOL!
Hey, with 10 more years of KVETCHING over NYC and the Jews, Dougie Twin #1 (or
is it #2?ehehe) will soon resemble a plucked chicken!eheheheeee Dougie is
younger than me, yet I still managed to retain all of my handsome Jewish locks
(not lox). eheeeeee -D, NYC "If Christ were here, there is one thing he would
not be - a Christian" - MARK TWAIN