17 Sep 2006 22:25:42
pacific skydiver
vector TM wanted oahu Hi www.pacific-skydiving.com

www.pacific-skydiving.com in Oahu, Hawaii needs you now.

Recent and continuing updates to our website, including online
reservations and search engine priority, has caused such an unpredicted
increase in our business, that we are now understaffed.

What we offer is life in Paradise with a King Air 100 and a typical day
being finished by 1:00pm or earlier. We always jump from 14'000
feet. You will make 2 to 8 jumps per day, lately the average is 6.

We are looking for a Vector rated Tandem Master to join our staff. You
must have at least 500 tandems and at least 3 references from DZ

You must be legal to work in the U.S. You may work as a contractor or
employee. Contractors are paid $30.00 per tandem jump. Employees are
paid $25.00 per tandem and will have taxes deducted automatically.
Workmans comp is provided to all employees.

Please send a resume to
[email protected]

Or Call
Guy Banal @ 808 371-0663