r-burger's place
Okay r-burger, speak you mind over here. Back up your chit, or be prepared to run laps.

Regs About Skydiving
Hello all, I hope you don't mind me jumping in from the Rec.Aviation forums but I have a questions for you. I fly out of a public, city-owned, non-towered airport. There are some guys...

RIP Beezy Shaw
He lost his battle with cancer last night. We've lost another of the good guys -- smart, personable, innovative. We'll miss his personality and leadership. Blue Skies,...

Parachutes and Associates- Kellys Mooresville IN
Hello, Anybody out there who jumped at Kellys in the 70s and early 80s. Steve Ross D-7165

the AIM of LIFE
What is your purpose in life? What is the rationale behind our life? Why do we live in this life? These questions frequently intrigue people who try to find accurate answers. Peop...

YO YO RAMCHUCKBO, say it for me again
03/06 ;)

new World Record(s) ratified
===================================================== FAI has ratified the following Class G (Parachuting) records : ===================================================== Claim number ...

Maybe you should go over to DZ dot com. Keep your moth shut and just lurk, some of those kids are pretty funny & the answers to their dilemmas fair to middling.....Specially when they come f...

HP Desktop for sale!
Hi, I have an unused HP Pavilion with the fallowing specs: # Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ (2.1GHz, 2000MT/s System Bus) # Memory: 2048MB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM memory (2x1GB) (e...

Fatloss computer program
I have been using this computer program for a couple weeks now and i am very pleased with the results so far. its a software fatloss program, if your looking for a diet/weightloss plan i reccomend you...

Watch NFL Games Online
Watch NFL Games Online! For every one who wants to watch the games online because they dont live in the teams town or are at work i found a site that has basically every game covered. Its perfect...

somebody see something about killing rec.dot ?
Appears, WE are still alive.

Chuck the Yo Yo
I'm working up on changing your I.D. so you will know to come when I call mutt You are just lucky I hate to do my own dirty work and no longer have indigenous troops or any Kit Carson scouts...

Free Rx Cards
Here is another site by American Consultants Rx that really helped me and my family deal with the high cost of prescription drugs at http://www.americanconsultantsrx.com .It may help. ...

You picked a fine time to fail me reserve or Jimmy's pin is stuck again?
Yo Jimmy man, the only thing that's going to happen if your pin fall out is, your diapers are going to fall down:) sung to the tune of "you picked a fine time to leave me Lucille." <...

Damn Chuck
Their appears to be some foreigners out to get you.....its not your money or credit they want. What the hell have you been doing to our Allies? Better square away and leave the foreign natio...

YO Ramchuckbo somebody's after you 0~;->
I was lurking the Ozzie mil & hack.net's Someone's looking for a few SAS qualified ANZAC types to come by.....operate on your hemorrhoids with that RAMBO knife of yours and mail your ch...

While you guys are on the subject of pin checks...
I'm a pretty inexperienced (unlicensed) jumper, with only 39 jumps (don't ask), so maybe this question isn't as dumb as I think: Once I was coming back from a long landing (corn is fun...

How Can People Do This?
Unbelievable...but beautiful... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3754293779500828561

faye,, pappy
Okay, you wanna tell me wht happened with you and my old lady checking my pin before i went up? KNOWING very well, you beeen busting my balls for the past three months on why my ...

Missing plane
Found on CNN.com today (10/8/07) Any other info/details? ************************ WHITE PASS, Wash. -- Two airplanes from Yakima and a helicopter from the King County S...

More Jumpers Needed for Bridge Day
The chance to parachute from the New River Gorge Bridge draws thrillseekers from all over the world. Yet the Bridge Day festival is struggling to fill all the slots on the only ...

Say 03/06 for the Chief
~Charles Gilbert~ You tubby little Volunteer Reserve canidate. ;-/

2008 World POPS Meet
The 2008 World POPS Meet will be held at Toogoolawah, Queensland Australia on Friday 25th April to Saturday 3rd May. More information is available at: http://www.ozworldpops2008.com

104th Anniversary of Flight Celebration at the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum (PWAM) in Pueblo, CO (PUB)
The Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum is seeking aviation related organizations and aviation enthusiasts to participate in the museum's celebration of the 104Th Anniversary of the first f...

new World Record(s) ratified
FAI has ratified the following Class G (Parachuting) record : ============================================ Claim number : 14742 and 14743 (European) Sub-class :G-1 (Individual jumps) <...

US Volunteer Reserve a scam for wanna-bees and losers
<quote>There is a volunteer organization under the US Army, much like the Civil Air Patrol under the Air Force. <quote> The originator of this thread is a liar. The America...

Level 3 AFF... aced it
Hey all: The doctor said I was fine, just stopped up from allergies gave me a script... and sunday I did my level 3 without any problems...

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