Mullins King Air in TEXAS
C'mon y'all - let's jump! Mike Mullins "fastest climbing jump plane on the planet" is coming to Skydive Aggieland October 12 - 14. I'll be organizing RW for folks of all exp...

Chucks Yellow
Buck up boot, the Navy's here to motivate you---Chant this mantra and I may appear "03/06, 03/06, 03/06, oh Chief I'm just a dumb Marine. We have no CoVans We have no co...

Chucks got no balls & Jerry can't buy respect 0~;->
Cry, cry, cry Jerry, respect requires some integrity, professional credentials and is earned. Jumps alone just won't do it anymore---- specially if you are charging novices for drinking thei...

ears after AFF L2
Hey all; After my L2 AFF my ears seam to be stopped up.... any input on this before I make an appt with the doctor? thanks.....frank

new World Record claimed
FAI has received the following Class G (Parachuting) record claim: ================================================== Claim number : 14826 Sub-class :G-1 (Individual jumps) Genera...

Well they use your address too Jimmy:)
Impersonating Another Poster Looks like our Australian friend has finally chomped at the bit.

Falling From the Sky on a Bad Day
Nicholas Alkemade's airplane was totaled in an air raid over Nazi Germany and he had to bail out from more than 3 miles up, without a parachute. As he fell, his speed accelerated to 120 mile...

Accuracy Spring Camp - Skydive Marana
Hello, Accuracy Jumpers all over the world! Please check out the link: Rose Skies Mery Rose .

Geezers, sporge has captured Chucks e-mail identification
Or else he has lost his mind, don't stick yourself with your own knife boy

I see mention here of old boyfriend fron 1962 in San Francisco
Smitty is dat you? You remember me from my dancing days, my name was Olga (Swin) then. Are you still in US Navy? Why did you leave me when I told you dat I was having my swanse cut off to be...

redirect IP Zathura Spain (getting tired?)

Hey that tough Gomer RamChuckbo, Radio check over 0~;->
Your post from this morning isn't coming up----it shows your threads but every time I click them server error comes up.....They may be doing maintenance but knowing your total lack of emotio...

new World Records claimed
FAI has received the following Class G (Parachuting) record claims: ================================================= Claim number : 14823 Sub-class :G-2 (Group jumps) General Cat...

Yo PFC Gilbert
Can you say 03/06? ;->

Skydivers needed to donate money to troops in Iraq
It has come to my attention that Marines in Iraq have allegedly raped females while conducting combat operations. As a Skydiver I would like to contribute to a fund that would help to d...

How eye exams work (for those with 20/18 vision)

FYI Jimbo, Chuck and other spoilt Baby Boomers
30 years ago the riskiest group for violent death, drugs and out right stupidly was 15 to 24 years of age. Now its 40 to 49 right on up to 54. Matter of fact 5 times higher than for teenager...

I have only been skydiving once, but I am very interested in becoming certified. During my tandem jump, my instructor pulled two parachutes. The first was pulled about ten seconds after le...

newbie getting ready to AAF
greetings all... I killed myself reacing motocross a couple of years ago, and though I still ride and do a race once in a whie I have decided to try skydiving... i'm in east tennessee...

talented in surprising ways
I just had to say I've been impressed as hell with all these songs lyrics you guys have been coming up with... (grin) Unexpected pleasure- cheap entertainment rules! Brokeneagle. ...

Need some info from Jimmy
Jimmy, what's the name of that big lake to the southeast of Carthage that runs from Panola County into LA?

Is skydiving scary? I know that Old Yellow Stain (Jimmy) is
There are times in the life of a reasonably prudent person, when they must set aside reason and logic to entertain themselves, by reading the rhetoric of the Unknown Flailer, affectionately ...

Ode to Old Yellow Stain (Jimmy)
Blood on the risers (TO THE TUNE OF"GLORY, GLORY, HALLELUJAH") He was just a rookie trooper, And he surely shook with fright As he checked all his equipment And ...

Looking for Information
Hi all, I'm an ex member of the British Navy and I served onboard the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal. During our stay in the USA in 1976 one of our crew members was killed in a...

Is Skydiving scary?
I want to try skydiving someday but I am afraid to take that potential LEAP. Can somebody give me some advice and information about it?

How to kill a skydiver without leaving any evidence???
I want to kill a skydiver and it should look like "an accident". How can I achieve that???

Intentional cutaway from a BASE....
The Aussie boys are *good* :-) -- Peter Lucas Brisbane Australia "...

Extreme video
Hi, Please let me recommend a new Extreme video site, It's a click and play streaming video with more than 30.000 extreme clips in 35 categories. http://www...

Sporge? Why bother?
On the one hand, it is entertaining to see the traffic on this newsgroup somewhere near what it was in its heyday. On the other hand, it is a shame that it is as nonsensical as the

Someone at IP address is impersonating me and posting nonsense
Dear rec.skydiving: This is an emergency. I am being personated by someone who is using my username, email-address, and profile to post nonsense on Usenet newsgroups. Please do so...

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